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Lethal Weapon 3 (2/5) Movie CLIP – Scaring the Jaywalker (1992) HD

A long time ago.
Let me see. Can’t read it. This print’s too little
without my glasses. You’re no help. Can we speed this up,
please? You may have nothing to do.
I have things to do today. No, we can’t,
so will you shut up? Jaywalking. Ask for his license. Yeah? License?
For jaywalking? I don’t have it on me.
I wasn’t driving, ok? I was walking! What, do I need
a walking license now? Oh, let’s just
shoot him. Get of the way, rog!
I’m gonna drill him. We can make it look
like suicide! No, no, no, no! The video cameras!
Video cameras. I don’t care!
Get out of the way! Man, get of here before
my partner kills you! No, that way!
Not that way! This way! Over there!
Go! Run! Now! Run! Yeah, yeah! Hey!

40 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon 3 (2/5) Movie CLIP – Scaring the Jaywalker (1992) HD

  1. Danny Glover, Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis are the 3 actors that are perfect for both comedy roles and action roles!

  2. The part that had me laughing the most about this scene was when Riggs flipped out and yelled "WE CAN MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SUICIDE!!"  Hahahahahaha, I'm laughing just typing this stupid comment!

  3. Fucking Roger, we always believed he was serious and moralist and just look at him now, laughing at that poor pedestrian jajajajajaja, you got riggs because in the end you are just like him.

  4. Anyone know who that extra is who walked in screen left at 0:43 that almost walks into the fleeing Jaywalker?  There's something REALLY familiar about that guy.  He looks a lot like Ed Wasser, the guy who played Mr Morden on Babylon 5.

  5. Is My part when That Guy got mad Cause Riggs Gives him a ticket For Jaywalker and Riggs Get Mad funny

  6. WE CAN MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SUICIDE!!! (but how….? There are cameras and witnesses bypassing….) hahah love the scene

  7. Honestly, I would've loved if Rog had retired in Lethal Weapon 3, because then in Lethal Weapon 4, Riggs could've been on his own as Lorna was pregnant and Rog was out of the game, and then because he has so much trouble with Wah Sing Ku, he could go to Rog for help, and his family try to convince him to stay retired and he has to choose between them and Riggs, and it would've been really good character development and a certain degree of realism that would've made audiences relate to his situation too. Ultimately, I'd love if the fourth film opened with the fishing scene and Rog finds the Hongs and takes them into his residence, but just have him stay retired of course until Riggs needs his help.

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