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Lone Wolf: Firing Pin Assembly Removal and Installation for Glock

To install the Firing Pin assembly, you will
need the following items; an Armorer’s tool and an optional small, flat-blade screwdriver.
Danger: Improper installation and/or adjustment of this part may render your firearm inoperable
or create a dangerous condition resulting in accidental discharge, property damage,
injury or death. Lone Wolf Distributors recommends you consult a competent Gunsmith or Certified
Armorer before installing, modifying or adjusting any firearm part. IF YOU WISH TO PROCEED, DO
SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always review our basic safety video before
disassembling your firearm. First, grip the weapon firmly and retract
the slide. Then, engage the Slide Stop Lever to lock the slide in place. Ensure that the
trigger has not been pulled. Next, rest the weapon on a solid surface with the muzzle
facing downward to expose the firing pin and spacer sleeve. Insert the pin punch into the
slot in the spacer sleeve, just under the firing pin. Push down on the spacer sleeve
to disengage it from the recess in the slide cover plate, and hold it firmly in place.
Now, press the slide cover plate down and push it out to the edge of the slot. Use the
optional small screwdriver if needed. Then, remove the slide cover plate.
WARNING: Both the extractor and the firing pin springs are compressed. Hold them both
down as you remove the slide cover plate to prevent ejection.
With the cover plate removed, release spring tension on the spacer sleeve. Remove the entire
firing pin assembly from the firing pin channel and set it aside. With the firing pin assembly
and the cover plate removed, depress the slide stop lever to release the slide. Next, pull
the trigger, grip both sides of the slide lock lever, then pull it down and carefully
remove the slide from the front of the weapon. If you are following this procedure to recover
from excessive over-travel adjustment of the Ultimate Adjustable Trigger or the Ultimate
Trigger Stop, follow the video links shown here for the correct re-adjustment process.
Now, carefully insert your firing pin assembly into the firing pin channel, then insert your
cover plate into the groove until it contacts the spacer sleeve. Depress the spacer sleeve
and hold it in place, as you press the slide cover plate inward. Finally, depress the spring
loaded bearing and hold it in place, as the cover plate is being pressed in. Your slide
is now re-assembled. Install the slide from the front of the weapon, ensuring that all
four frame rails enter slide cuts as shown. Cycle the slide several times to be sure the trigger operates properly and is adjusted to satisfy your personal preference. The installation
is now complete.

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