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Lock-n-Load™ L1465L Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Hi, I’m Corbin with Legacy Manufacturing Company
– maker of Lock-n-Load™ Grease Guns We’re in the shop today to check out the L1465L
Lock-n-Load Pistol Grip Grease Gun. It’s threadless barrel and quick disconnect
system allows you to reload grease in half the time. With every L1465L you get the state-of-the-art
grease gun, a 12 inch Flexible Whip, tight fitting 4-Jaw Coupler for tighter grip
and longer service life. In addition, you get this unique Post Piston Bleeder, that removes air and proper priming. Although powerful, the Lock-n-Load is lighter
in weight, and smaller in size than the competition, which reduces user fatigue. It’s 40 to 1 ratio continuous air motor pumps grease as long as you pull the trigger. Listen to that cycletime as it pumps 10% more grease flow! A faster motor gets the job done faster. No lets listen to the competition. I think it speaks for itself. Now, lets take a look at Lock-n-Load awesome
pressure capabilities. First, the competitor. 5000 PSI, it’s not bad, but it’s not the best. Let’s see how Lock-n-Load stacks up. This is the higher pressure you need to clear clogs easily. Lock-n-Load – it gets the job done. But the most distinctive and most unique feature
of this beauty, is how you reload the grease cartridges with
the patented Lock-n-Load Technology. It’s threadless barrel and easy slide release
makes it much faster than the old threaded barrels. You’ll never have to deal with those threads again. Let me show you how it works. That other guy, he’s got one of those old
school barrels that’s threaded. I’ve got the Lock-n-Load with the quick connect.
Lets see how long it takes each of us to load a cartridge. First, you pull out the Lock-n-Load rod and you lock it. Then you engage the slide release and take out the barrel. Take the cartridge, slide it into the barrel. Pop off the tab. Reengage it into the head. Take the following rod, push it in. Set the prime, and your good to go. Now let’s go get some work done! Time saved is money earned. Every bit of time you or your employees save
with Lock-n-Load quick connect means you get more done more efficiently. On top of everything else, the Lock-n-Load offers 3-Way Loading, an Automatic Bleeder, a Positive-Grip Follower Handle and a Non-Slip Knurled Barrel for a solid grip. The heavy-duty cast aluminum head construction means a longer life. and the Durable Follower Rod and Spring gives you consistent priming. There the Lock-n-Load took me about half the time. For superior air flow speed, unmatched grease power and the fastest grease loading you’ll find choose the L1465L Lock-n-Load Pistol Grip Grease Gun. It’s in a class by itself!

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