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Lightest Weatherby Rifle Ever! The Backcountry TI

Yeah that’s right Weatherby and Wyoming
pretty good combination we’re here today to talk about a rifle that weighs less
than 6 lbs and brings you true Magnum performance in other words I’m
here reviewing the Weatherby the all-new Weatherby Backcountry Titanium and this
one is in 6.5 – 300 an incredibly potent round this is a combination ladies and
gentlemen that you just haven’t seen much of where we take a rifle that is
the lightest it could possibly be and put a big magnum cartridge in it and it
still shoots like a house of fire I’m gonna walk you through exactly why
if you’re in the market for a mountain rifle something that’s light easy to
carry you have got to look at the Weatherby Backcountry Titanium so I told
you this is an all new rifle from Weatherby Weatherby has always had one thing you can look at a Weatherby from a hundred yards away and know that it was
a Weatherby well guess what that look a little different to you when they
moved to Sheridan Wyoming Adam Weatherby set out to change the face of
Weatherby they wanted to produce a rifle that was extremely lightweight and easy
to carry in the backcountry but still bring you all of the Weatherby
cartridge performance that you’re used to they have designed a brand new
cartridge specifically to go with the Backcountry TI in the 6.5 RPM and
I’ll have a review coming up about that sometime in the future but today we’ve
got the 6.5 – 300 in the Backcountry Titanium and I got to be honest I’ve had
my chances to put this rifle through the bases a little bit I’ve shot some
prairie dogs with it I’ve shot some steel with it I haven’t hunted with the
rifle yet because there’s no hunting seasons that I have a tag for open in
Wyoming yet that I could shoot with a rifle but you could bet that this rifle
is going to be in my hands as soon as I can get out in the field
and I’m gonna be shooting 127 grain Barnes LRX load out of the 6.5 – 300
Weatherby this bullet leaves the barrel of this rifle at about 3,530 feet per second I chronographed a handful of these specific loads for
consistency and my standard deviation was really small I want to say within
about 5 ft / second of each other I had a perfect average and it was really
close to what Weatherby advertised so I just went ahead and made my dope
chart with the ballistic app on my phone but that’s all minutia let’s get to the nuts and bolts of what makes this brand new
Weatherby Backcountry TI really unique and a real shooter so we have an
all new recoil pad design called the 3D HEX if you’ve never seen a recoil pad
like this because there’s never been a recoil pad like this Weatherby knew that
if they were going to create an extremely lightweight rifle in their
potent magnum rounds they had to have something that would soak up some of
that energy coming back towards the shooter and the 3D HEX Recoil Pad is the
answer to that probably the most striking thing that you noticed though
about this Weatherby is that it doesn’t look like a Weatherby as I said when I
held it up a minute ago it does not have that Monte Carlo stock very unique lines
if you will that Weatherbys are known for this is a complete departure from
that honestly it doesn’t handle like any Weatherby I’ve ever shot either This
thing is extremely light the Backcountry TI in 6.5 – 300 is gonna come in sub 6 pounds
we’re talking like 5.8 – 5.9 lbs that’s extremely light
for a Weatherby when I got this out of the box one of the things that everybody
in the office did well they picked it up and went whoa that’s a Weatherby that’s
what Adam in the gang over at Sheridan we’re getting at they wanted something
that was lightweight easy to carry because let’s face it in a hunting rifle
you’re gonna carry it a lot more than you’re gonna shoot it in the field
they’re having a rifle that is light and portable just makes sense so you would
think that in a big monster like the 6.5 – 300
that this sub 6 lb rifle would tear your shoulder off not the case like I
said before you’ve got the 3D HEX recoil pad but Weatherby also completely
redesigned the Accubrake this is the Accubrake ST and it is a flush to
barrel design that frankly if you’ve looked at Weatherbys’ in the past their
muzzle brakes kind of had a little bubble to them on the end this is a
flush design there is it’s right in line with the barrel it’s slim and trim it
looks great and it performs this rifle I’ve put an entire box of the Barnes 127
LRX rounds downrange now and it doesn’t kick it just doesn’t kick back to the
barrel you’ve got the brand new Accubrake ST but you’ve also got a deeply
fluted barrel which is going to increase rigidity of the barrel but increased
surface area as well to allow for maximum cooling times so if you do need
to put some successive rounds downrange this rifles gonna cool off and allow you
to do that on the 6.5 – 300 the barrel is a # 2 contour and it is
26″ long from action to the end of the brake 28″ but actual rifled barrel is
26″ ringing all the performance you’re going to need to get out of the
6.5 – 300 cartridge the action of the Backcountry TI is what lends the TI to
the name Backcountry TI this is a titanium action another way that Weatherby found that they could cut weight while maintaining even increasing the
performance of this rifle this is one of the most accurate Weatherbys I’ve ever
shot I know I said that last year when I reviewed the Weatherby Mark V
Carbonmark in 257 this might have it beat folks so not quite done with the
features you’ve got your standard 54 Degree Bolt lift on the Mark V action
this is the 9 Lug because it’s a 6.5 – 300 the rifles also offered in 6.5 RPM 6.5
Creedmoor 280 Ackley IMP I think that covers what they offer in the 6 Lug
Action as well as I believe the 240 is offered in Weatherbys great 6 Lug
Action making the gun even lighter if you want to get as light as you could
possibly get look at the new 6.5 RPM or maybe a 280 Ackley in the 6 Lug
version of the Backcountry TI you’re gonna shave even more ounces and that’s
that rifle is gonna be sub 5 pounds I think about 4.8 – 4.9 in the new 6.5 RPM
one more feature that that whether it be decided you know what as long as we’re
rehashing the Mark V’s let’s look at the trigger too all of
Weatherby’s new Mark V’s come with a Triggertech Trigger this is a fully
adjustable trigger anywhere from about 8 lbs down to right at 2.5 lbs
I’ve got this one adjusted down to 2.5 lbs it is super crisp and
very light it’s gonna make a great hunting rifle in the field because I’m
not gonna have to worry about taking up a lot of poundage or creep at all in the
trigger squeeze barrel is also fully Cerakoted this rifle is completely
weatherproof your bolts Cerakoted trigger guard your barrel is completely
Cerakoted it’s black in this case and it sits in a Carbon Fiber Stock with the
titanium action and all those other attributes this rifle is virtually
indestructible you could use this thing as a canoe paddle if you needed to I’m
not saying that you should but you could Adam in the gang over at Sheridan
really thought through everything when it came to redesigning and creating an
all-new Mark V rifle in the Backcountry TI and like all Mark V’s this bad boy
comes with Weatherby’s Sub-MOA Guarantee but we’re gonna just walk it out and
shoot some steel with it and have some fun let’s step it straight out to 300 yards
should be dead-on that’s what hunting rifle should do right
there three shots 300 yards ping ping ping no problem so now I’m
gonna walk it out I’m gonna pull up my app At 500 yards I have a
come-up of 3.70 MOA so I am just gonna dial that there’s 3
just shy of 4 MOA and we’re gonna go with it
rifle is hot and we’re ready to go there you go 500 yards got about I don’t
know probably 2 – 3 MOA of wind that I have to deal with right now the winds
come up a little bit I am very comfortable with this Weatherby
Backcountry Ti to take it out and shoot in my maximum effective range ladies and
gentlemen that is the Weatherby Backcountry TI in a nutshell and you
need to be taking a hard hard look at this because this is a total revamp from
Weatherby and one that I think is going to make big waves in the hunting
industry alright so hey while you’re here drop
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19 thoughts on “Lightest Weatherby Rifle Ever! The Backcountry TI

  1. Too long barrel, short barrel life, exotic caliber, nothing special weight wise, absurd price – buy a Tikka or get a Kimber.

  2. I lost many guns in the wildland fire in Paradise,ca. When it came time to replace them I went with the Nosler calibers. I looked at the 6.5 300 but cost kept me from buying it. I have a 26 nosler in the browning xbolt and it shoots great. I am buying the 28 and 30. I still have many of my weatherbys and love them but there is just as good for a lot less money. Nosler ballastics are just as good if not better. I grew up with weatherby rifles and it does make me bitter that California idiots caused them to leave but I agree with you Wyoming is a great fit for Weatherby.

  3. Please post some of the hunt you get to do with this rifle would love to see how this caliber does true animals not just targets all Hunters practice on targets but what it does to the game that really counts thanks for the video I love watching them

  4. Looking forward to the 6.5 RPM in the Backcountry Ti review! Really interested in these new Backcountrys from Weatherby.

  5. Lets just take a moment to remember the rich American history behind gun and scope!! If that doesn’t make your pants a little tight in the front…… you just may be deAd…..

  6. The lack of videos for the 6.5-300 speaks volumes about this cartridge. It seems it was one of Weatherby's biggest blunders. They are trying to side step to their new 6.5 cartridge now. They are planning a 50 cal. shooting a phonograph needle as we speak !

  7. The Weatherby 6.5/300 magnum is certainly a high powered cartridge with blistering velocity. Weatherby has really "broken the mould" with this rifle and even the cartridge with its lack of typical Weatherby radiused case. And kudos for Weatherby for making a titanium actioned rifle. They are as rare as hen's teeth.
    But I will still take my 6.5 PRC Browning X-Bolt Pro for most sister big game including bull elk and moose.

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