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LONG Range Airsoft Sniping – Ghillie Swamp Sniper

Hey, what’s going on guys? Today we’re playing at a very densely overgrown swamp, and it poses a lot of challenges as a player the enemy can literally be three meters away from you, and you can’t see them. I hear a squad of enemy players talking to each other about 50 meters away from these bushes, so, I’m trying to find the good position to take fire. Hit! Moving around and taking the wrong step is extremely dangerous in this overgrown environment, and I got punished for it. My squad has just found a smaller enemy squad at the end of this riverbed, and they have not spotted us yet. Ohh, my God… We’ve just come under fire from an enemy sniper, and they know our position. I can’t return fire unless I change my position first, and pop up somewhere unexpected. *Astonished laughter* *Astonished laughter intensifies* Hit! Friendly! Friendly! Oh, f*ck! Agh… About two enemy players have passed me on my left and six enemy players have passed me on my right, so I’m now behind enemy lines. Hit! Hit! Hit. Before they actually do find out where I’m hiding, I push further on, deeper behind enemy lines. Enemies will be all around me, so I need to stay hidden and only take favorable opportunities. Yup, hit(s). Hit! Hit! Thanks for watching, guys, follow me on Instagram, and Facebook for more Airsoft sniper and behind-the-scenes content, and I hope to see you in the next one.

100 thoughts on “LONG Range Airsoft Sniping – Ghillie Swamp Sniper

  1. I love your vidz man,u earned another subscriber not only me but others out there watching, keep up the good vids!

  2. Cool vid, hate when people have weapons that aren't their RL counterpart though, that pistol looks like a 1911 type config, it wouldn't be full auto. One day kids are just going to start taking plastic boxes full of BB's with a 600000 round per second cyclic rate and a car battery on their back. Get a Glock 18!

  3. Hahaha decides not to walk through a little water but instead climb a tree falling apart with slippery moss 😂

  4. Dude ik keek zo lng nr je vids bn een van by the way mr ik besfde nt dat je nederlands praate ik wensde gewoon dt ik kon kmn in of uit je team bro

  5. with all due respect a tip is to always keep your barrel inside the window. sticking the barrel or muzzle out is very much at a disadvantage if you want to remain concealed. second when you fire you tend to lower the weapon down, just open your other eye if you keep it close or put more vision into your weak eye to scout sorroundings. jerky movements will give your position away. great skills btw

  6. You can't really consider yourself a swamp sniper when you're too afraid to walk in the water that only goes up to your shins, no offense but it's kind of the truth, still love the video though! Subbed

  7. geezz all that gear and he cant even afford a pair of boots that are water proof so he doesnt have to crawl over water like a sloth

  8. How do you keep your rifle wrap out of the way of your optics. I tried using a rifle wrap and that was very annoying

  9. Anyone who wants to see sniping at D14, its on my channel!! I’ve wanted to get people to see my channel for a long time, and will come out with new sniping content soon!!

  10. Hy bro please can you tell me what your sniper riffle and what s the upgrade and stuff you take of… Please man y m just complet my new weaps and want to switch in sniper league (was in AEG before famas (y m French)
    So y have my old pt99 taurus whit long mag silencer of (like this pistol what do you mean about it? ¿?) and for primary weapon y want sniper riffle for 600 euro whit the scope, so can you please give me your opinion.. Thanks from france

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