100 thoughts on “Lewis Short Recoil .45ACP Prototype Pistol

  1. Wow Ian that gun looks kinda cool. Do you think it could still be in firing condition? I'd love to see it fire off a few rounds.

  2. Why did this not make it into service? I see nothing wrong with the design at all. .45 pistol with 15 shot quick detach magazines, compact….compared to other designs of the time. Not overly complicated. I do not even see it costing much more then other pistols of the time to manufacturer. I am too interested in seeing what the trials said about it.

  3. I'd love to see a few rounds put through it, really see how it performs. It would be interesting to see if the extra weight and that long rear overhang are a benefit when it comes to keeping it under control. At least you won't have to worry about hammer bite. 🙂

  4. at 9:09 it looks like the rear sight has pushed back the thin strip of metal behind it. Pretty sure those are hair line fractures from both corners diagonally to the rear plate which indicated metal fatigue. From the thinness of that strip of metal I wouldn't be surprised if that happened during military trials and could be a strong contender for a reason to reject it???

  5. Interesting design. With a name like Isaac Newton Lewis, he was destined to become a scientist or engineer. Great video as always. Thank you

  6. If you drop this thing on its nose, isn't there a risk that the hammer locking spring shown at 4:32 will move forward, accidentally firing the gun? The safety at 6:00 doesn't seem like it would prevent that.

  7. It's like the guy who came up with the Glock saw this and thought it needed to be uglier and squarer and also mostly plastic.

  8. I don't know why but I really like the look of that pistol. Look like what a early semi auto pistol prototype should look.

  9. From http://fr.1001mags.com/parution/gazette-des-armes/numero-168-aout-1987/page-46-47-texte-integral

    Just translating the non-descriptive part:

    Testing of the Lewis automatic pistol did not produce good results. Since the weapon was not finalized and could not be fired, the Commission had reservations as to its operation. Sadly noted is the absence of a stop on the charger, the charger’s poor hooking system, and the excessive force necessary for the breech to open. The only positive points that emerge from this model are the angle of the handle and the simplicity of the disassembly.

  10. Would be a cool machine pistol …. i can see with extended mag, threaded barrel

    Edit: def a piccatiny rail on top and sides

  11. @ Ian, hey now don't bash the file and old rusty mill. Plenty of prototypes have been made that way then refined by a professional machine shop. The first AK comes to mind as well as the the weapons and ammo built by the IDF right after the country Israel was formed. Hell they imported hundreds of thousands of lipstick tubes and turned them into shell casings.

  12. Why do I get the feeling that a selective fire version might have been in the back of his mind ? Might just be the MAC10-ish look of it..

  13. I can see where it could have been a viable concept, provided it was reliable it would have probably been briliant for Tank crews or medics similar to how sub machine guns and carbines were in ww2 compared to a standard pistol

  14. I suspect that sleeve between the spring and the barrel may have been a heat shield to protect the spring from heat and from the barrel expanding

  15. As I was typing is it a guide sleeve or an over travel stop you say it's a guide sleeve. I give you full credit I've learned a lot from your videos thanks

  16. Looks like a MAC-10, a Hi-Point and a 1911 had a three way lovechild, LoL. This gun actually looks very kool. I could imagine what it would look like with some final tweaks and finishing. Improved sights and 1911 style thin grips,etc. I have always like guns that are different in styling. I like less common handgun calibers also. Thanks for All you do Ian, without your hard work, We would probably never get to see or learn about the many rare,unique and one-of-a-kind firearms and their history that you present to us in an informative and entertaining way. Stay Awesome Ian.

  17. The term double-stack is actually misleading, as the rounds are staggered, not stacked one on top of the other. In fact, staggered (not stacked) rounds make it work! For all your argument about what kind of magazine Ian showed for this gun it is staggered! Suck it up, friends! ☻

  18. Going back through some earlier videos, I've been amused by the realization that you can sort of vaguely date Forgotten Weapons videos from the first few seconds.

    – Does it start with machine gun fire? no

    – OK, it's not one of the really early ones. Does it have theme music? no

    – OK, newer still. Does Ian say his last name? no

    OK, then it's not one of the very newest ones. Analysis complete. This video is: semi-recent

  19. That backstrap assembly is quite honestly brilliant. It comes open like a Chinese puzzlebox, but that's one of the coolest internal designs I've ever seen.

  20. The only "bad" feature I see on this pistol is the placement of the mag release.

    Shame it didn't get adopted, it was a very interesting weapon.

  21. I would imagine that the barrel sleeve is actually a spring guide to keep that flat spring from binding on the barrel when the spring is compressed .

  22. gives me a mac-11 meets a glock vibe… I really love this pistol, I wonder why it failed to get accepted anywhere? I assume various reliability issues and whatnot like with most rejected guns, but I wonder how much was the fault of this gun, as often those aforementioned tests provided shitty ammo that sabotaged the gun (and i don't mean deliberately necessarily, i mean mainly due to the crap quality control and manufacturing at the time meaning like primers requiring multiple strikes to detonate, dud cartridges that fail to fire period, too hot cartridges that can cause catastrophic failings of the gun's components and/or the entire gun itself, underpowered cartridges that fail to cause the action to cycle, etc.)…

  23. too bad it wasn't developed further. I can certainly see some potential, maybe even including a modernization using polymer in various locations to reduce weight. The fact its chambered for .45ACP also makes it compatable with OTHER cartridges and configurations, in theory anyway.
    I wonder what a modernized one designed with P14 or 2011 magazines would cost to manufacture…maybe change the mag release to an HK lever or a Colt/Browning button?

  24. I could see a smaller, streamlined version being useful. I would think covering most of the slide/action covered would help for carry.

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