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Lightweight Custom Rifle Stock for Backcountry Hunting

hey guys dan Turvey it here with the
Eastmans’ gear lab and today we’ve got a really new cool stock for Ioda
outdoors it’s called the crux this stock is great for a
backcountry rifle build them and go through a couple features here real
quick as to why it makes it the ideal stock for a bill first thing we have is
the aluminum colors allows you to bed your action and it puts the tension on
the pillars instead of the stock which maintains consistency and accuracy next
thing you’ve got is the barrel channel is grooved out so it free float again
when the barrel heats up as we all know with multiple shots at the range any
pressure pointless groove at all can throw our shots off and ruin our
accuracy the next thing is the action bedding is ready to be glass petted can
either do this at home or it’s something you can take to a qualified gunsmith and
have them do it for you but they’ve got this grooved out just a little bit
bigger than the lug itself slap it in their target down glass bedding’s good
to go another really cool thing they’ve sculpted out a lot of the material in
this stock and that’s to reduce weight pretty comfortable to hold they’ve got
some fun platforms here for right and left-handed shooters this gets you in a
consistent grip form to maintain your accuracy when you’re out in the field
kind of forces you get your thumb up there rather than letting you wrap it
over the top which can cause you to torque your shots so what we’re going to
do we’re going to take one of their horizon actions we’re going to mount it
to this truck stock take it out to the range and show you how it shoots alright there we have it guys we’ve got
the horizon action squarely mounted to this truck stock next step we’re going
to put a scope on it and take it to the range be sure to subscribe to our
youtube channel for range day with this new rifle

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