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Lifeafter Review (ENHANCEMENT) Lifeafter Crafting Guide

Hey yo yo yo yo whatzup everybadeh This time I will discuss it Item named enhancement guys Enhancement … Guys Where the item is a material for Improve your building guys To be more cool again Okay before, let’s upgrade my manor first Because I haven’t been able to upgrade manor for a long time Yep! My skill has been stuck so long So … Let’s just upgrade my manor first Well, this is it. I’ve completed the upgrade My Manor bro We see what’s new Just a drone battery Lv. 6 construct, okay … Here it is Lv. 6 construct his guys Looking forward, this has been enhancement The one who stuck the most in Manor 11. In the 12th manor no longer exists Okay guys! We just make the enhancement directly Here I will review the enhancement From the beginning to the end, from stage one To stage two, continue … Stage three, until the end is finished BTW this is less than one, what, this is not possible Okay while waiting for me to take exp My Exp used to be, for a long time I was buried Yep Alright guys! I’ve finished all the enhancing materials here You must be curious right? What is the appearance step by step Every building that will I’ll upgrade later So … Just click the Subscribe button Support continues this channel to get more advanced guys Okay?! Just look at the appearance, check this out! Okay guys, here I am preparing Any building that can be enhanced Or upgraded Here, the first reply was no floor The second is a wall And the third one has a roof But I use roof type 2 Because the roof type 2 is a roof The lowest And the last one here is the fourth one Guys door And why don’t I just join The door is the same as the wall Because later I will also review the display from Window A and Window B guys The rest of window C and window D There is no change in appearance So … just us Air-experiment here Okay we start from lv. 1 enhance First floor This floor is still lv. 1 we will upgrade To lv. 2 This is how lv looks. 2 While the wall is lv. 2 like this And roof And this roof lv. 2 Okay, just go to the door Like that guys Now I want a review Display the A and Window B windows It’s him Appearance Okay, we install it again Like this view window B Okay we immediately upgrade again or enhance We upgraded to lv. 3 Lv. 3 so appearance While for the wall, this is it And the appearance of the B window has changed, guys See right? Okay, go to the roof This is how the roof looks And continue to the door Well the door is so guys Okay we review the A window for Lv wall. 3 Yep, so the performer guys Okay, we proceed to the next step Use Enhance lv. 3, we upgrade Become lv. 4 Wow, lv. 4 so guys For the floor For a wall like this, and the display for the A window It’s like this Continue to the roof Okay directly up to the door Okay We are reviewing the appearance of the B window Ohh, the wall was forgotten Well and this is how the windiw B looks Okay next step We will upgrade to lv. 5 Well … for lv. 5 like this guys A little cool, rather cool For this wall For the A and Window window display B, it doesn’t change But I’ll review it again later The roof gets even cooler Doors, doors, ahh this is also getting cool guys Like me * (laughs) *(laugh) Okay further we review that Window A yah? Right right? Well that’s how the A window looks Next !!! We upgraded to lv. 6 From lv. 5 to lv. 6, floor Wow, it’s elegant, guys Continue to the wall Nice … and appearance Window A also changes, cool Continue to the floor! Roof Oops Ulala … The roof is getting cool Door Good luck! Harder it looks like yeah Okay we review the B window too Well … Steady crazy bro Tampinal window B is also Next! The final step! Okay guys! Because this is the first time I ride the 11th manor and the first time I make enhance lv.6 don’t forget to click the subscribe button! Okay?! And also click the like button if You feel this video is very useful guys! Okay?! Share, too, of course you can, sip it Okay, we will enhance it to lv. 7 from lv. 6 Very happy bro Okay, we just upgraded to lv. 7 Waow … Steady bro, bro Crazy, cool, cool, cool The problem is this is my first time too Have an upgrade lv. 7 Uhhh … Good bro, crazy, cool Okay, we go to the wall Uhhh keep protecting her too bro Crazy original, cool, cool, cool Now this must be cool Okay, straight away, one … Two … Three! Beuh: ‘) It’s like a mess but yeah, beforehand * (laught) But add to the strength of the defense Uhhh But inside, cool bro Like wearing wallpaper Like this skin, I show it Is not it? Tapu is using a wallpaper * (laught) Okay, right next, here’s the door Waiting for waiting We just upgrade right away Bim, what’s the bim so … BRRAAA !!! Ouw, like a wallpaper, yeah Keep it tight But, what else is there other than wallpaper? It’s like the roof Asbestos is like that, like alumni Great, okay … So this is how guys look … So far I feel the best is the floor Because, with the sound of iron boy, so this iron is cool try this, Ohh So everything becomes iron, really This is aluminum As I said before, boy Only the door isn’t this See Mate Shit! I almost forgot Yes I have not been a review Window A lv.7 Okay, let’s just review the window Window A’s appearance On the wall lv. 7 Nice … Please guys Okay guys! Don’t forget to click the like, comment, share button … And subscribe. See you bro! I feel that developper has run out of ideas Until the door design was only imitating the skin Hmmmm

69 thoughts on “Lifeafter Review (ENHANCEMENT) Lifeafter Crafting Guide

  1. Semangat buat para newbie 🔥 semua berawal dari bawah, seperti naik tangga. Meski semakin naik semakin berat! see u on the top 👍

  2. Lvl 5 wall nya kyk tembok rumah sss. Memding lvl sebelumnya bata merah. Sama lantainya jg, kyk ubin tanah beda sm lvl sblmnya yg keliatan marmer biru. Lvl 6 malah lebih parah meski tambah kuat. Skin wajib kl ga manor keliatan rongsokan wkwkwk. Good video 👍👍👍

  3. Bang, qo saya mau bikin Lv. 6 Enhancement, buat bikin building paint ny ga ada yya di mesin saya? bahannya ada tp ga bisa bikin building paint ny 🙁 Apa harus ada yg di naikin dl lvl skill ny?

  4. Kalo mau naik manor 9 lebih baik naikin manor nya apa bikin manor nya semua max dengan enhancement dulu di manor 8?

  5. kreatif..tersusun rapi..informatif..kalimat yg sederhana n yg keren jd la video mu bg..lucu lg pas bilang mantep level 7 tp ngomong na kyk g ikhlas😅😂

  6. I'm looking for people for my camp. Would anyone be interested? My camp is called sanctuary. My character is called NeganTheSavior

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