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LONGEST SNIPE EVER!? (Black Ops 4 Blackout)

What’s up guys, this is Merc. Music. Oh, welcome back to blackout. It’s very hard. Yes Today I’m gonna be playing a limited time game mode called ambush It says snipers and knives only this should be pretty interesting. I might try to pull off some crazy stuff in this video So let’s go I thought I remember vani saying that this mode had rocket launchers as well, but I’m not exactly sure They might have taken them out I don’t know have to play to find out it is so cold and it’s not even that cold where I live, but I’m still cold Dude, like for those that don’t live in America, there’s this whole like polar vortex thing going on right now I’m so done with it. I just want warm weather you literally just walk outside you’re like Right. It’s ridiculous. Also, what are these textures? So yeah, since this is like a sniper only knife only game mode I’m gonna try to go for like a really long snipe. Possibly the world’s longest snipr ever in blackout set. Oh That rock what happens turn into a rainbow. I actually did that a long time ago I think in battlefield 4 I was testing out trying to hit like the longest snipe ever in battlefield 4 So this is kind of gonna be like that same thing I just had to find a sniper to try to get to a spot where I can hit a long-range shot and just kind of Hope that it hits and kills someone that’d be awesome. I don’t know exact. I think I might try to drop lighthouse I don’t wanna let my teammates. Well, maybe I’ll let them know. Welp better start dropping now I’ve got a ways to go dude, obviously as you guys know, I don’t play a lot of blackout Hopefully I can reach the lighthouse from here I’m also not a hundred percent as to where to go for hitting like a long-range snipe like that I’m talking about like a cross map kind of sniper. It looks like I’m not gonna reach it There’s a lot of people dropping there this is not. Okay I’m gonna have to try to find a sniper and then just book it for the lighthouse or something I don’t know got the bowie knife. Okay, that’s something I’ve also never had the bowie knife this is really cool when the other thing about this game-mode is that when the circle starts collapsing it doesn’t stop which I think might Make it kind of harder to hit a long-range shot Obviously because this forces players to move and if I go out to the lighthouse, it’s gonna okay That’s just a bad idea. But you know what? I’m not good at blackout. I’m full of bad ideas I’m trying to make some crazy shit happen. So let’s go for it at the Paladin. That’s the pet. Okay, we’ve got the Paladin We’re good acid bomb. What? Okay. Well, we got plenty of rounds we should be good. I put a 4-time scope on it I don’t think that’s gonna be great for hitting a super long-range snipe But I’ve got to go that the circle is closing that actually worked out. I’m happy I feel like if I want to make this happen, I have to get to a really high point like the top of the tower Oh Goody stuccoed is bad. This is so bad. I feel like my journeys gonna end very soon. What a terrifying game mode Vaughn. Dy. Oh My god that air let’s go. I’m gonna try going up here. This is probably a really bad idea, but I’m gonna do it I’m gonna get sniped as I’m climbing up I just feel it and the last one on my team Oh God’s vehicle out there Oh God Come on dude, how do you study this thing? It showed up to you now. We’re counting on you. Oh my god him Come on, next one next one. He’s taking him behind there to revive. Okay, that was pretty good I wish I had the actual sniper scope though. This ACOG Okay, I gotta get down from you. This is bad now. Oh my god. No, there’s a cosh go over here None of them have sniper scopes. This is so scary. Okay, and it’s closing. I gotta go. Okay What do I do here slide down slide good With my TV it’s closing. Well, I knocked them. I didn’t kill him though deftly not the world’s longest night Italy’s not yet I’d have to work my way up to it. There’s someone Whole do that would’ve been crazy hit that it I have a hundred and eighty shots. So I’m gonna take a lot of shots There we go. Oh my oh No why I’m gonna grapple to them. I want to grapple stun in an iPhone Don’t you dare try to grenade me? Oh good. Oh good. You give the guard I Gotta kill my caught his life 4:20, dude. Oh my god, that was horrifying. Let’s get this I did not think this game was gonna make me scream like oh my god. Wow. What was fun though? Go again Just to warm up my hands playing banjo is not the way to do it it’s so cold outside I feel like I have a valid excuse if I do bad just blame it on the bad weather It’s so cold that it’s impossible to aim I wanna try to get to frakking tower and get to the top actually a decent spot to be to for the circle not too Far away I’ve got to get there fast cuz I know there’s gonna be a lot of people going there It’s not gonna be easy, but I’m going for it I think the other strategy would be to the lands in an area where there’s a helicopter Try to get a sniper try to get a scope and then go on top of the tower You came me, what were you doing? Oh come on who plays like that? I’m upset. I’m so upset like for real Who does that dude who finds a gun that just sits in the corner? Just graceful such a sad bass. Try again Mm-hm. We’re through her to hit. Oh we go. What do we do? This? Dude can cake when we play Magnet, all right. Well, I got the paladin ready. That’s good I’m gonna get to a high spot so I can snipe people let’s just get on top of this roof Let’s seize the grapple gonna get up here. Imagine if there was someone up there, that’d be awesome Try my best to just keep moving so I don’t get hit We’re good. Someone’s I think at me, that’s so horrifying This is such a difficult thing to try to pull off but I feel like I can do it Someone’s grenading. Okay. Oh, come on Oh, God Come on, that should be hitting There we go. Get out of the game versus kill the day. Oh, we have a vehicle and there’s a person. Oh, my goodness Okay, well I have a general area of where I can aim now There’s someone oh My god Yo, I want to try to hit this person they are oh My god, it’s so far out Is he moving I Can’t tell if he moved I’m trying to hit him though, this is insane. I could see the bullet drop Oh there he goes. It takes a while to travel – this is gonna be hard. It’s so much fun Trying to lead these shots though. I actually love this reminds me a battlefield. Okay? Well we gotta go I gotta come with this dude. Come on. Give me in I’m coming. I’m coming. I got trust this guy I got trust this guy to get us to safety. Imagine hitting the sniper while we’re flying. Oh my god, dude I feel like I’m gonna get sniped down. This dude is gotta get a spot dude. What are you doing, bro? Just linda’s we gotta get out Okay. Okay, not too shabby. Only 22 people left. Oh There’s someone right here shit There we go. There’s a head shot and there’s some oh my god. Well, that’s terrifying. What do I do? No scope? Oh No, I gotta reload yes, I tried damn I tried to grab a hook away. Oh well, yeah Thank you guys very much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this blackout video. For me, personally, ambush is a lot of fun I might try to record this some more and try to go for some more crazy kills again Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this blackout video if you guys did it and you want to see some more blackout stuff make sure to Drop a like and I’ll see you guys later

100 thoughts on “LONGEST SNIPE EVER!? (Black Ops 4 Blackout)

  1. I love the office pls incorporate more audio and editing into your videos. If it’s to much trouble than you don’t have to cause I know YouTube life gets hard between managing YouTube and real life.

  2. You talk about the weather there… I live in desert region and we're having a thunderstorm for a couple hours now. what's happening to earth?

  3. I'm in Michigan and the polar vortex brought it down to like -40 including the wind-chill but now it's up to 40-50° right now so everything is melting and another wave is gonna come and freeze it all I'm pretty sure

  4. Just a tip, the paladin has almost no bullet drop at most distances. If sniping with it, only compensate for the travel time.

  5. If you want to go farther while dropping, go straight down till you hit about 70mph then pull of and glide towards your destination

  6. I know what your talking about merk i live in Montana the wind is blowing at 40 mph and its 7 degrees out hope your staying warm

  7. Koshka with a four times is the best gun..

    No armor- 130 damage
    Lvl 1 armor- 120 damage
    Lvl 2 armor- 110 damage

    More the less two shots there dead

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