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Local Couple Robbed at Gunpoint While Shopping: First Person Defender| S6 E4

– [Man With Gun]
Don’t be a hero OK? – OK no man no man.. – (yelling) right now! – OK OK here’s my wallet. – [Attacker] What else you got? – That’s it man just the wallet. – Stay right there! Stay right there don’t you move. (intense action
music) Don’t you move! (screaming) (baby crying) (intense action music) – Don’t you move! (intense action music) – [Narrator] Welcome to
First Person Defender. (intense action music) Where regular people
come face to face with unknown attackers
in real world scenarios. And fight their way out. (yelling) (intense action
music) (shooting) This is First Person Defender. (action music) – Today on First Person Defender we’re in New Hampshire
at the Sig Sauer Academy. We’ve got Christian and
Amanda both from Chicago. Christian carries
Amanda doesn’t. But are they ready for
what we throw at them? – [Narrator] This force
on force training uses real fire arms converted
to fire marking cartridges. The crew wears yellow
shirts and are considered to be invisible to role players. A pleasant stroll
among shops turns into a nightmare for
Christian and Amanda. Can they escape? (intense music) – I’m just gonna go
look for a new phone because I really need a new one. – OK I wanna get a
new cover for mine. – Hey! Hey let me
see your hands! No one needs to get hurt! I just want your (bleep) money! Stay right there! Don’t move just listen to me. Do you have a (bleep)
wallet on you? – [Christian] What? – Wallet! – [Christian] Yeah yeah yeah! – Your wallet and
your cell phone! Throw them right
here on the ground! Keep your hands
where I can see them! No one needs to get hurt
I just want your money! – [Christian] OK yeah man yeah. – [Attacker] Don’t do anything
stupid don’t be a hero (Attacker and Christian
talking over each other) – [Christian] OK OK
here’s my wallet. (intense music) – [Attacker] What else you got? – That’s it man take the wallet. – Stay right there! Stay right there don’t you move. Don’t you move! (gunshots) (gunshots) (intense action music) (electronic music) – Tell me what happened – Well we got (sighs) somebody came up behind us, we didn’t see anything. He already had a gun drawn out, we were compliant, but I didn’t know what
his intentions were. But I mean he had
us at gunpoint, so we basically had
our lives in his hands. I kinda threw my
wallet in such a way that he might be distracted and when I saw an opportunity to defend ourselves I shot. – You got in a gunfight. – I did. – Tell me what
were you thinking? What were you feeling? – I was standing back and I was kind of trying to
separate from him, so that the guy had two
things to pay attention to. – That was pretty intense! How did it feel? – Like a little nerve-wracking, I’m like do I run? Do I stay? Do I slowly back up? – He was pretty aggressive. – Yeah he was pretty aggressive. He had a gun to us and our lives were in his hands. – You guys exchanged fire, you got shot. – I did. – So one of the things I noticed about Eric when he came up
to you with the gun drawn, is he said “I just
want your money”. “I just want your wallet”. When someone says that, we may not wanna go
right for the gun. The end state was you
gave him your wallet, but then you felt compelled
to try and game it. What I would advocate in
this case potentially, very situation dependent, give him the wallet and go away. Think about how many
problems you’ve solved up to this point in
life without a gun. – Right. – Quite a few right? So just because you have it
doesn’t mean you need to use it. You’re gonna have
some medical issues, like you suffered here today
with the leg shot wound. Been wearing this all
day no one’s seen it but I’ve got this
capability on me, with normal pants on to have
an actual SOF-T Tourniquet a chest seal and some QuikClot. (rumbling) (action music) – .380 versus 9mm. We like to argue about
it but let’s test it. We’ve got the
Inceptor ARX bullets. We’re gonna shoot them into
gel and see what we get. (gunshot) Now for the 9. (gunshot) (metal music) OK .380… pretty
good penetration. We’re using this
clear ballistics gel, just an apples to
apples comparison. The 9.. we did not catch it. And hopefully this time, we’ll catch that 9. (gunshot) (gunshot) Second time around… We caught it. Wow it didn’t even go
into the second block. This is the .380 block about 13 almost 13
and a half inches. The 9…. 15 and a half. So 13 and a half
inches with the .380 15 and a half
inches with the 9.. In this clear ballistics gel.. Pretty close performance
between both of these. (rumbling) (action music) – Now let’s focus on the
medical side of things. First we’re discuss is that
whatever medical kit I have, it needs to be on my person. It can’t be in my vehicle
or my house or my car because I’m not going to be
able to necessarily get to it. So quick assessment. I would only carry
things that I needed to stop massive hemorrhaging
maintain an airway, the major things so they
can get me to the hospital. What I would focus
on is something to stop massive hemorrhaging
which would be a DOD or a Tri-C certified tourniquet, and that’s gonna be
your SOF-T or your CAT. And then the other
thing I’d have, is some hemostatically
impregnated gauze. So I’m going to take
the the D-ring off, find the wounded arm, and this is gonna go
up as high as possible, (clicks) just like that. And make sure that the windlass
here is on the outside, so I have access to it. Make sure the triangle
link has access too and isn’t buried in the armpit. Once I do that I’ll make
sure that it’s taut, and I’m gonna take as
much slack as I can out of that tourniquet. If I don’t do that when I
start to turn the windlass, it will bind up too much and
it will take a lot longer to actually constrict
and compress that
break in the artery. So at this point I’m
gonna take the windlass and just turn it… This won’t feel great.. And I’m gonna turn it
until I stop bleeding. And I would confirm that
by reaching down here to that radial
pulse where it was, and realize that it’s
not there anymore. Now with the practical
application here, even state-side in an emergency, you’re not gonna have
long-term tissue damage because you’re gonna be in a
hospital before you know it. So we’re not talking about
leaving this on for three weeks. This is just a temporary
stop to make sure that massive hemorrhaging
has stopped to allow the paramedics or
the ambulance to get us to a higher level of care. (rumbling) – And then turn does
it matter which way? – Yeah you’re gonna turn, and what you’d be
looking for realistically is wherever the wound was, that was here you’d be looking for it
to stop actually bleeding so massive hemorrhaging
is gonna manifest itself in a very specific way. If it’s at night we’re
gonna do it until we get some significant
resistance and then get out of town
and white-light it to make sure that we
actually stopped bleeding. (rumbling) And then obviously the
first thing we want to do, going back to the
initial problem, is getting 911 there, start getting the boss there, police medical units there, and then physically move
away from that spot. (rumbling) – [Narrator] First Person
Defender brought to you by: Ruger GunDealio Springfield Armory And (action music) (gunshots) – Working with the Ruger
American Pistol Pro-Duty model. Well the Pro-Duty means it
doesn’t have a thumb safety. And personally I like that. I’ve shot a lot of pistols, thousands and thousands of round through guns without
a thumb safety. But some people say “I
just feel more comfortable with a thumb safety on the gun.” Which is fine. There’s not a right answer
or a wrong answer on this. It’s just a matter
of practicing. For me if I come up with a
gun with a thumb safety on.. I forget to take off
the thumb safety. But if you practice with it, you become proficient and
you sweep that thumb safety off every time.. You don’t have to think about it That’s what you wanna do. For me.. No thumb safety. (gunshots) (rumbling) (action music) (gunshots) – Hey guys I’m here in
one of Sig Sauer Academy’s live fire shoot houses
here to talk about the Appendix carry draw
and the low ready position. So if I have a threat
and it’s not a gun, maybe it’s a knife or a bat, something where I have
a little bit of distance but I still don’t
have an egress route. One of the things I can
do once I access the draw and get that gun out, is I can maintain it in
a low ready position. Now the ready position is
great because it allows me to have good
muscle management, and still be able to see things. If I mount that gun too quickly, one of the problems
I’m gonna have is I’ll be able to
block what I can see with his hands with the
gun in my own hands. So I need to assess full
person hands to demeanor. And one of the things on the
sight about the ready position particularly the low ready, is that I can see
that and then quickly mount the gun up on target if the situation escalates. I can try and verbally
de-escalate here, but if it comes to
it I can just simply mount the gun see those
sights and go to work. That mounting process
will happen a lot faster than it
will from the draw. So the low ready
allows me to have good muscle management, have great awareness, and still mount
that gun quickly. I see that threat try
and verbally de-escalate. “Stop Stop Stop let
me see your hands” If he keeps progressing
and becomes a threat I simply mount that gun.. (gunshots) (slow motion gunshots) (heavy metal music) (gunshot) So guys in closing: The
Appendix carry draw, clear that garment access withdraw and get that low ready if the
situation deems appropriate. Remember the low ready
is a great position that if I need to have
that gun ready to go, but I don’t want to cover my
target for whatever reason, lot’s of different
reasons out there. It offers me a quick
access to drive that gun up and get on target
while still maintaining good muscle management and
good situational awareness. (heave metal music) (gunshot) (rumbling) (action music) – The Springfield 911. Real small carry gun
and it even comes with a pocket
holster which I like, it gives you that option. So you have to practice the
way you’re gonna carry it. In these pants I
stick it in here. It tucks away you can’t see it. When I go to draw it.. The holster’s coming
out with the gun. That’s not what you want. But this would work
fine in a lot of other pants that I would wear. So you have to get to the range, or just at your
home with a dry gun, practice your mode of carry, make sure it works
with your wardrobe and adjust accordingly. (rumbling) (action music) – [Narrator] In this scenario, Christian and Amanda
are out shopping when trouble approaches. Quick thinking and training need to take over to come out alive. (intense scary music) – [Christian] I know the
store’s over there but.. (intense scary music) (music drowns out speech) – No we don’t have anything man. – Screw you man! – [Christian] We don’t
have anything man. – [Amanda] Our bad. (gunshot) – Ow! Ah! Babe I’ve been shot! I’ve been shot in my arm. – 911! Call 911 – [Christian] Here
let me dial 911. Hello 911? There’s been a shooting. I’ve been shot. Please send an ambulance. I’m in a blue shirt. Please send… – Just outside the phone store. OK everything stopped? OK check your pulse.. No OK. – I think we’re OK. But maybe just
move out of the way and see if we can
get to safety OK? – OK (intense scary music) – 911 we’re just
moving to a store. – Hi can you help us? He’s been shot.. Go ahead sit down – OK We’ll just rest here. (action music) (electronic music) – Guys it started
out the same way, but tell me what you were seeing
and what you were feeling. – [Christian] I saw somebody
come up and ask for money, and we didn’t have
any money to give. I kinda noticed
somebody in the distance and I did notice
them and they were kind of just acting
a little suspicious, kind of looking down. And as they came up they just pulled out
a gun out of nowhere and just shot, shot me in the arm. – Just a random shooting. – Just a random shooting yeah. – And the weird part is, as weird as that is that really happens. – [Christian] Oh yeah. Amanda was able to
apply a tourniquet
and stop the bleeding. – What did you see? – Guys great job. A couple of small things when that happened you
took a round to the arm but you dropped right down. One thing you could
consider down the road is actually staying
on your feet moving. Maybe you wanna actually move, certainly do that concurrently. Good job with the phone call. That’s one of the things
we try to do concurrently. So I heard you
getting on the horn, calling 911 letting
them know what happened. 38 seconds just a
little bit under that. Time to get that tourniquet
on before we start to move, so plenty of time there. He would have stopped bleeding. So great job. If you didn’t have this or
didn’t know how to use it, that could be fatal in
a couple of minutes. – Wow its a real eye opener. To think about your
skill sets and where some of the deficiencies lie. If you carry a firearm
there’s a good chance that you are gonna have to
do some type of trauma care. – It’s not actually restricted
just to that either, I mean think about
car accidents, kid falls out of a tree, any sort of trauma
malicious or not, this is gonna save your life. (rumbling) (intense action music)

24 thoughts on “Local Couple Robbed at Gunpoint While Shopping: First Person Defender| S6 E4

  1. "What else you got?" 9mm hallow point
    In all serious tho, that part where the aggressor was like "hey guys" pop is pretty true. My cousin was stabbed in a similar way. The guy was just walking along, said hi, reached out and got him in the back with an ice pick and ran. My cousins good, wasn't a horrible wound and they found the guy who stabbed him dead under an overpass with the ice pick under his ribs and a body full of pcp

  2. Love this show! It's a tough call on whether to draw and fight or turn and run. The FIBS and FIBSA factors (Fudge I'm Being Shot At) are significant and the first person to put shots on target usually wins. Either way it's very important to get initial trauma treatment training and have the supplies close by.

  3. To be honest I would run for safety first then worry about the arm and make a phone call. You can run and make the phone call. Find safety then do the rest. For example hate to bring this up but Las Vegas shooting.

  4. You never know that guy can come back and finish you off I work at a Trauma Center and most guys that survived ran for their lives

  5. If you're not a great shot, sometimes it's better to Trust in God and Comply. He probably should've stepped in and sideways rather than hobble backwards.That won't make you less of a target, really, whereas moving in you might be able to surprise him, bind his weapon arm, and get some fatal shots on the chest and head. That is, if your wrestling skill isn't as bad as your shooting.

    Second time, they really shouldn't sit in the open, in the middle of a crossroad where they had just been attacked…. Be ready to drop the phone and draw, lest the psycho or one of his friends comes back.

  6. He did extremely well. Never trust your life in the hands of someone willing to put a gun on you. He distracted the theif and used the opportunity to stop the threat.

  7. Usually the petty thief doesn't want to shoot you but it happens. I several stories where the thief will shoot the clerk or person they robbed AFTER they get the money or valuables. Some times it is better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6. I honestly don't know what I would do in this situation. If you do shoot the attacker and get cleared are you going to judge yourself the rest of your life and keep thinking maybe he wouldn't have shot me……the philological aspect is the hardest part I think. Wounds heal but mental trauma stays with you for a long time…..or forever. Hard to say what I think I would do and it would change depending on circumstances.

  8. What kind of ankle holster with medical supplies is that?? Very nice setup. Would love to be able to carry that kind of supplies around comfortably

  9. So in the the first scenario the guy took a round to the leg, but he got the robber and looked like a badass in front of his wife. That is a decent trade off.

  10. Haha OMG. I know I should not laught. But dam he shot them with no rime or reason. Just I see you, bang. Like WTF.

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