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Lethal Weapon 4 (1/5) Movie CLIP – Messing With Leo (1998) HD

Who’s the perp?
What you bust him for? Oh, I’m a perp? Oh, you see
a young brother In the back
of a police car, Automatically
I’m a perp? Look at my suit!
Look at my tie! What do I look like, The fucking crips’
accountant? Look at this badge,
bitch! Check out the gun! Ok, ok, hey, hey,
put the gun down! Put the gun down! License!
Registration! Urine sample! Hey, I got a badge,
too, ok? Hey, german jews
didn’t have it any easier When we were kids, So don’t think you’re
the only one, ok? Ok? And–and besides,
I knew you were a cop! I was only kidding
with you. Hey, I can smell a cop
a mile away! Oh, I smell bad? What–what you
trying to say? No–stop turning
everything around! You’re so damn touchy!
These guys will tell you. We work together.
We got a history together. And don’t–maybe we’ll
work together someday. I’m the bomb! They’ll
tell you. I’m great! Yeah, yeah, we’re
going to work together. Soon as I open up
a cereal shop, You fucking leprechaun! Hey, I didn’t call you
any names, you fuckface! Don’t start that, ok?
Don’t fool around! [siren] These guys will tell you
everything. Excuse me, sir, You’re
double-parked. Oh, yeah.
Uh, listen, officer, I’m just talking
with the detectives– Hey, we don’t know
this guy. Yeah. Think he might
have been drinking. Hey, they’re
just kidding– Hey, come back! I wasn’t drinking!
They’re just saying that. Sir, blow your breath
on my hand. Why do I got to
blow your hand? I– No, never mind.
I can smell it already. Well, blow in step out
my fucking ear! Of the car. I tell you
I didn’t do it! You’re all mine. Ok! Ok!
Whatever. Whatever.

44 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon 4 (1/5) Movie CLIP – Messing With Leo (1998) HD

  1. 0:24 "German Jews didn't have it any easier when we were kids."

    Thanks Joe for that bit of wisdom. It's not often you hear a Hollywood production reveal that Jews have a racial connection to Germans or Nazis. The fact is the vast majority of modern Jewry are Ashkenazi or German Jews, (Khazars) as were many of Hitler's Nazi regime. So too were the Bolsheviks, who by Stalin's own admission, killed 10 million Ukrainians during the Holodomor, aka Forgotten Holocaust.

    >Judaic Communism record<

  2. Yeah! Yeah! Well work torgether 1 day afther i open up a cereal shop you fucking leperchan! Hey! Hey! I didnt call you any names you fuck face!

  3. Would have loved it if they had Chris rock in goodfellas and I'm wondering how the heck can Danny keep a straight face when Mel is cracking up right next to him

  4. I wonder if that was an addlib cause Mel's laugh looks pretty genuine.
    "I didn't call you any names fuck face don't start that!"

  5. Not gonna lie but Pesci was annoying af in this film and the 3rd film, In the 2nd film he was likeable and not so irritating but then he just gets so annoying after the 2nd film.

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