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Lil Herb – Quick And Easy (Pistol P Project)

Look, I’mma do this sh*t for my muthaf**kin’
momma… My sister, my grandmother
Man, all my ni**as gone, in jail Everybody depending on me and sh*t, man
Y’all don’t even understand All my life I had to fight, that’s why I sip
the purple Smoking OG, tryna get to me some Oprah money
Young ni**a don’t put nothing but family over money
But ain’t that funny how your family f**k you over money?
Take the food right out ya mouth like they weren’t over Sunday
I spit that real sh*t, ain’t no exaggerations or nothing
I been through it, I get through it, no excuses, just get to it
I get smarter, I go harder, I’m into it I remember momma mad at me
She found out I was smoking weed Now when my momma hear my voice outside she
know it’s me She never thought I’d get from over east to
overseas But I gotta stay in the states cause I’m still
fighting cases I swear them crackers try they best to bring
you back to basics Don’t wanna see you shine, they hate to see
you grind Smile all in ya’ face but they can’t wait
to see you cryin’ No hater, you can’t bring me down but yeah,
I see you tryin’ I’m in that Hemi flyin’, smoking, thinking
’bout my ni**as gone and doing time I keep in touch with my all my ni**as, yeah,
they doin’ fine Free Gillie, free Maneski, free James, free
Bruce, free the gang Celebratin’, all my ni**as, we got chains
but we ain’t changed Still the same, only thing we see different
is the lanes ni**as switch up just to get to mine
These ni**as quick to switch up, I ain’t with that picking sides
All my brothers still my brothers, good or bad, right or wrong
We get jammed up, bet my brother do his bid, ride along
That’s that sh*t, I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks
How the f**k you eat with ni**as you can’t even trust?
It’s this b**ch named Karma and she mean as f**k
You do enough dirt and watch, the score gon’ even up
I’m in the booth, it’s 5 AM, you ain’t even up
I might not leave till’ 9 to 10, I gotta clean it up
This sh*t too easy, don’t believe me? You ain’t seen enough
It’s G Herbo, I’m the hottest, I’m just being honest
I swear I say that sh*t so much that I can’t even stop it
If I tell you my next move, you can’t even stop it
And this bad b**ch I’m with look Belizean tropic
They can’t keep up, I might start rapping ’bout some easy topics, ni**a Gotta go hard man, PPP
RIP Pistol P man RIP all my ni**as man
Ball Like I’m Kobe the mixtape comin’ real soon
You already know man it’s just workin’ man Nonstop man, f**k all that f**k sh*t
Gotta get money, huh Let the beat sing

59 thoughts on “Lil Herb – Quick And Easy (Pistol P Project)

  1. Listen to savageworld by #1 guddaboy #np on #SoundCloud πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. I feel shawty on 2.4 too, ain't Nobody touchin lil herb, G herbo.dat young nigga kold wit da (K)cus they live what dey say on tracks.Nigga kno bout dat eastside.state 2 da lake.

  3. My big bro's favorite rapper was Lil Herb… He passed away last month, it's hard for me to listen to G Herbo without thinking of him.. Damn R.I.P big bro πŸ’”

  4. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ free da guyz man fuck da opps man shit brazyπŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ’°πŸ’―

  5. "young nigga dnt put nothin but family over money, but aint it funny how your family fuck u over money" Realist bar he ever wrote

  6. I wonder if he realized how dope that fucking line was, "All my life I had to fight, that's why I sip the purple" I wonder if he purposely referred to the movie

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