100 thoughts on “Live PD: That’s a Big Gun (Season 2) | A&E

  1. cops removing peoples gun rights one arrest at a time… forget gun control laws… just arrest everyone and make them all felons who cannot own guns and presto problem solved! Have to say the cops in this one were jerks

  2. I can see carrying a gun for self defense and to protect those around you But my god a .44 is just excessive but I will say the guy has a nice taste in firearms

  3. Go ahead, make my day. I got a .44 mag hog leg for my birthday when I was in high school, too much iron to haul around town so I only packed it for bear protection. It was great being raised up here in Alaska, all us kids had a good collection of guns and nobody ever shot anyone else besides one old guy shot another old guy at the roadhouse for cheating at cards… shot that sombitch dead too.

  4. Suspect: “Are you going to read me my rights?”

    Officer: “I haven’t asked you any questions yet!”

    Rewind video:

    Officer: “ Do you have lights on this thing?”
    “ Do you have a license?”
    “ What do you have under your shirt?”
    “ Do I know you?”

  5. I’ll just ride a bicycle at night and carry a cannon to be safe . Could just stay home and watch YouTube

  6. He means the truth is he pulled him over because he recognized him and he probably has a gun on him Because of his CCW. NOT A LITE ! “ wanted to make sure people are safe” … ok we’re dumb

  7. "… No one dared asked his business, no one dared make a slip. Stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip"

  8. All things considered this officer treated him good. Saying you have a weapon and reaching into your bag is suicide by cop for blacks and latinos.

  9. Honestly that's a little convenient that the guy he pulls over is the guy he has a case against lol kinda funny but if he's drilling holes in turtles shells while there alive or dead for that matter is sick like eating turtles is not needed for food sustananc it's done because unfortunately some human beings are sick in there head that's sick !!!

  10. He said what would happen if he pulled that 44 on a cop…well I tell what would happen my gun is bigger then yours !

  11. "do you have a weapon"
    "Yes I do"
    ”What do you have on you?"
    *Officer Lets him dig for 11 seconds, then scolds him*
    *Hey wait, what do you have on you?!?!"

  12. drilled a hole in tortoise? could have just bought a dog harness an just adjusted it till it was snug fit…

  13. it makes no sense to me. People riding bicycles in the middle of the night carrying weapons made for killing human beings. I'ts insane. i feel so sorry for America.

  14. this man does not seem to have the mental capacity to responsibly own firearms.

    …and Im for civilian owned RPG's…

  15. The difference here is, if he'd tucked his shirt behind the pistol, he's legal to ride. The reason this poor old guy is getting locked up is simply because his weapon was underneath his shirt. They could've cut him some slack. Welcome to the police state folks.

  16. He knew who he was pulling over, most likely seen the guy and followed him. He also knew he was probably carrying from previous encounter

  17. OK, so let's recap…. Do you have any weapons on you? Don't I know you? Do you know I revoked your CCW? I don't have to read you your rights, I'm not asking you anything yet. Ummmm….. yeh, OK.

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