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Live Fire: CM9 Pistol Review – Ben Shoots!

Hey everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. We are here on the range today to tell you
a little bit more about our Combat Master CM 9 Sarsilmaz 9 millimeter pistols. We’ve been doing a promotion on these. Sales response has been incredible [crosstalk
00:00:20] Amazing. Right William? Amazing. William’s here with me. He’s one of our customer service reps so he
gets the calls, he sees the response. It’s been unbelievable. Frankly, we don’t need to do any further promotion
on this pistol. We’re gonna sell out either way, but we’ve
had a lot of requests. Now here’s the deal. We can say that they’re a great pistol all
we want but a lot of people simply aren’t familiar with Sarsilmaz, right? Right. Because it’s a Turkish made firearm. We know about them, but a lot of people are
saying, “We would love to see a live fire demonstration, see how these things operate
and function before we put our money in.” No, we’re not fooling ourself. This has been a price point driven promotion. Even though they’re a great little handgun,
we’re selling them well below market value and there’s been a tremendous response. But whenever you, as the customer, ask us
for something, we like to try to bring it to you. Plus, it was a beautiful Friday afternoon
here and we wanted to get outside and shoot a pistol, let’s be honest about it, right? So, we brought William with us. William shoots IS … IDPA. IDPA. He shoots pistol matches. He’s our resident trigger man on staff. He’s from up north, but Jesus loves him and
we give him a pass on that because he’s a good guy … Damn right. … and he shoots pistols really well. So we’re gonna take a break here. We’re gonna load up a few mags. We’re gonna let William have the honors of
putting some groups together. Now you’re a glock guy, right? I am. So this is a little different. You’re gonna be shooting a handgun with a
safety and with a hammer on it. Safety, what’s that? Yeah, exactly. But I feel confident so we’re gonna let him
put some rounds down range, let you see how it performs. And afterwards, if we want to do blooper reel,
maybe Dylan, who’s running the camera, and myself will pull the trigger a few times too. So we’re gonna take a break. We’ll be right back with live firing. Ears on, range is hot. I’m gonna get out of the way. You fire at will. Wow that’s pretty impressive William. [crosstalk 00:02:22] You gotta love those [crosstalk 00:02:22]
mags. [crosstalk 00:02:23] a little different than
your glock I imagine. Very much so. [crosstalk 00:02:26] a little left. But as William all in there at rapid fire. You go ahead with that second mag whenever
you’re ready. Alright very good. How’d that feel? Very nice. Feel good? Little better ergonomics than the glock. I hate to say that. Trigger’s very nice pull. I don’t know what the pull is but it’s very
nice. Okay. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re cut camera in just a moment. I see it’s either the handgun itself or we
got a tendency, we’re shooting a little low to left. That’s how they’re grouping. For a rapid fire group with a handgun folks,
if you’re not familiar. That is great, that is all lethal strikes. Rapid fire group with a handgun. We’re at average distance here. So everything’s good there. William, let’s take a little break. We’re gonna let you reload and let’s come
back. I want you to compensate off to your right
and see if we can center some of those [crosstalk 00:03:22]. Alright. Be right back. Alright folks. We’re back. William you’re having too much fun. I am. We’re gonna give you one more magazine through
this thing, because we said we would. And, you know, we didn’t set out to do an
accuracy test here. Obviously, we still got tags on the pistol. You never pulled the trigger off before. But from the groups that we see there for
rapid fire folks, that’s grouping pretty darn well. More than that, it’s functioning flawlessly. I would say that thing functions as good as
any handgun at … Perfect. any price point right. For sure. Give me your overall opinion. You’re a shooter, what’d you think? I think overall a great bing, no pun intended. Especially for the price point. Sure. It compares to guns twice the price. So I think it’s phenomenal. In our original video, I said something to
the effect that I’m considering one of these for my own personal carry, for inside the
pants carry. I like the safety features. I like that you have the different positions
on the hammer, that you can cock it back to first position, it’s very safe there. Plus have the safety on so it’s basically
a cock and lock safety at that point. Drop it, see red shoot dead. It gives you a little bit of a buffer between
actually pulling that trigger, so you have time to be sure you’re making the right decision. [crosstalk 00:04:34] That’s right. But Will I think we’ve shown them that the
handgun is accurate. Let’s roll through this particular clip okay? Just get a general [bury 00:04:41] on that
target and go. I wanna see a bunch of shell casings in the
air all at one time okay? I have left my ears on the table, which I
should never do. Give me time to get my ears on [crosstalk
00:04:51] and then take off. [crosstalk 00:04:53] we’re out on the range
we should be good to go. Alright I’m good William. Whenever you’re ready. Alright. Oh my goodness. William? That’s pretty good. Your groups are better when you’re just throwing
lead then you are when you are aiming. Look at that? That’s amazing. That’s amazing. All of those are lethal. All of those would be center mass shots folks. And you emptied that thing in less than three
seconds. And no functionality issues at all, at all
under rapid fire. Which in my experience, usually things seem
to go bad when you start really getting on it. Nothing. Pretty impressive. Very good folks. That’s gonna be our video folks. You seen the thing function. We didn’t really need this video to sell them. We’re gonna sell out either way. We couldn’t get enough at that price point
to be able to have these for long period of time. But we did want to answer your questions. So we’re gonna call this official end of the
video. Dylan and I are gonna take some time behind
the trigger after this is over. If the results are not too bad, I know I’m
not much of a handgun shooter. I can’t speak for Dylan. We’re gonna have some fun with it. If the results aren’t too bad, we may put
them in as B reel or blooper reel if it comes to that. But either way, William thank you for [crosstalk
00:06:07] Thank you sir [crosstalk 00:06:08] For being our trigger man today. Yes sir. Looks very good. Folks the CM9s, there aren’t many left at
that price, if you want them, get them now. And as always thank you for being with us
at [inaudible 00:06:38] Not bad. Wonderful. Feels good. I was nervous about shooting on camera but. You did pretty dang good. I just felt excitement, it’s laying right
in there. Very happy with that. That is a cool little pistol. It’s very nice. Very impressed. Not quite a Ben or William but it will work. Alright William we’re back. We’re gonna give you one more clip through
this thing. Start again, I don’t wanna …

17 thoughts on “Live Fire: CM9 Pistol Review – Ben Shoots!

  1. I have spoken with William, very nice man, great customer service rep, and its nice to know Classic has customer service folks that are real shooters. Great shooting William!

  2. Good to see you "BILLY" !!! Loving my sks you picked for me !!! Waiting for your next batch of the CM9's !!! Want three when you get them !!!

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