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Louisiana Firearms Law and Concealed Carry Scenarios – Discussion Series – Introduction

Hey guys, Brannon LeBouef from NOLATAC firearms Training intent of this next series of videos is simply
to to open a dialogue and begin some discussion about the general defensive
use of firearms as well as some of the specific scenarios that always seem to
pop-up as it relates to louisiana state law and uh… the different scenarios that
happen when you apply louisiana state law as
it relates to conceal carry I find a lot of the issue is
that when people have these questions they come in the table expecting a
definitive or absolute answer and the reality is that just doesn’t
exist, at least not until the gavel falls everything up until that point is simply
well educated guesses based on past cases, the letter of the law, and all the
different things that we know from the past. the way our criminal justice system is
designed is that each case is weighed and judged based on its own merit, so it is
almost counterproductive to compare one case to another because each case stands
on its own. we can look at some of the decisions and the way certain different uh… variables, if you will, within past
cases have played out but that’s not a definitive solution to
how things are gonna play out, to the exact same or even similar cases. we ask that you stick around. if you have any
questions please feel free to communicate with us. we look forward to this

7 thoughts on “Louisiana Firearms Law and Concealed Carry Scenarios – Discussion Series – Introduction

  1. Hi…just came across some of your videos. I have held a CCW in La. for a few yrs. now. Just curious what is the law when it comes to  certain establishments that have  signs saying No Firearms permitted. Some of  them are small and not easily seen. So if I were to carry in in there establishment and accidently seen and the police are called. Can I be arrested or just fined?

  2. Can you carry a concealed weapon without a permit I would like to know it's important right now I am not carrying a weapon concealed or open it's locked in my house but when I go out on the street with my wife at field very unsafe because of our age I am 72 And my wife this 70 would like to know an answer as soon as possible thank you very muc

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