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Lottery Scammer with gun and his crew arrested by the Police | The Noble Cop

We are at a premises in Lilliput, Montego Bay, St. James Today the police recovered a firearm along with some lead lists Sgt. Watson: Where you found these lead lists? Police Detective: These lead lists were found in the confines of this premises the police was resilient in pursuing persons of interest persons who are violence producers we carried out a strategic patrol we received some information which led us to this house one man ran from the police However, because there were adequate police that man was pursued whilst other police came to this house where about 5 men were found the house was searched and what you see here was found along 13 live 9mm cartridges Sgt. Watson: The other man which you said was pursued by the police, is he a know scammers in this area and he is the person who had the firearm in his possession? can we see the firearm? alright so this was the firearm? Police Detective: yes this was the firearm he dropped ok, when he eluded the police he dropped this firearm Alright, so what kind of firearm is this? It is a Taurus 9mm pistol loaded with about 11 9mm unexpected cartridges so the magazine is loaded right now How many we have there in the bag? 13 13 rounds Wouldn’t you say that this this particular find with the firearm and the leads lists show a direct correlation between scammers and the purchasing of illegal firearms? what is your view on this correlation between the purchasing of firearms and leads list and the increase number of homicdes the have been experiencing especially in St. James Detective Constable: well as a result of these finds along with leads lists and firearm it clearly indicates Scammers are very active in the purchasing of firearms and it also shows they have the potential to commit murder this area that we are in now in recent times we have had continual incidence of murder in the Barrett Hall area and by the Long Bay area Sgt. Watson: How many of you occupy this premises? 3 of you, but hold on don’t I know you? George Thompson! you were arrested for Lottery Scam and you were given suspended sentence So George Thompson do you realise that you are going back to jail, right? George Thompson: For what I don’t know about? You are now found at a premises where leads list was found George Thompson: Yeah, but I am not the only one here Sgt. Watson: Well you are going to have to explain that to the court a firearm was also found at this location Who does the leads lists that were found belong to?

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