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Lethal Weapon 3 (4/5) Movie CLIP – Comparing Battle Scars (1992) HD

Oh, god.
We haven’t even started. Be gentle with me,
will you? I see this isn’t
virgin territory. What is this–a knife? Oh, that’s an ax. Some guy mistook
my head for a log. Yeah, that’s
a natural mistake. You saying
I got a wooden head? Yeah. That’s a knife. Oh, that’s
very knife. Oh, hey, this
is all right. That’s the pavement.
Dragged down crenshaw. Hey, that’s great.
Good texture. Look at this. Same damn thing.
3rd and highland. Dragged for about
1/2 a block,
I’ll tell you what. Feel that texture.
Feel it. Cheese-grater time. Moving truck. Moving truck?
Oh, moving bullet. Moving bullet? Here. Right here.
This is the best. Yeah, and it goes
all the way through
to the back. Right through?
You’re lucky. Was it a .22? It’s a .38, riggs. That’s a .38?
That’s kind of
a wimpy .38. Nowthisis a .38. Yours is bigger
than mine? I think so. Well, maybe not,
but look. Watch. A whole family
of .44s. On the back. Look,
there they are. That’s impressive. One of them went through.
One got stuck in my lung. I was breathing
blood bubbles.
It was disgusting. Blood bubbles.
Ok. You got one? Mm-hmm. Pump action,
12 gauge. Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Right down here… Went through. Oh, that must’ve hurt.
Not too close. Riggs, if you
were that close,
I’d be dead. I can beat it.
I can beat it.
Have a look at this. I’ll take your word
for it. No, no, really.
You got to see this. I’ll take
your word for it. Guy had a 2-foot knife.
You’re gonna love this. He stuck it right
in my leg and ground it
around about 8 times. I’ll take your word
for it, riggs. Well, look. No. I said forget it.

51 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon 3 (4/5) Movie CLIP – Comparing Battle Scars (1992) HD

  1. That woman could sucker trip me and make out with me any day.

    And "Mad Mel" is so cool with Renee too.

    You could really feel that these two were hot for each other… even though, it was probably just great acting.

  2. At about 0:47, when Mel says "This is a .38," a bit of his Australian accent slips through.

    Nowadays he's lost the Aussie accent completely and talks like a regular Yank.

  3. I could beat both. My 2 largest scars are 21 and 17 centimeters long… They aren't exactly battle scars though, just surgery lol 😛

  4. lmao, in the movie, if Riggs had really been shot with .44 rounds, he'd be dead  by now….they're not .22 or .38 or even 9's…..
    .7,62 / .44/ .45  / are very powerful projectiles….

  5. When I was younger and didn't know much, except to kind of read… body language, this was one of the first action films I watched with my dad and at the time, I thought it was a kind of drama or something, because there's proper chemistry between those two, it's lovely, and I thought they were just two people that were in love and getting close.

    I thought maybe they were together in real life, they must feel like that in real life, even if just a little, because it's just a really nice bit. They're great together.

  6. Das dass anderst auch funktioniert, wo was ich nicht weis ! Das fällt auch unter Sprachwissenschaft, das hat nichts mit Deutsch zu tun !!! Bloß nichts was neues geben zum Schaden anrichten !!!

  7. I was using a pocket knife to open a DVD box, the knife slipped and went into my thumb. Took 6 stitches to sew up.

  8. She's a good addition to the series. Someone who is capable of the same crazy as Riggs with scars to prove it and can handle herself well. I love happy character arcs.

  9. Rene Russo on this scene, last year: 'That was my favorite scene I ever shot. No, really, and not just because you are a great kisser…'

  10. Although I consider Lethal Weapon 3 to be the weakest of the series, this scene was one of my favorites from the entire franchise.

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