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Lone Wanderer vs The Courier vs Sole Survivor – Who Wins? (Round 1)

If you’ve played any of the Fallout games
since Bethesda acquired the franchise, you have probably asked yourself which of the
playable characters would win in a fight. In this video, I’m going to do my best to
figure out who would win in a battle to the death between the Lone Wanderer, the Courier,
and the Sole Survivor. Now, before we start analyzing each of the
characters, we need to decide where they are at the start of the fight. What I mean is, for example, are we looking
at the Courier after Doc Mitchell sends him out the door, or after the 2nd Battle of Hoover
Dam? There’s a significant difference in how
powerful he is in each scenario. For this video, I’m just going to look at
where they are at the start of the game. There’s a hell of a lot more to consider
doing it the other way. Let’s just say that this is Round 1. Chronological order sounds nice, doesn’t
it? The Lone Wanderer is up first. He -just for simplicity sake I’m assuming
they’re all men- grew up inside Vault 101 which was a relatively nice vault. The overseer was a dictator, but there weren’t
any crazy experiments. Because of this, the Wanderer likely doesn’t
have much combat experience aside from a few scraps with the Tunnel Snakes growing up. He kills a Radroach with a BB gun at his 10th
birthday party, so it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that he’s at least handled
a firearm. After all, Amata gives him one when James
leaves Vault 101. James, the Wanderer’s father, was a doctor. This is where the Wanderer may have the advantage. Growing up with a doctor as a parent, he probably
has more medical knowledge than the average wastelander. Like I said though, Vault 101 didn’t have
a lot of violence, so the duties of the vault’s doctor were likely not too extreme. He wasn’t treating bullet wounds every week. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information
about the Lone Wanderer. His past is purposefully left ambiguous to
allow players to see themselves in him. Next up is the Courier. This is where things get interesting. Much of his past is a mystery, but there are
things we can deduce from dialog in New Vegas. He’s likely in his mid-30s, as he says in
a conversation with the Lonesome Drifter that he impregnated a woman in Montana 18 years
ago, in 2259. The Courier was also responsible for helping
establish a community or settlement in the Divide by discovering a supply route, however,
he was also the reason why it turned into the hell it is now, as he accidentally set
of a few nuclear warheads. Those two pieces of information tell us a
lot. Montana is about 800 miles away from Las Vegas,
which means the Courier has traveled far and has managed to survive. Raider groups and hostile mutated creatures
a deterrent against leaving an established community without being well-armed. He also grew up in the Wasteland, which suggests
that the Courier is more of a jack-of-all-trades master-of-none type individual. Kids in the Wasteland are often taught the
skills necessary to survive. And with the Courier being a courier, he had
to be able to travel long distances, handle himself in a fight, and patch himself up if
he got hurt. Last up is the Sole Survivor. Like the Lone Wanderer, we don’t really
know a whole lot about the Sole Survivor. One of the first lines of dialog in Fallout
4, outside of the intro cutscene, indicates that the Survivor is a veteran. Lookout, a robot onboard the USS Constitution,
scans him and states that he was part of the 108th Infantry Regiment, Second Battalion. It’s likely that he’s a veteran of the
Sino-American War given the fact that it was the most recent large scale conflict prior
to the Great War. Also terminal entry in Fraternal Post 115
indicates that the Sole Survivor is not just your average veteran, but was revered as a
wartime hero, suggesting that he is quite capable in combat. Because the Sole Survivor was a soldier before
the war, we know that he received actual military training, not just what wastelanders have
learned over time. He was properly trained with firearms, combat
tactics, and possesses at least a basic knowledge of how to survive when in a hostile environment. Suffice it to say, he can handle himself in
both a firefight and a physical confrontation. And now the $34 question. Who wins? Keep in mind this is just my opinion, it’s
not a fact. You’re welcome to disagree. If you think I’m wrong, which I very well
could be, I’d love to see reasons in the comments. It would help make Round 2 better. Let’s get the obvious out of the way, the
Lone Wanderer gets fucked up. He’s 19 years old and has only known life
in the vault. Shooting radroaches or getting into fights
with bullies doesn’t compare to a lifetime surviving in the Mojave or proper military
training. The Lone Wanderer dies first, no question
about it. For the Courier and Sole Survivor, there are
a few things to consider. One is where they fight. No matter where it is, it’s going to be
a wasteland. Maybe Nevada, maybe Boston, maybe Washington
DC just to make it fair. Either way, the Courier has the advantage. He grew up in the wasteland, he knows what
to look for and what to avoid. The Sole Survivor has just stepped out into
the wasteland for the first time. That’s gotta mess with his mind in a not
insignificant way, seeing the world you once knew destroyed. If you look at the weapons and armor they
start with, a Vault jump suit and 9mm Pistol for the Courier and a Vault jump suit and
10mm Pistol for the Sole Survivor, they’re pretty evenly matched as far as equipment
goes. I’m gonna give the edge to the Courier. He’s lived in the Mojave for a while, likely
his entire life, traveled to some of the most dangerous places on the West coast prior to
New Vegas and made it back in one piece. The Sole Survivor knows his way around a gunfight,
but that’s in a militaristic setting. Living in the wasteland is less about winning
and more about making sure the other person loses. You’re not facing soldiers, you’re facing
some of the most sadistic and psychotic people alive post-War. Army protocols and rules of engagement are
non existent. The Courier wins. That concludes Round 1. Round 2 will deal with each character at the
end of their games, taking into account the factions backing them, the armor and weapons
at their disposal, and what sort of skills and perks they can take. Alright, that’s gonna do it for this video
about the Lone Wanderer vs The Courier vs the Sole Survivor. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
leave a Like. If you didn’t enjoy the video or didn’t
learn anything, leave a Dislike. Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad, have a wonderful

100 thoughts on “Lone Wanderer vs The Courier vs Sole Survivor – Who Wins? (Round 1)

  1. To everyone commenting, keep in mind this video is about who would win at the start of each game. Lone Wanderer just after leaving Vault 101, Courier after leaving Doc Mitchell's house, or the Sole Survivor after exiting Vault 111. Round 2 compare the 3 after the ending of their respective games. Also, there's a poll in the top right corner of the video at 0:23 if you want to see what others think.

  2. I think the sole survivor would win because of his military training. I think a heavily weaponized battlefield with tons of nuclear weapons is standard in “the warfare of the future”. Aka, I think the environment wouldn’t be a disadvantage from a setting perspective. If anything, it would be less hectic. He is no stranger to power armored combat so he is expecting deadlier targets. Furthermore, you said the battle ground would be neutral territory so any “home field advantage” would have to be negated – for example, they all walked into the same “1st building to scavenge from which was built like a triangle with still functioning cameras viewing each of the other rooms and they know who is there and they want to kill everyone else cause they are locked in”. I think it’s safe to say that if it was out in the open, it’s going to depend on who gets the drop first on the other. And then it would be just completely random. I think sole survivor would win in a balanced situation. Otherwise it’s just whoever gets lucky. Note, if we are also going by setting of start of the game, the courier had just received a shot to the head and is currently recovering. That’s gotta be just as traumatic if not more than waking up in a country you grew up in but was destroyed.

  3. A certain dlc for fallout new vegas can also give you additional weapons including more armor and a canteen that keeps the courier thirsty and heals 15 hp every five minute. So if we use that the courier DEFINITELY wins by a long shot.

  4. Honestly the Sole Survivor would have won because not only does he have military background it says at the beginning of the game that he’s “giving a speech at the veterans hall” or something in those lines showing that he’s been rewarded in some way from what he’s done

  5. All these comments treating "getting shot in the head and survived" as if it makes the courier fucking god or something. It doesn't. Just gives you headaches

  6. Courier: Gets shot once and needs life-saving surgery
    Also the Courier: Gets shot 18 times in the head with a hunting round and takes a nap.

  7. Hand to hand the veteran soul survivor gunfight even and miltary are train for any situation just like the courtier

  8. And why do i suddenly thought of all three of them roaming the post apocalyptic wasteland together causing mass chaos

  9. Even if the courier lived in the wasteland he was shot in head by Benny at the very beggining of the game and it seems he lost a part of his memory. I think he lost his memory because when he arrived in Primm he asked Jason Nash about the package. He didn t remembered.
    Once with the menory, he may lost his skills, that made him equal with the others.

  10. The Courier: Bruh. I rule the mojave with an army of robots and a new batch of desert rangers on my side.
    The Lone Wanderer: *Proceeds to teleport to the Mothership and nukes the shit out of new vegas from orbit.

  11. Hate when people say “sole survivor”
    Its the Lone Wanderer, The Courior, Nate and/or Noria. Fallout 4 didnt let you be you

  12. It’s a 1v1 environment enemies doesn’t really have anything to do with their fight. Some survivor wins he was a trained veteran and a HERO at that. Some dude who’s survived in the wild for a while isn’t gonna outlive a veteran war hero.

  13. very likely the sole survivor wins proper military training means he is military trained so he is used to different environments and adapting he would also be used to far more danger

    roads have safe zones commonly traveled and danger areas people stay out of the most the average thing the courier probably deals with is a raider or maby a bigger bug

  14. I’d say the sole survivor due to the fact that you can get your first suit of power armor in under 30 minutes

  15. Yeah, but to be fair the courrier lost his memorys at the start, when he got shot in the head. so some of the things you said may be correct, but we're talking about if they bolth get dropped at the same time, so it's likely the courrier won't remember his past life immediately sense in the game the courrier doesn't show any memory of the waist land. Unlike the soul surviver who remembers his time in the war from the get-go. Also courrier learned how to shoot, and survive in the Wasteland from sunny smiles.

    P.s. for those who haven't played fallout new Vegas, sunny smiles is basically the tutorial lady.

  16. I would think a man who survived being shot in the head twice and then buried (and slowly dug out and dragged to a settlement to get fixed up) could handle himself extremely well.

  17. if we are talking max level with the best perks than the sole survivor would curb stomp the lone wanderer and courier do to the fact that fallout 4 doesn't have a proper level cap, with 65535 being the max without the game crashing, while fallout 3 and new Vega's max levels are 30 and 50 respectively

  18. To be fair, the lone survivor did kill Kellogg, whose been alive for a long time.
    Honestly, I still believe the courier would win regardless

  19. Biased. Laughably biased.

    How is it possible to conclude that a war hero would lose in a gunfight against a mailman who survives in the wastes?

    Soldiers are literally trained for gunfights and stressful situations. Against trained and armed and probably healthy opponents who understand military tactics.

    Raiders are stupid, cannot fight properly as they have no training, probably a jet addiction, and are probably unhealthy, malnourished and low on ammo. If they have guns at all.

    So obviously Raiders are a bigger challenge for being more "psychotic", even though soldiers can engage in equally psychotic war crimes. (The Mai Lai massacre, Nanking, Berlin, Paris, Leningrad to name a few)

    The courier is a mailman. He either fights or runs away from the objectively lesser opponents, raiders. So already, he is less proven than the SS.

    In fact, you could say that he would also be very disoriented by the fact that he has two splitting headaches where he was shot.

    Somehow being trained in military fashion is a disadvantage for the SS because the wasteland is chaotic, which is relevant, even though it is a gunfight (???)
    So being trained in firing a gun, aiming and reloading efficiently is just something that doesn't matter.

    Even the fact that being a soldier (and a war hero) demands you put stress to the side and focus on fighting would mean he'd handle the situation. Ignoring his son and wife entirely, which would disorientate him more.

    Never mind that the Sole Survivor is probably completely healthy. I'm sure that can somehow be converted into a disadvantage too, like him not being able to handle radiation or some other nonsense.

    This is so ridiculously and obviously biased to the game Mitten prefers that it's hilarious.

  20. You say since Bethesda took over but technically they didn’t make NV. Obsidian Entertainment did, Bethesda just published it. (Just saying)

  21. Fallout 3: Where is Liam Ne- I mean my dad?!
    Fallout NV: Beennnneeeeeeyyhhh! Where are you?!
    Fallout 4: Shaun… Shaun! SHAUN!!!
    Fallout 76: Where is my canvas bag?

  22. I vote courier. Sure, SS is a soldier, but the courier has lived hardship for decades.

    Lone Wanderer… dead out the window

  23. Can you beat fallout new Vegas without breaking your armor combat armor mark 1 or 2 not the best armored though

  24. Tbh my opinion

    Courier Survives due to combat skills and knowledge
    Lone Wanderer Due to medical knowledge and could hide for a time
    Lone Surviver courier nails him in the head

  25. the winner is the vault dweller. He can literally tell the Master, the Endboss and the most intelligent being in the wasteland, to go kill himself and he fucking does it.

  26. Sole Survivor and the courier shooting each other and throwing bombs
    Preston: Just got word of a settlement that needs our help

  27. I think the sole survivor is the strongest of the 3 because..
    He was a soldier and obviously a seasoned one.
    Everyone is hooked on the fact that the courier survived a gunshot to the head but this guy was fucking frozen in time for 200 years.
    Fights deadlier, nastier, enemies (literally, deathclaws can throw fucking cars)
    Destroys everything with just him and him alone(can only have 2 companions, persumably dogmeat of his choice as seen in one of the trailers)

  28. What if the sole survivor work with power armor? Is there lore about that? Also think about it the Brotherhood of Steel versus the NCR that would be an intense fight

  29. Reason the courier would win: hes dealt with deathclaws from new vegas…the sole survivor hasnt… no hes dealt with the common wealth deathclaws which for some reason are incredibly easy to kill…its safe to say he'd get raped by the new vegas deathclaws

  30. If you've played any fallout game, youve prob asked yourself…

    Who would win if, Alistair tenpenny, butch deloria, and lily Bowen all played mario cart in a RV bedroom?

  31. The lone wanderer knows his or her way around basic and mediocre combat like super mutants or raiders he or she also got hit hard with the consiquences like escaping the vault or dealing with a loss the courier should've been second in my opinion and the 3rd is the sole survivor sure military service especially becoming a hero is cool and shows he or she is capable of the wasteland but he or she doesn't face rock bottom or at least doesn't get abducted by aliens or put in a sauna of radiation just to get something that won't last long anyways the courier starts out ok but even though he or she is experienced but he or she gets thrown with too much of it and almost never gets a break so Vault Boy wins I mean he has great armor and weapons cuz he has all of them

  32. The sole survivor for two main reasons first we know he's military trained and that for him it was a year ago and military tactics don't die out. Second the courier was shot in the head ,he's not all there, really! bits of him are up on the hill

  33. Like you said, if in DC, then its new environment for both of them.
    American wars are generally fought outside America (besides 1812 and Revolutionary War, and possible other exceptions).
    Being successful in American warfare means you can adapt to any hostile situation. I'd give the edge to the Sole Survivor, especially if Preston marks DC on his map.

  34. The people that say The Courier doesn't win are the people that say Master Chief is stronger than The Doomslayer

  35. The courier scares me that nigga was a badass got shot in the head forgot he was badass and then turned even more badass

  36. I just dropped and left the power armor and the minigun in fallout 4. That game is too easy. Just at the fucking start of the game they give you that i was like wtf

  37. The Courier. No questions asked. He survived a bullet to head…and it was in a cutscene. Nobody survives a gunshot wound to the head from a cutscene!

  38. I know it’s not cannon since it’s a mod but I love the new California mod since it turns the story u choose into the prequel to fallout new Vegas

  39. with the glitch that lets you hotkey ammo in fallout new vegas id hotkey a big kid mini nuke, equipt my laser detonator, equipt the ammo while holding the laser detonator and then id have a laser of BK nukes no fallout had a more powerful glitch courier wins off this alone no question.

  40. I love theory and analasys but this question is stupid seeing each player uses every character differently . That said its possible that sole survivour dont give a damn where he is , he's been through the horros of war, he just got thrown back in again

  41. I disagree, but that’s just me. You had good points, the sole survivor had lots of training and probably knows a thing or two about healing himself, but you’re right, the courier grew up in the wasteland, but that doesn’t mach military training in my opinion.Though you may be right and I’m just overthinking it. BUT ONE THING WE KNOW FOR SURE ISSSSSSSS……. the lone wander is the first to die. No questions asked.

  42. In my opinion, the lone wanderer would win.
    He single handily took out the enclave
    Destroyed an alien spaceship
    Saved slaves and defeated an army in The Pitt
    Survived the Super mutant infested streets of the CW
    Helped with the resurrection of project purity
    All while being 19 years of age

  43. I’m like two years late but, my moneys on the courier, dude nuked an entire civilization on accident. Also, side note, not only was the Sole Survivor a wartime veteran, his unit was deployed to Anchorage, the heaviest fighting of the Great War, so he’s obviously seasoned.

  44. if all of the main characters from the fallout series were to fight each other who would win? or would the courier get shot in the head wait until there was one person left and then get back up

  45. It's the LOAN Wanderer, and the SOUL Survivor, haven't you heard the song "Soul Survivor" by Young Jeezy? That song is about Fallout 4. You're a complete fucking dumb ass, and this video lost all of it's credibility.

  46. The Lone Wanderer's past is shown completely, idk why you said his past is "ambiguous". You grow up in the vault, and when you leave, that's the "present" The courier is the one with the most ambiguous past.

  47. My opinion-
    Lone Wanderer is 19 yr old pussy who will die from first shot from Courier or SS.
    Now, between Courier and SS, the combat can become tense.
    Courier is a partial cyborg while SS(especially Male) was an ex-US military soldier. Female SS will die instantly(Don't call me sexist).
    Courier, although has better knowledge of Wasteland but Male SS has better accuracy and marksmanship since he survived the Anchorage and was described as a war veteran in FO4.
    But, SS has defeated so many synths and Courser and if he becomes Director of the Institute, then he will certainly undergo surgery to enhance his body just like Kellogg.Also, he can simply use teleport grenades to teleport Coursers who will unleash hell on lone Courier. If he becomes Paladin in BoS, he can simply use Power Armor to crush Courier.
    So, my money's on Male SS.

  48. Sole survivor wins if it is between the three of them and no outside involvement because of his sheer combat experience with other hostile human beings.

    Courier would win if this includes outside involvement from things like feral ghouls, deathclaws, rad-roaches, you know things that are in every Bethesda fallout game and not just specifically 1 so it adds fairness to both sides

    Lone wander just fucking dies just because

  49. Since the courier was caught and shot I don't think he is very good in a fight so I would say that a most likely spec ops soldier would definitely be able to quickly dispatch of the courier.

  50. No one wins presden follows the sole survivor to the battlefield and marks settlements in need on their maps they then shoot them selves

  51. I still think the Sole Survivor wins. If in a neutral area. They might not have adjusted to the world but the tactical knownhow of the Sole Survivor gives them an edge.

  52. The courier may know the wastes better but the lone survivor was in the military. And has training other than team setting they know how to survive and better use what he has. NV was my favorite fallout tho.

  53. The Courier is probably the roughest toughest bastard ever lived, he beat the Legate, Joshua Graham, Ulysses and countless amounts Fiends & Powder Gangers, the sole survivor is best known for defeating a bunch of raiders & Kellog and a courser, the lone wonder defeats a bunch of super mutants & enclave soldiers & raiders, all don’t compared to the legion or the ncr same with the Institute and brotherhood of steel, not as crazy as the legion or ncr

  54. Hey mitten I love your channel but I respectfully disagree with your opinion and think the sole suivior should of won because it’s a duel so a man with fire arm training would win love your videos and good luck with the channel

  55. Hey mitten I love your channel but I respectfully disagree with your opinion and think the sole suivior should of won because it’s a duel so a man with fire arm training would win love your videos and good luck with the channel

  56. Love this video, but I can't say I agree. What with the amnesia and everything, I think you're giving the courier a little bit too much credit. Don't get me wrong, I love the Courier to bits, but if it's a contest between the badass mailman that got shot in the head twice, just had major surgery not 10 minutes ago, and now has some serious amnesia, to the point where they've forgotten every skill they've learned except the basics of shooting a gun and, you know… living? Versus a trained soldier who saw active combat and who's worst trait is that he's just thawing out from being in cryosleep for 200 years weeell… gotta say I think the soldier wins. At least at the beginning of the game, I actually watched part 2 first and TOTALLY agree that the Courier wins the end-game battle, lol.

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