Lone Wolf: Guide Rod & Spring Assembly for Glock

To assemble the guide rod and spring, you
will need the following items: safety glasses, blue Loctite, and a 3/32″ Allen wrench. WARNING
– the spring is under tension, so wear the safety glasses to prevent injury. First, apply
Loctite to the screw threads. Then, slide the spring into place on the guide rod with
your dominant hand. Grip the spring near the top of the guide rod, and compress the spring,
holding it down, so you can compress the spring again. Wear gloves for a better grip. You
may also install the optional flat washer, or the generation 4 washer at this time. Using
the Allen wrench, insert the Loctite-coated screw and tighten it for a snug fit. With
the Allen wrench removed, release the spring carefully until it contacts the screw head
or one of the optional washers. The assembly is now complete. Let the Loctite cure for
at least one hour. To learn more about this or other products, CHAT LIVE our experts

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