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LIGHTSABERS AND SNIPERS: CHAPTER 2!! | Roach Plays Fortnite (The Squad)

– Happy 20th episode Roaches!! It’s ya boy, Roach, coming
at you live from, oh. Nope this is recorded, nevermind! Alrighty, let’s drop at, wherever we’re dropping! (gasps) They set up a Christmas
tree in Pleasant Park! I’ve got a gift for you roaches. Or maybe it’s eight gifts! Depends on how many kills we get. Who even still has
their Christmas tree up? These folks are behind with the times! (light music) (wood cracking) Who needs furniture?! I’ll just casually
slurp this shield potion while chaos reigns above me! Doodilee doodilee doo. Locked and loaded! I’ll take that snowman too. SANTA?! What are you still doing here?! – [Man] ROACHED – No matter, You’ve been Roached. No milk and cookies? What a bummer. (gun blasting) You can’t fool me. The holidays are over! Peekaboo! Up on a hill with nothing to brag about! – Roached!
– You just got Roached! Hey! Quit shooting while I’m looting! So rude. Anybody got new year’s resolutions? Let me know about them in the comments! Mine is to make one
Roach pun every episode. It shouldn’t be too hard. Whoa, shot in the butt! Watch out booty! – [Man] Roached! – I didn’t need that couch anyways. I think I hear the noises
of a light saber somewhere. Time to use your head frosty! Get iced! What the, she’s force blocking me! Save me baby Yoda! – [Man] Roached! – Whew! That was way too close. The force was with me on that one. I’ll take the lightsaber too! Luckily I’ve still got all my limbs! Another enemy! Let’s get cooking! Ew, someone destroyed this bathroom. – Roached!
– Literally! I thought I Roached that couch! (bell music) Who dropped this lumpy
deuce in this bathroom? They totally missed the bowl! En garde! It’s the pooper! You’re about to be scooped! Just call me Obi-Roach-Kenobi. – Roached!
– It’s no big deal. (sniffs) I did it for you baby Yoda! I love you! Ooh look at all these nice guns! Thanks pooper! Y’know, I actually really
liked “Rise of Skywalker!” Especially the ending. In fact, can you believe that (upbeat music) Uh-oh, another snowball! HA! Missed me! Hey, this snowball is too big! Let me in dangit! (door shattering) Mm. My roach senses are tingling. Suspicious. Reveal thine self villain! P-chew! Pew pew! – [Man] Roached! – Goodnight Panini! Phew, a big mess for a big boy. I’m really digging this open map design! Aw, look at this little farm! Nowhere near as cool as my
farm in Minecraft though. Is that Kylo Ren? Please don’t Roach me Mr.Kylo! These dang lightsabers are
reflecting bullets! (grunts) Now you’ve done it! Build Roach, build! – [Man] Roached! An Aerial attack! Your connection to the dark
side was no match for me! Let’s heal up! I hear fighting! Bananas! – [Man] Roached! – No Scope! What’s that burning trash pile? Oop, no time for questions! It’s a battle of the snipers! Dang, missed. Quit shooting lady, I want this loot! Nice try. Ok, this is getting a little old. (triumphant music) There you are. Thank God for Granpapi’s swimming lessons! Keep swimming boy! Anybody missing a boat? How’d they even park here? They’ll never get me in my really tall, really obvious wood tower! (rapid high pitched music) I think I hear someone. Eep, not my really tall,
really obvious wood tower! Look out, Roaches, it’s a build off!! (Roach yells) I’m okay somehow! A little hide and go Roach for ya. (humming) I know you’re here! Aha! From above! Time to pull out the big gun. And by gun, I mean saber. Hiyah! – [Man] Roached! Golden guns! (grunts) but I’m not looking too hot. Better get moving. No time for extra Star Wars loot! Gotta get on my way. The storm’s on my tail. Well, maybe just one lightsaber. Aw man, I really can’t
choose, they’re all so cool! Wait I still need those guns! Oh no! Mistakes were made! Maybe I’ll use the boat! Augh, no that’s too hard! I don’t have my license yet! (engine revving) Oh my Roach, I’m not gonna make it! Why was I so foolish? No! My hubris got the better of me. Sorry Roaches, not the best way to
start off the new year. But I promise I’ll be back with more Victory Royales and other awesome games! Happy New Roaches. See ya soon! (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “LIGHTSABERS AND SNIPERS: CHAPTER 2!! | Roach Plays Fortnite (The Squad)

  1. This video was 18 hours ago but just want to say Happy New Years and many more I love roach and you are fortnite videos I definitely love you are In 3 Minutes video please do more of those thank you

  2. I'm not behind with the times when my mom just struggled because she has an abscess in her breast but if she didn't it would be gone right right after Christmas. Being so cocky that you're a cockroach

  3. pro tip while in the storm: if you have a light sabre hold the block button and spam the jump button you'll get out of there faster

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