LEGO Shotgun House Custom Build MOC Tour

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with my
latest custom build. It is a Shotgun House. Here’s Jay The Surfer standing in front. We have the white dually pickup truck parked in the driveway. I wanted to have bright vibrant colors for the exterior on the front wall. So I chose pink, medium azure, and purple. I have a nice arch and
come fancy moldings. On the top I have a little
stained glass window. This house is a Shotgun House because it is long and narrow. Now the front does look
like a very small house It’s only 16 studs wide. However, it is very long on the side. So here’s the driveway. We have a side gate A side yard. Some firewood in the back. Flowers. Here’s the rear entry. Have a power switch
for a lighting system. We’ll take a look at that later on. Here’s the other side. We have some roof vents, an AC unit, power meter, and gas meter. There’s also hose taps as well. Honestly I like the bright colors
on the front of the house. Looks really nice! No the roof on this model
does come off fairly easily. Here’s inside of the roof with the LED system. Let’s take an overhead shot. On the far-right, we have the opening for the porch, a cozy living room, kitchen, hall, bathroom, and bedroom. All the doors on this model do line up from the front door all the way to the back door. Let’s take a closer look at each room. Here is the cozy living room. We have a cabinet with a boombox and a trophy. A nice armchair. Here we have a flower and
a kitten inside the window. On this wall, a sofa with two table lamps and two pictures. Finally we have a nice large
wood-burning fireplace with a flat screen TV on the top. Great for those cold nights. There are two entries into the kitchen. Next is the kitchen. Looks like we have a nice large turkey and some side dishes on
small table by the window. Looks like it’s turkey day! Here we have a refrigerator. This does open up. The doors on this are a bit stiff. A carton of milk. In the freezer, we have
a stash of ice cream. Possibly for desert. Nice custom cabinets with sand green counter tops. Here we have a pumpkin, pineapple, and a cream pie. We have an oven and range. A sink complete with silverware. So it looks like Jay has been busy. I have a dinette set. It is a small kitchen, but it is the right size for this house. Even put a clock above the table. So we know what time it is for turkey day. Before we can eat turkey, we have a few more rooms to explore. Here we have the small bathroom. We have a nice vanity with mirror. A picture hanging on the wall. The toilet. Here’s my famous paper
towel shower curtain. So we have a shower/tub. This was a last minute idea was to add a washer/dryer
combo in this corner. The closet was suppose
to be big for the bedroom, but I decided to make some space for a stackable washer/dryer system. This will cut down the cost
of going to a laundromat. We have some block glass above
the shower/tub for privacy and to let in natural light. Here’s the small hallway. I did use the fancy doors for both the bedroom and bathroom. The door does clear the washer and dryer. Finally we have the bedroom. We have a dresser on this side wall right by the window. The back door from the
bedroom onto the back porch. Here we have a bed with two
nightstands and table lamps. Some pictures hanging on the wall. Even a clock. Here we have a small closet. I believe there are a few Lego sets inside. This closet is only one brick deep. Not a whole lot of space to put
torsos and pants and stuff in. And we have a chest of drawers
with a flat screen TV on top. It is indeed a nice cozy bedroom. Now let’s take a look at the lights inside. Let’s set the roof back on. Pull the switch out. The lights are petty bright, but let’s take a look at it in the dark. So I do have lights in the porch, living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and bathroom. I didn’t light this porch light up in the back. There was really no practical
way of doing that. You can see the light coming
through the block glass. This was a fun project to put together. I enjoyed assembling this house. It took about two weeks to assemble. For being such a small build, it has a lot of detail which you would find in
a typical Shotgun House. I’m really happy with this. Really nice. I hope everyone enjoyed the
tour of the Shotgun House. Thank you for watching!

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