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My legs are killing me. I should to join the Airforce. Sniper! Take cover! Come on… Hold up here! Stay under cover! Yes sir! Nice work! Go fish. You cheat! You always cheat at this game. I don’t have a queen. Go fish.

99 thoughts on “LEGO SNIPERS

  1. I notice the American sniper switches from a regular voice to a Texan accent in the end when he says: nice work.

  2. Love your videos! Could you make more historical battles. Maybe some Roman ones, since those would require swords and shields, not guns. But the world around them would be easy to create!

  3. hey dude love the video, but when he says he should have joined the airforce it should've been the army air corps because the airforce wasn't founded until 1947 other than that great job

  4. I think u used the wrong sound for the Karabiner sniper. The sound you used was the sound of the standard Karabiner.

  5. Plz give me some models. Im trying to make a kind of fps in lego style using unity but im not a modeler. I give u credits

  6. I don't think joining the air force would be a better option. What if the plane crashes and falls you'll fall and splat dead. On ground you have friends to heal you

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