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  1. The rifle has a non detachable magazine and is supposed to be loaded by stripper-clips. But the slot for the stripper-clips is blocked by the scope. So, how did they imagine to load the rifle?

  2. It might have been better to name the title after the scope, you spent 2/3rd of the video on the scope in stead of the rifle haha.
    Still loved it, like all of your vids!

  3. Ian how do you feel when I say "this is a ghost gun it can disperse 30 bullets in half of a second and can hold a 30 caliber magazine clip"

  4. sorry for the off-topic but…
    Why isn't there a China Lake forgotten weapons video ?
    This insane pump action 40mm launcher must be reviewed.

  5. So… The "Fireplace" collector. I saw some comments in another video that said the fireplace was a green screen creation. And they had me convinced. However based upon this video, I don't think that is correct. Around 1:48 you are seeing images of the wall through the scope, background perspective shift based upon camera movement and background out of focus due to depth of field. So… I assume these are from a single collection that is quite nice! This is assuming they are not shipped into this one location for filming (I don't think this is at Ian's house.) I am curious what the other channel fans think!

  6. Since I have nothing to contribute as far as the rifle goes, let me just say that Luxembourg is an amazing little country that shouldn’t be overlooked by tourists and history buffs alike. I spent a total three months there over three consecutive summers, and I’ve been itching to back since. If you have the ability to visit, GO!

  7. Unrelated to the video itself. If you have a chance to go to Luxembourg, do it. It's a beautiful little country and it was a certain charm to it in winter. If you are from the US please stop by the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial and pay respect to our guys.

  8. Huge numbers of ex war industry machinists and sevicemen both established postwar US manufacturing and engineering businesses set up by the massive surplus of precision machinery and machine tools at ridiculously low prices. The Herckner of Boise Idaho would have been one, another is Abom79's grandfather.

  9. It's my understanding that tilting bolt guns like the SVT and the MAS-49 aren't actually accurate enough for sniping. I suspect that this is true of these as well.

  10. Classiest military rifle Ive seen, a Luxumborgian sniper rifle; only Jack Donaghy and Jerry Seinfeld knew about it before and could afford to buy it

  11. ECHCO stands for E. C. Herkner Co. . And for who are interested in this sort of techogeek stuff the patent is 2,427,784 issued 23 September 1947 Mounting for Telescope Sight.

  12. Ian, around 8:45 you mention the French inscription on the Belgian scope, then you continue calling the rest of the inscription German…… it's actually Dutch or Flemish….. Belgium is bi-lingual…. French and Dutch (Flemish)

  13. Just wondering with them being loaded from stripper clips did you have to take the scope off or could you fit it past it?

  14. Thanks, the FN-49's are a staple of my collection. I have 3 of the Argentinian ones, but only one of the Luxembourg variants in .30-06. These are great rifles.

  15. Please do an FN-49 video, I used to have all the major variations, but sadly, I sold the 7mm Venezuelan one I had (so there's a hole in the collection now).

  16. Question – Often manufacturers select particularly accurate rifles from existing stock to receive the "sniper upgrade". Were these versions identified in any way as being "better than average" prior to being outfitted with scope mount, scope. cheek riser, etc. or were they just taken "straight off of the assembly line"?

  17. That scope mount story is incredible. I mean, this is the military firearms industry we're talking about here – why the hell didn't FN just buy a commercial one and just rip it off for their own needs??? That really is kind of mind blowing, lol, I guess ol' boy drove a hard bargain with his pricing

    And, BTW, how about some props to that guy for even being able to fulfill that contract! I know it's a small basic part, but the stories of unfulfilled military contracts are, at times, almost legendary…

  18. Great video as always. Is there any chance you could make some videos explaining how some guns work in a more simple way? I have a strong interest in guns but I admit to not being technologically inclined and therefore have no idea what many of the terms in your videos mean. There aren't very many sources for newbies like me to learn about guns on a basic level. Keep up the good work!

  19. As a general rule; if it's Belgian and features French and another language, the other language will be Dutch; there around 10.000 German speakers only in Belgium and they are most of the time forgotten. And most of them (if not all) speak perfectly French so.. yea.

  20. Had one of the FN49 nonsniper rifles. Darned heavy beast, but very well made. Never understood why they didn't build it with a detachable 15-20 round magazine, or later modify them to accept one.

  21. Damn that's a good looking rifle. Not fully digging the cheek rest, but I can deal with that. Now unfortunately I'll probably never own one because of how rare it is. Darn.

  22. Deleted my question about people claiming that you're a member of John Brown Gun Club due to the fact that I could find that you had already answered this question. Apologies for the inconvenience

  23. I wonder if anonymous super collector has that fireplace in his stadium sized gun room.
    The saying "all the good ones are already in collections" personified 😁

  24. Finally…I have owned a venezuelan FN49 in 7mm for about 8 years and I have been waiting for a forgotten weapons video on it.

  25. @12:35: "who doesn't like semi-auto snipers' rifles?". Well, me for a start. You couldn't snipe your way out of a wet paper bag with that action and that teeny-weeny barrel. It is not a sniper's rifle – it is a marksman's rifle.

  26. Please Ian… we need a full SAFN49 video… anything about the history of development and how Saive was working on it in the mid-late thirties… possibilities of British adoption, any differences in different caliber versions, full disassembly and shooting if possible. Also the Argentine 20rd magazine conversions. Please!!!! I love the look of this rifle… need to get YOUR assessment tho!!!! Please Gun Jesus, answer our prayers!!!!🤞

  27. An AL-marked Luxembourg contract FN49 in .30-06 is quite a prize. It's a strong yet heavy rifle. The Collector Grade book on the FN49 is indispensable. The other markings "Scherpsch." are in Dutch (Flemish) as @StillCrazy1968 points out.

  28. 1:47 O.I.P. had a great engineering team, lead by the famous I.P. Freelie. But none of it would have been possible without their subsidiary company MotherMayi C.U.P. which was lead by their CEO Seymour Butz. Unfortunately when Seymour was replaced, it ended up being pretty shitty.

  29. Ian mentions it has a fixed 10 round mag fed by a stripper clip, so how do you load with the scope on as it is over the stripper clip slot.

  30. Awesome video as always! But just a heads up, if you ever come here (Boise), it's pronounced "Boy-C", not "Boy-Z"!!! 😅💯👊

  31. Does anybody know what the value of these rifles is today? Rather a regular FN-49 than a true sniper model.

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