M1 Carbine Shooting and Review Plainfield Machine .30 Caliber

Look at that *low comical voice Today we’re gonna shoot some M1 Carbine ‘Merica Plainfield M1 Carbine *ting ting ping sounds of bullets hitting steel targets Post war, still collectable tho in that its one of the better post war M1’s Internals are about 80 percent GI /Milspec components. Does feature a heavier barrel Really nice finish on the wood stock I really dig the metal upper heatshield Kinda gives it a different look Plan to pick up another stock maybe a paratrooper model just to swap out and and make a lil different keep the original stock in the safe as a ‘safe queen”. Starting off at only 15 yards Kinda just checking out the rifle Seeing where its sighted in. And eventually moving back to 30 yards

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