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Life After: How To Repair Weapons And Armors

My mistake it’s decreased Sturdiness xD When your gears out of Sturdiness it’s can’t be repaired anymore

28 thoughts on “Life After: How To Repair Weapons And Armors

  1. Why in Farstar City if i want go back to my camp Always "Storage Is Full" u Know? My storage is 13/23 And i give The postman All My infected item But always "Storage is full"

    1. where is rachel
    2. how to get gold bars
    3. what level do we unlock 3rd floors

    so im tryna repair my uzi and it says sturdiness zero.. what do i do

  4. The gun durbilty and solid is sucks and i hate this game because that after 3-6 repire the gun you can't use it ! What if you have expensive gun ! If durbilty is 0 you can't use a gun and the solution is go bed and quiet ! Add a little a little for durbilty ! We want repire gun without limit ! I hate that so much!

  5. i already have a repair bench but it said that i cant repair my uzi with 0 sturdyness. what's the meaning of that?

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