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  1. Prove that white and blacks people get the same treatment by police ,… when they comply. When I don’t comply they also get treated the same. Don’t be ignorant and a clown and think race has everything todo with it

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  3. That officer is a funny dude how she gunna shoot you being hand cuffed officers a fool 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. "WHEN IS AN APPROPRIATE TIME TO TELL ME YOU HAVE A GUN?!" How about you frisk them when you put them in handcuffs, dumbass! Or maybe ask? Cop failed at his job, he has no right to be mad about anything. The fact that they were "just talking politely" means nothing in regard to her having a gun- obviously if she wanted to use it she had the opportunity. And the fact that one is in the chamber is not relevant – that's how you carry a gun, you should always expect there is one in the chamber. Cops get so butthurt when they do something stupid themselves…

  5. Thank you LEO Mike Baker and all the LEO's in Gwinnett County for making our streets safer and having to deal with nefarious people.

  6. I gotta give it to him, the way he owned up for everything (whether it was his or not) was awesome. That right there is a man. Everything else aside, I have some respect for him for doing that

  7. One lucky girl. Wow im shocked she wasn't charged. Great example of correct demeanor in her case and it certainly benefited her so all you thugs that scream racism and throw a fit let this be a simple common sense lesson.

  8. Maybe frisk someone immediately when exiting the vehicle. The officer went against his training, and put himself in a potentially bad situation.

  9. WHY ARE YALL RIDING AROUND WITH ALL THIS ILLEGAL STUFF IN YOUR CAR?!?!?!?! I just for the life of me will never understand this phenomenon.

  10. Lol the police are human that girl is human we all have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves and others with it so why are police entitled to carry a firearm with no questions asked? A police can just as easily have a break down and go on a shooting rampage.

  11. Thats hard to do i know people always say theyll take the fall for someone but he really did and he knows depending on his prior and the severity of the charges and still took the fall respect to that man

  12. Out of all the videos I've seen where they pat them down as soon as they get them out of the car, this was on him too. Complete negligence on all their parts and that sheriff put the deputy in danger by assuming she wasnt dangerous enough to be checked.

  13. Everyone giving him props for “taking his charges like a man? “ are you kidding me? She admitted she knew all the drugs and gun was in the car, she should of been arrested with him. They both was hustling together its that simple.

  14. I can really understand why he was so upset about her not telling him about the gun. And not only because it could have endangered him and the other officers. But if she had fidgeted around even in handcuffs and they had seen the gun and believed she was trying to grab it, she could have been shot right there. Contrary to popular belief, people don't become police officers because they are looking to kill, though of course there are a handful of shady cops in the world. I carry and I always, ALWAYS inform the officer at the beginning of the stop that I am armed and where the gun is in the car or on my person. I'd advise anyone else who carries to do the same. Even though, if you do have a permit you probably aren't driving around with a bunch of coke and weed since most all people who carry LEGALLY do so because they are law abiding citizens

  15. I saw a video of a guy cuffed from behind and he pulled a gun from his pocket and shot at the cop…
    Another cop shot him dead from about 30 feet though!

  16. That was terrible on their part. They should have patted her down.
    And shame on her husband for even putting her in this position

  17. People wonder why "good" people get shot by the police. well right there is one sure fire way to get shot. I don't have any firearms in the vehicle…..

  18. 3:29 – Mr. Police Officer, be a man and accept responsibility for your own ineptitude. Why didn't you search her for weapons?.. you made the mistake and it is your mistake that could have ended your life.

  19. The cop is blaming her like its not his job to search their bodies when they pull them out of the car and handcuff them lmao

  20. When a cop touches a back light like he did it’s to have his finger print on the vehicle to let other cops or anything know she is a car that’s gotten away or a criminal car

  21. See now if that was a white cop it would have been a racist card but what people don’t understand is that I have seen and have been on news of black cops killing or shooting black people and black cops doing it to white people but yet we don’t make a big issue of it how sad

  22. That Policeman was tough but totally fair, he could see the lady was scared and sorry, he let her go and her husband showed how much she meant to him by taking the blame for everything. Personally I think the police were great and so was the husband.

  23. And the last minute he will b running with us bc his own government turn they back to all of them remember that “ Bible is true “

  24. This policeman is very violent. I think he thinks he is superman and if he does not change his way of acting, he will be dismissed. He is a public servant, he lives on our taxes, he is here to protect the citizen and it is to prevent crime, he has seen it in several videos. and it is very violent

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