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Live 10mm Cartridge SHOT from 12 gauge shotgun. 10×12 gauge

Yo, what is up. this is mattv2099 and I have made 10mm shotshells this is the largest pistol caliber I own. and I want to see what happens when you shoot them out of a shotgun to be honest I don’t think there is enough mass and weight in there to make it go supersonic and make it penetrate anything. but we will give it a try so we have our door at forty feet. and the only round that’s been super accurate is the 7.62x54rmm I don’t expect this to do very well. it’s not very heavy. it’s just weird let’s see if we can hit what we are aiming at and let’s see how it goes through. good keyholing test that went wild. I don’t know where it hit. I have a camera zoomed in on it. bu tit totally went wild it hit the target. it didn’t deviate that far. but… who knows where it hit not where I was aiming. they’re pretty cool looking that’s for certain. let’s hit the rifleman magazine there. let’s see if it will even penetrate wow. that might have actually fully penetrated that was impressive. it did a lot more damage than I thought. we’ll check that out. after we shoot a couple more see if we can smoke that terra cotta pot this is a good accuracy test. it’s really hard for me to hit this with any other rounds that was super interesting. I was accurate and hit right where I aimed. but it didn’t go through and it didn’t damage the soda these could be more powerful than shooting them out of a Glock twenty this is more mass and could have more muzzle velocity it would be cool to chronograph these things let’s do the door one more time just to see if I can figure out where it’s hitting. I cannot tell. let’s survey the devastation. I’m looking. it’s possible it did not penetrate the door I was aiming there. and it went right and hit right there. bounced off. I cannot find the shells. I’m sure they’re obliterated. probably flew ten or fifteen feet away. they’re totally annihilated. we hit the terra cotta pot but there was not enough force to destroy the soda. that’s pretty cool appears good as new. here’s teh most interesting part. what does the bullet look like. let’s check our bullet trap here. we’ve got a bunch of NRA magazines taped together. and we will extract the 10mm round. first of all, it hit right there. you can see the 10mm sized hole. so here is the round. the bullet has been pushed up into it’s casing. it’s not brass. if it was brass. it would be more mishapen here’s what it looks like in here. shot cup comes down to there. thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Live 10mm Cartridge SHOT from 12 gauge shotgun. 10×12 gauge

  1. This was way too dangerous, that 10mm could have exploded in the barrel and killed your neighbours and then came back to finish you off

  2. I wonder if the 10 mil bullet in the 10 mil casing gets pushed back from the initial Gee forces of being accelerated out of the barrel of the shotgun, the reason I think that is because the entire round keyholed into the bullet catch and did not hit the magazine face on, if it was face on it would for sure push it in, but being keyholed on impact the 10 mil bullet should/could not be pushed deep into the 10 mil casing.
    Also the heavy weight of the 10 mil bullet with the lightweight thin casing only being crimped to hold it in place would explain it sinking back upon initial INSANE Gee force acceleration.
    but I'm smoked more than your poor pot at this point ;D

  3. need to get some .500 magnums and try it, when's glock gonna make a double stack .50ae like i want them to already?

  4. in case you didn't know in the 1800s people in the US would load shotgun shells with a stack of dimes and shoot people they really wanted to fuck up. It shreds the inside of the barrel but then again is a fucking shotgun, not a damn .300 Win Mag Remington 700 with a heavy bull barrel and glass bedded stock with a 15x scope. could you try some dime shot?

  5. The most impressive part of the video is that somebody actually found a good use for NRA spam. tips fedora

  6. That was a total mess, and all because you forgot the bacon! Those rounds would have run much better if you had used bacon in place of the wax. I would have thought you'd know that. Everyone knows bacon sabots work best! Besides, kids in Africa could have eaten those magazines. I'm giving you a C- on this one.

  7. matt for how your committed to your YouTube you have grown to be my favorite thing to watch ever. keep it up man

  8. 10mm shotgun slug. shooting live ammo from a 12 gauge mossberg

    Testing the Custom 10mm x 12 Gauge Custom Shotshell in a ballistics format as approximately 40 feet.  Ballistic testing media was calibrated perfectly to match some random specification determined by no one in particular. Test gun is the Mossberg 590A1, 18" barrel – Parkerized with a 16" magazine tube. Filmed with three Sony HD AVCHD Camcorders; HDR-CX190. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

    This is the 10mm 12 gauge wax shotgun slug. We take a handful of Tula 10mm and convert them to a combination wax / live ammo cartridge slug. Conceptualized as a 10×12 gauge wacky shotgun load we discover than this load actually has serious power, penetration and aiming capabilities. Despite all of this, the roun should not be built by novices or shot out of low grade equipment. Yo Dawg we put a bullet in yo bullet so you can shoot while you shoot. The Title of this video is: Live 10mm Cartridge shot from 12 gauge shotgun. 10×12 gauge

  9. Set the Glock in undiluted jello, leave it so the grip and barrel aren't covered.. Like just immerse the firing pin end.
    F***, don't try asking me to say that again! lol 👍

  10. These rounds would make a better firecracker then anything. Just put them in a necklace and set them off with a  oxyacetylene torch

  11. For your next food video can you make doughnuts by shooting out the center? I want to know which caliber to use for my next doughnut operation.

  12. Tokarev torture tests, Gander Mountain has them for $300 and they're supposedly quite hearty. [I also want to see someone use them for more than shooting steel or paper.]


    You kinda made Breitbart…

  14. Yo Matt, while I have your attention, as I see you have been responding to all of my comments lately, as you do most people, I want to say that I love your videos and I hope you never stop making them. Your sense of humor is the best part of these videos and I plan to keep commenting on as many as I can, I love finding You Tubers that actually respond to their viewers.

  15. i was sitting here thinking about how useless and a waste for perfectly good ammo this is then i had a thougtht make a barrel that fits in a shot gun shell and is fired from a 12 gauge with a builet in the barrel being fired and have some kind of wings on the outside of the barrel coming out of the the shot gun that when exiting the shot gunn barrel  will catch air and pull back like a hinge with a firing pin on the inner end so it strikes the primer on the bullet in the barrel being fired from the shot gun so  shot gun shell with moded barrel in it with bulllet in barrel barrel and bullet are fired out of the shotgun when exiting shot gun will wings catches at speed of exiting shot gun would open with enough froce to strike and ingite primer on bullet so the bullet is then fired out of the fast moving barrel jsut fired from the shot gun …. think i explained that well enough to get my idea across will probly have alot of accuracy issues but wonder how fast you could get a bullet to travel in such a maner would be fun to mess with i guess

  16. You should do a video where you show what you would do if you found out that Isis was invading America right next your house I think you could make that pretty funny

  17. Do you love my comment?  I love hearing you whisper in my ears at the end of your videos for a comment.

    Do you love me?

  18. 366th! Yeah I way behind on vids. I'm working on a AR project as of now. I expect more of the 10mm but you never know what going to happen. Thanks for all the great vids brah. You always keep it interesting. Operate on!

  19. you should put a piece of metal like a paperclip or a bb or something in the wax behind the primer so when it hits something the wax will compress and the round will explode 

  20. this didn't go through the soda? my 17j airgun would do that.. Shooting shells like that should require no gun licence

  21. A good home defence slug idea would be one of those rubber bouncy ball things you get from the little 25 cent machines, scare the intruder with the sound of the racking of the shotgun and a non-lethal bruise with the ball.

  22. Laffy Taffy slugz breh, they are known for their super high velocity and sweet delicious knockdown power @MattV2099: Guns & Food

  23. isn't the bullet supposed to leave the shell? I wonder what would happen if you were more careful and didn't allow wax in between the bullet and the shell

  24. Matt, I got the Mossberg 590A1 yesterday, I made some glock brand wax slugs and 3in 00 buckshot, that really hurt my shoulder.

  25. That’s stupid till the round hits the wrong way and fires back at you or someone else! Keep shooting them, I’m sure you’re kill someone!

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