100 thoughts on “Live PD: Not High, but a High IQ (Season 4) | A&E

  1. Guess that’s what you call letting it ALL hang out — verbally, physically — every which way is loose.😂😆🤣😄

  2. In some alternate reality dude just let her out and got to go home that night. She ends up dead that night and he gets blamed for it. Ad games be like: choose your path.

  3. “Admits to doing dope” She gets let go her suppler gets arrested now she is going to go share dope and bang her cousin Thanks cops 🙂

  4. She could be high. SHE COULD OF LIED to take the husbands house and everything.AND SHE Definitely lied about the meth and syringes being her husband’s

  5. That guy is the real life incarnation of the guy from the simpsons that can never have a job and everything goes bad for him.

  6. ok its always the ugly crackhead single mum messes who get away and looked at like the good guys..wtf? i can believe that gun was the guys deffo but i bet all the drugs was hers 100%!!! she looked like a mess.. shes a trophie? yea i deffo win her if i caught an std award, he needs to send tha trophie back for a refund well used and in bad shape..

  7. You know what the sad thing is? Messed up as she was, she's still more respectful and honest than 90% of the folks you see stopped on LivePD. The heck?

  8. Lol whats methed up is that they let her get away with being that high and claiming she has a high i.q people with brains dont use meth. They just cook it like walter white. And hopefully dont become a "Jessy" in the situation

  9. No one is asking the question on WHY this guy needs an M4 looking rifle in his car? If this is normal for the US they are fooked!

  10. Why do these felons always have touts/snitchers with them…. not too smart have a predictable reliable women and maybe you wouldn't be a felon XD

  11. I don't understand the law. She just said she did all those drugs and you just let her go. I mean even for this f'd up society, that a little weird.

  12. She definitely set that guy up for the fall. I don't see why they didn't charge her with possession considering she knew it was in the car.

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