7 thoughts on “Louisville community continues gun control discussion

  1. So the other day I was talking to this criminal about gun control. I asked him,

    "…so what do you think about additional gun control laws?"

    Criminal: "I love it! More opportunity for my colleagues and I!"

    "…but those laws pertain to you as well. Would you sell your firearms to a gov't mandatory gun back program?"

    I caught him drinking his soda as it came spraying out of his mouth and nostrils. Then he said while laughing,

    "Haha don't be so naive, I'm a criminal! I don't give a damn about gun control or some buy back program. I actually support it tho!"

    Me: "…but would you sell your firearms to the gov't?"

    Criminal: "Of course not! Only submissive armed law abiding citizens would do such a thing. Which is good business for me!"

  2. All dem gun haters need do is simple. Name a gun control law that only affects criminals. It is clear dem gun haters cannot name one! There is one reason and only one reason to own a so called assault weapon. It is my right!

  3. Imagine a lion, the biggest lion that has ever walked the earth. Its roar so immense that the ground shakes and the trees bend. But this lion has no teeth, no claws. Do you still fear this lion? Does it matter how loud it roars? With out our ability to defend our rights we will loose them. Our voices will have no weight.
    Out of all of the horrific and inhumane acts that mankind has done to it fellow man, less then 3% is done by rouge individuals. The vast majority of mans sins have been done under the pretense of authority. Good men and women following orders, doing things that they would have never done other wise. Those that seek authority, power, will always become tyrants. And the will of tyrants will always subjugate the liberty of the people.
    Freedom is free! Until someone comes to take it from you. Then you are only free if you fight back. Remember, our former president did away with Posse comitatus. Our military, can once again, be used against the citizens, armed or disarmed. And if you don’t think these things are possible, you’re just not paying attention to the world. Look at the corruption in our police forces, you don’t think it wouldn’t get worse? Take time to talk with a combat vet about what they did following orders.
    Our media is a propaganda machine. We are constantly being mislead with half truths and misused terms. Be freethinkers not sheeple. Search for truth and allow it to be self evident.
    Please, do not sacrifice liberty for the illusion of security. For that the evil, that does exist, will give you neither.

  4. The reason citizens need AK47 and AR15. Because we are the militia and we have already been reduced to the semi versions of military weapons. If those are taken away the militia is completely ineffective.

    At what point, does this violate our right of having and being a well regulated militia.

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