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Leningradka-2 – A strange STEEL Russian shotgun slug

well guys I hello Jeff just about to
shoot up the chicken with the chicken with one of the little two slots here
the Machine steals looks so let’s see how it goes please check out my channel survival
Russian if you’re interested in the saliva semen so on you guys personal i
want to thank large for smuggling is out of Russia to us and let us be the first
people in the United States ever shoot these slugs what we have here is in very
interesting kind of a dumbbell shape in fact it’s more like an elongated air
rifle pellet which we know performs very well now the reason it has a flat nose
is because it acts like a wadcutter these are designed to be shot through
brush a tapered knows if you hit a branch she would cause the projectile to
deviate where these will just punch right through the branch without any
deviation these use a plastic to starting sabo because these are a sub
caliber round it also protects the barrel from metal to metal contact now
when we shoot these at Sabo is going to fall away instantly and you’ll notice i
painted the backside of these things so we could maybe see what’s going on in
slow motion so we’re going to be rolling here with the Leningrad cut too i hope i
upload them correctly this time i got with Lars on how you know he couldn’t
see me the live shells so it is send a warning and the slug itself and so I had
low demand so I’ve got back with him and hopefully we got it right this time cahit its recoil I think it hit it that’s a good side which hole that’s
like plumped right in there and it’s still in there oh boy yeah it really puckered up that best so
you want to show it didn’t come thru back here but maybe if I can we can we
can do this unzip this through the bold and it’s still in you get this 12 year
so there’s the back of the best is that if this is it up here okay and so did
not make it through and found it oh look at that yeah but it did it
planted it snows in there it’s hot but it’s deformed oh that’s perfect shape look at that hopefully we can see that
that paint marking on there i could I can’t tell people flying straight had a
lot of power though I think plunged into him it certainly looked like a accurate shot
he was right on target damage was pretty substantial but they even budget
slow-motion doesn’t lie the slug was flying sideways well you know me I rarely get put into
politics i hate that stuff in fact but if you live in California make sure you sign the petitions to
repeal those recent bills that the Jackass governor side you have to
physically sign there’s no online petition so you go to your loot your
local gun shop like us tackle and sporting arms here and go sign it take
your buddies this weekend okay enough of that as you can see from
another angle a little slower that slug had a lot of energy it it really put a
wall up on that best and that you can see the kid largest kind of pucker up
into a ball the next target here is our lead plate got the flags of Sweden there i look at
that it’s buried in there but semi loose and look how the nose hit and it looks
like it’s warm / it’s actually if you look at the the crater it’s actually
kind of a figure eight shape I want to feel it was wobbling in the air or
something because I i don’t know i don’t know that’s how he hit me hit sideways yeah there we go again you could
practically reload that thing is a little bit too and if you look down here it left a perfect negative impact this
is this is smooth and shiny right now like where we were this thing was at a
pretty good angle because we were worried about bouncing back at us look
at that you can see the big the bevel there yeah now that’s cool now in this shot we saw something a
little bit different that slug was almost stabilized it wasn’t flying dead
on straight or anything but it was it was trying trying to fly straight and
it’s definitely way different than the first shot so you know here we are
shooting at about 20 yards thinking a these things are working pretty good i
think i got unloaded right this time but apparently not i think i still didn’t
get the loading right on these things you’re ready anything yeah everyone
everybody Wow maker crowd-pleaser yeah but everybody Wow maker had made a
perfect circle entry one yeah you’re little you quite a bit high
you’re close to missing what I alright yeah there’s a weekend yeah it’s pretty need yeah it’s kind of
fortunate you can even see to the the spread of energy there enters in a
perfect you will see that you hid in the middle you know it sits on the edge you
can really see if we did that on purpose yeah it wasn’t a perfect circle like a
cutout of a nickel there and exits quite a bit bigger you can see as it spreading
it yeah its load now but it had no problem going through that you can use
that one chapter that I really needed how to how to run in safe mode on
windows 95 how to connect it to an ms-dos Brennan dot matrix printer now if
you’re just looking at the damage of the book and you saw that nice beautiful
clean entry hole you think that thing was flying straight but nope it was
doing the tumble just like the first one and despise sheer chance that it just
went nose-first at that point where it hit the book so this was a big surprise
when I came home and reviewed the footage it’s like man come on at least
one of them better work ok anytime we get shot to the left now so far the slugs really haven’t been
very stable even though this one missed it wasn’t that clean dead-center shot
you can see that slug zipping along nice and straight you can see that yellow and
blue marketing even through that heat distortion from the shotgun blast now i don’t know if we can blame Greg
for this shot or my loading but i’m not going to blame the slugs and here’s
another shot again we have a lot of heat distortion yet with that yellow and blue
marking on the back we can see the the slug is flying straight it’s actually
rotating a little bit which was a surprise because we’re not shooting it
through any kind of rifling any kind of choked just a straight smoothbore
shotgun we have one more slug let’s try it again and now once again this one
appear to be flying nose forward we can see that yellow paint on the tail of it
and he did actually hit the gummy bears and he didn’t hit my table fortunately and i’m almost a hundred
percent sure that the problem we had with these was just the way I loaded
them remember these were sent to me without any shells or powder and I had a
kind of like translate Russian to American loading to try to make these
work and disappears at these are trickier slug to to load and get it
right but still we had a lot of fun doing it and at least a couple of them
flew straight and don’t forget to check out survival rush if you haven’t already
I know a lot of guys watch him i hope you enjoyed this video thanks for

100 thoughts on “Leningradka-2 – A strange STEEL Russian shotgun slug

  1. Ooof, watching the slo mo hit on the vest makes my chest hurt. I can't imagine that you loaded it THAT incorrectly. It seems like it just wants to tumble. I hate to be the guy that says so, but I wonder if a rifled tube would make any difference?

  2. THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING THE PETITIONS!! Us Cali folks are just losing out year after year because of criminal's with ill intent. also, love the videos, keep em up!

  3. I certainly enjoyed the video 🙂 I think you did fine on the reloading. The results is pretty consistent with my own factory load results. Some seem to tumble. I have been thinking that the slug is too rear heavy. Maybe the slug "skirt" should be drilled out/machined a bit to look more like a air gun pellet? I liked the Complete Idiot's Microsoft Guide LOL

  4. why don't you guys do a review of some cut shells I say some stuff on it on Iraq veteran you cut the shell just above the powder the shell separates and really does some damage I'd like to see what they would do to your dummy. he was using low brass number eight shot

  5. These slugs should be called the tricksters. They look all find and dandy, but when you look into the nitty gritty then you see they are just tricking you

  6. Awesome videos as always! Could you possibly link where u got the rifled choke tube for the benelli please ? Thanks in and advance and thanks for the awesome content !

  7. After you sign the petition, make an appointment with a shrink. Maybe he or she can tell you why you're dumb enough to live in that whacked out state.

  8. maybe you could do a video for all of us who don't understand the loading process explaining how it affects the round with maybe a demo of each round. also were you guys badly sunburnt?

  9. Jeff, Jorge from The Slingshot Channel is coming over to tour You Tube HQ. If you could do a vid w/him that would be super. I know you're both big fans of each others work.

  10. Oh and since u made a video of this, u can earn 3 more packs of these bullets from the company that made them by messaging them here: [email protected] and sending them the video, be warned, they might not know English

  11. You're really dating yourself when you talk about dot matrix printers and DOS printers!! LOL!! Wonder how many on here actually remember those!

  12. Hello Tao: are you a California resident? If yes where about's do you live? I'm in the Sacramento erea and would like to see these in person if you would allow it!

  13. can you guys make a video where you shoot slugs made from rocks and minerals : lime _ plaster _ concrete _ pottery _ ceramic _ chalk _ marble _ granite _ basalt _ sand rock….etc…..

  14. You should try to test the brush-clearing capabilities of these flat-nosed slugs. Maybe put some sticks 10 yards in front of a target and see how close to straight it stays (and then test a regular slug).

  15. Hi, Jeff! Nice video, as always! But… So many comments and no real Russian guys??? Lets fix this!
    You just shot this slug backwards! Heavier part goes front.
    And this slug is designed for smooth bore because in Russia fully rifled barrel is very rare thing. I must add that there is another Russian steel slug – Ivanov Steel Slug. Similar shape, but has no flat nose, but sort of funnel with no hole. This meant to cut through bushes without deflection.

  16. Oooh, moving targets in the last bit of the video!

    You need to go on a Russian Ammo Loading Course!!! Or is it just they fly like that and no one has ever bothered to check before now?

  17. If every experiment worked perfectly it would not be fun anymore. Half the pleasure in watching your videos is to see whether you hit the sweet spot with the load or need to do some more work. Plus, what is to dislike about using test ammo to blow things up and make big holes?

  18. I do not know if anyone else asked ,
    Did you guys use a smooth bore or a rifled bore?

    Never mind, you just said what you used . lol

  19. Hey! Anyone out there wanna make @TAOFLEDERMAUS some proper forged and tempered W-2 tool steel slugs? W-2 being the typical grade of steel for sledge hammers and jackhammer bits.

    Some fuggen anti material 12 gage slugs. Shoot em at a row of cinderblocks and see just how good they penetrate from a slug choked shotgun and high brass magnum shells.

    Call them the "Punisher" slugs, cuz they're gonna kick the shotgun pretty good and put a hurt on down range.

  20. is there a way for us military folk out of the state at the moment to sign this petition? I would like to be able to go home when I get out.

  21. Vlad : hey look its leftover metal from the ikea factory.

    Ivan : look, this i will call…..Leninpumper3170 good for shoot wife, very tactical, and has aerodynamic or Lada wich is best car in world.

  22. can you guys tell why me slugs are not made the same way as buckshot pellets that is being round , in that manner it will not fly side ways but straight .

  23. Такие забавные) Они еще не видели, что делает с незащищенной плотью пуля Ширинского-Шихматова, и что делает Тандем с бронестеклом 3 класса)

  24. Do you think this would've worked better with a rifled barrel? Even with the possibility of being reloaded poorly I mean. It seemed the couple shots that were flying somewhat stable had a slight twist to them, maybe you could try to find out. Just a thought, thanks for the video!!!!!

  25. Have you figured out why you had problem with Leningradka 2?

  26. Интересное видео. У нач эти пули классифицируются, как охотничьи на крупную дичь: лоси, медведи, особо крупные кабаны. Благодаря своему длинному телу, пуля, после вхождения в плоть, начинает беспорядочно кувыркаться, нанося фатальные повреждения. Но я сам пользуюсь пулей Ширинского-Шихматова от Ас 34 на Ганз.ру – она более доступная в плане заряжания (релоада) и льется из свинца из балансировочных грузов с автомобильных колес). Эта пуля – стоппер, на крупного зверя, рассчитана на дистанцию 50 метров. Можно и дальше стрелять, но убойная сила у нее падает.

  27. I have a feeling you loaded the rounds upside down where the heavy end should be on front with the tampered end out

  28. I wonder if the energy in front of the slug hits the target first and bounces back in a nano-second causing the slug to straighten before it hits the target ??

  29. I know this video is rather old… but… it definitely looks like that slug needed spin stabilization.

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