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[LifeAfter] Update Pistol Revolver and Steel Shield

Yoo guys, welcome back. ASOY PEOPLE! Meet again with Ghion Ok guys, after yesterday I informed you about a new type of motorcycle update (Speed ​​Legend) This time I will share interesting information again which may not be known by many people Previously I was very grateful to my friend (janeeaw) She told me about this information Ok what information will we share with all of you? Before I share this information Please all of you watching this video to click Ok, thank you so this information that I will share with you all is? Upcoming updates So here are 2 types of new equipment that we haven’t been able to get at this time You all already know right. If there is a Pistol update (Revolver) However, we haven’t found any signs of where the revolver is there is no research formula, no trade Actually the revolver already exists We just can’t have it yet Maybe soon we can get it We can check like the following video Well, you got it right? There we can see that the revolver is really there We are just waiting for the release date How to get this weapon will be like Gacha Similar to how we get the Formula Howtizer / Type 95 And this pistol formula (revolver) can only be used 10 times Similar to the Howitzer Formula To use this gun, we need Lv Combat 15 So the psyche is that all of you old players can use it. and this weapon is more similar to Type 95 if our manor level increases, then the evolve status of this weapon also increases This pistol (revolver) also has a skin, as well as other weapons such as Uzi and so on And this weapon was put into an equipment in this game maybe because it was inspired by the NPC in Redwood Town The NPC is Van LangLand Is this the only thing I will say? Of course not I also provide interesting information Judging from the video footage about the camp migration to Levin City In the video there are irregularities Where there are characters who carry shields. And it turns out that it can also be our equipment It hasn’t been released yet when it appeared But we also get evidence that the equipment will really be available We can see in the following video To use this steel shield we are required to have a minimum combat level 30 And to get this steel shield we have to Gacha Like when we get the howitzer formula And 1 formula can only be used 5 times. Also applies to the skin Each skin has a different additional ability If the steel shield without skin has a basic status then it’s different from having a skin For basic status the same as Steel Shield Basic but has additional status If Skin Rain War Edition has an additional (AR Dmg Red + 8%) then for Skin Snow Edition has an additional (Howi Dmg Red + 8%) and for Skin Collector’s Edition has an additional (Short Range Dmg Red + 10%) and this equipment also has an Evolve status, like Type 95 or Howitzer Both of these equipment are eagerly awaited Both of these equipment are like a pair of lovers who complement each other So we can use a gun and a steel shield together More precisely, we can use all weapons that only use one hand Like machete, kukri, revolver All three weapons are suitable to be combined with steel shields Essentially a weapon that uses one hand Because later the steel shield like it will become an Aux Weapon (secondary weapon) And this Steel Shield is perfect for Job Warriors Will this Steel Shield and Pistol make this life after game more exciting? Will this steel shield and gun have a big impact on CTC war? We don’t know for sure until these two equipment have been released So please be patient and wait until both of these equipment really are released And even one day there will definitely be a Gatling Gun a super-power machine gun But I don’t really know whether it will really be released? Or is it just a discourse? Let’s just wait together with interesting updates from life after Ok guys, maybe that’s all you can say If there are mistakes, I’m so sorry If there is a request to make a video, please just comment in the comments column If I can make it, I will make it. Because I have a low manor level limitation Thanks for watching this video
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18 thoughts on “[LifeAfter] Update Pistol Revolver and Steel Shield

  1. Kyanya steel shield memang hanya bisa di pakai sma senjata revolver dan melee klo sma senjata 2 tangan kemungkinan ga bakal bsa di pakai

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