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LUTH-AR Adjustable Buttstocks for Both Fixed Rifles and Carbines: Guns & Gear|S7

– Randy, when you founded DPMS, you introduced a
lot of us to AR’s and the versatility of them, and now you’re doing
something entirely different, but the same thing, actually. What are you up to? – Well, we saw a niche
that wasn’t being filled in the marketplace for AR-15’s, and that was to have
a fixed buttstock, with adjustability on the
comb or the cheek-piece height to accommodate the various
heights of the optics as well as length of poles. So, we have length of pole
adjustment and cheek adjustment on the MBA-1 buttstock. – Okay, so it fits people
of different stature, different sizes, and of course, the cheek-piece
going up and down lets you line your
eye up with the optic. – Correct. – Okay, so that
was your first… right out of the box,
it let’s you do that. – Yes, sir. – And they’ve got this new one. What is this? – Well, this is
coming out shortly, this is the second
version, or Gen-2, this is the MBA-3
for carbines only. This is for fixed rifles,
this is for carbines. So, with carbine rifles,
you have the adjustability by pulling the lever
or pulling the pin to adjust the
buttstock to the rear, as well as picking up an
additional inch-and-a-half, or inch length of pole
with the buttplates. So, with this MBA-3, you’ll
have the longest length of pull of any carbine stock out there, close to a little
over 16 inches. – Oh wow, now the other
thing you have here, let me swing this around, look what you’ve done back
here on the buttplate. – Sure. They took the concept of the old Morgan
pads on shotguns. One of the problems
with the AR-15’s, because everything
is on the same axis, your cheek-piece,
of course, is needed because the same
axis of the barrel, but also AR-15’s tend to ride
high in the shoulder cuff, so by adjusting this buttplate
down and left or right, you can get a perfect
shoulder cuff. – So, the rifle can
actually rise higher, you can put this
in your shoulder where it’s supposed to be–
– Correct – and move it left
or right to… it will accommodate right
and left handed shooters. – Perfect. – Really nice, which I
appreciate, by the way. – Thank you. – That is really smart. You’ve got some other
features in here, and I know that we can’t
get into all of them, but you’ve got those
on the website. It’s – Correct. – Thanks so much, Randy.
– Alright. (gun shot) – Let’s talk about why you
might want an adjustable stock, like this Luth AR
and how to set it up. An optic like this
on an AR, you know, you have to have it
lined up perfectly. It’s going to make
you a faster shooter. It’s going to make
your more accurate. So, when I bring it
up, I am right looking through the cross-hairs just
so perfect, it’s beautiful. But, if you have
a regular stock, I’m going to bring
this down a little bit, and I bring it
up, if I cheek it, I’m going, “Oh,
wait, where is it?” “Oh, I’m having to move around.” and you’re having to find it, well, that makes you slower. And whether that’s competition
shooting, or hunting, you don’t want to be slow
when you’re shooting, right? So, here’s how you set this up, start with your eyes closed,
you get this on the gun, and you can guess
on how it feels, but close your
eyes, mount the gun, now open your eyes, and you should be looking
perfectly through that scope. That’s how you test it, and
then you just adjust from there. Up, down, length of
pole, all that stuff, right there for the Luth AR. That’s how you set up
an adjustable stock, and that’s why you want one. (gun shot)

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