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yeah these nerf guns Oh are so cool but
there’s nothing cooler than a homemade nerf guns you know what let’s grab some
Legos and let’s make some Lego Nerf Guns. hey Carter, you got the Legos oh yeah oh
let’s make nerf guns out of nothing but Legos wait nothing but Legos? oh I was
thinking we were gonna take some nerf guns and cover them as in Legos it’s not
know what we’re doing oh no no we’re not just gonna mod nerf guns we’re gonna
make a nerf gun out of Legos it’s gonna be awesome.
all right Carter, you got to show me the first step because I don’t even know how
where to start this is crazy! what is up Wharer’s welcome to the vlog
welcome to another beautiful day and we got little otter he’s super excited for
Halloween and he’s got a Halloween costume on he’s a little blue monster
isn’t that so cute let’s up steam check out what we got in the mail oh that’s a
huge box what’s in there electric skateboard like trick skateboard I’ve
never had one of those before oh we’re gonna need some scissors to
open this box we wouldn’t ride the little hoverboard to see if there’s some
scissors in here perfect got some scissors oh yeah got the scissors let’s
open this up bleeding that’s gonna look like you think it’s gonna be charged oh
I have no idea this is so cool I opened it backwards it’s upside down but check
this out oh whoa look at those wheels the red
those are like the monster truck wheels so cool what is in this box
oh my goodness it’s got a remote control oh that thing is awesome
yeah this is sick what is it called whoa whoa go Wow go whoa Wow Wow Wow go
it simply well go oh my goodness this is so cool turn it on
how do we turn it on flip it upside down gotta be a switch on it somewhere huh
will it be charged oh hey it’s got some battery life that’s charged the question
is is this charged yeah you gotta you know turn this on – I don’t think this
has any charge in it I don’t know why it’s not working cord we got to find
instruction yeah I wonder what this does whoa whoa I want to try that again so
fast it got like oh like skid marks that’s crazy
whoa okay sheriff’s check this out I got the board right there this is the remote
and when I push up on this trigger it starts to go how fast a good
it’s way too fast whoa Carter oh it’s coming there it goes whoa okay now do
you want to try riding it I’m scared to ride this thing this thing looks like
it’s so fast yeah I think I whipped up the driveway here you’re gonna need this
better controls okay ready then go slow on that throttle yeah whoa this is crazy
whoa whoa it’s definitely a whoa go because you say what would you write it
whoa careful oh my gosh try this thing it’s crazy okay I can’t wait this thing
looks like so much fun sure is this thing is fast I was barely
pressing it Carter you barely press it and you go flying I’m kind of scared
whoa I told you oh my god it’s crazy go go go careful ready and go for it
whoa it is crazy fast I think that’s so much power cars starting to get the hang
of this thing whoa Carter you’re flying whoa whoa oh
my goodness that thing is crazy it’s working oh yeah off-road test
whoa okay let’s go to the basement sure is we got a really really awesome idea
with nerf guns and Legos you got to check out let’s go oh and shares
remember that vlog when we saw snake in the pond well apparently this snake is
back it’s normally been hanging out on this corner right there in the pond it’s
not there right now but it’s somewhere in the water and apparently it can stay
underwater for up to 90 minutes so shares come right now oh oh why is the
water moving oh do you see the water moving right there why is the water
moving the snakes got to be somewhere call right now if you see that snake
we’ve got to get that snake out of the pond
oh yeah here’s all the nerf guns check these out look how big this one is the
mega twin shocked it is so big and then we have this one the Volk
insurance we have so many nerf guns right now and this isn’t even half of
them this is just like some random big ones that we have collected they’re so
awesome like check these things out yeah these nerf guns Oh are so cool but
there’s nothing cooler than a homemade nerf guns you know what let’s grab some
Legos and let’s make some Lego nerf guns hey Carter you got the Legos oh yeah oh
let’s make nerf guns out of nothing but Legos wait nothing but like oh I was
thinking we were gonna take some nerf guns and cover them in Legos is that
know what we’re doing oh no no we’re not just gonna mod nerf guns we’re gonna
make a nerf gun out of Legos it’s gonna be awesome
alright Carter you gotta show me the first step because I don’t even know how
we’re to start this is crazy now the first step to make a Lego nerf gun is to
make a Lego Nerf dart and for that you’re only gonna need a few pieces
you’re gonna need to square orange pieces like this and seven square blue
ones like that put the two orange ones together and stack all seven blue ones
behind it like this boom there you go you got a Lego Nerf dart check this
thing out see what do you think whoa it’s pretty indestructible – I feel like
cuz like those are pretty strong so you could like throw it oh yeah it doesn’t
even break yeah not bad and it also kinda looks like a Minecraft Lego nerfed
art oh yeah squares oh yeah shot if you love Minecraft now
that we have a lego nerfed art we just need a Lego nerf gun to fire it so the
first step to making a Lego nerf gun just like a regular nerf gun you’re
gonna need a barrel that’s right Steve let’s sword the barrels to grab a bunch
of these 2 by 6 pieces and let’s get to work so grab for these 2 by 6 pieces and
put them in a circle like this the important part is it needs to have a
hole big enough in the middle so your Lego Nerf dart will fit just like that
so once you have this arrangement grab a few more and stick one on top like this
and another one on here like that and another one here like that and another
one on here like that so now it’s solid and we’re going to keep doing this
around and around and make this bigger and bigger and taller and taller boom we got the barrel done and it’s
nine layers high the same height as the Nerf dart for this next step we’re going
to need a few special pieces so check this out you’re going to need two of
these four pieces long two of these two by threes and two of these two by fours
all of these pieces are the ones that are really thin grab these two 1 by
fours and stick them right here and right here
then grab your two by threes and stick one right here and one on this side like
this finally grab these two longer pieces and stick it here and here just
like that now that we have this flat layer put on with these two pieces
sticking out let’s add one more layer on top like this and it takes four pieces
and we’ll go around the top and a square boom now that we have that you’re going
to need two one pieces like this stick that on either end right there and now
we’re going to need four inch pieces and we’re going to stick an orange piece on
like this and an orange piece on like this and then we’re gonna add orange
pieces all around the top like this for one last final layer boom the barrel is
complete and it even has an orange nerf tip oh yeah certainly look like a real
nerf gun yeah this is gonna be so cool I think it might actually work and check
it out the nerf dark fits perfectly inside look at that whew but sure that’s
not how it’s gonna shoot a Nerf dart check this out and finish up the nerf
gun we’re going to need to make a handle for this nerf Lego barrel so let’s get
to work the first step you’re going to need are two of these pieces put the two
pieces here just like this take a yellow piece and stack it on top making sure to
leave a little gap in between next step is we’re going to take a little blue
piece and stick it right in the center just like that then you’re going to need
two long orange pieces stick one here like this the other one here like this
then flip the piece over and insert two orange pieces like this and like this it
should now look just like that now we’re gonna take two long blue pieces and
stick them halfway down one on this side and one on this side flip the
contraption over and we’re gonna stick one blue piece on like this then flip it
back over and stick one long blue piece on just like that
oh yeah then the last step is to add some orange pieces one like this another
one like this one here and final piece on top just like that we now have the
Lego handle we just got to attach it to the barrel so it’s gonna go just like
this and you want to make sure you leave a gap right in the middle like that and
voila check it out we’re one step closer to share is look how awesome this Laura
that’s how it looks so cool it actually looks like a nerf gun like a Lego nerf
gun how cool is that we now just need four more LEGO pieces
to complete the Lego nerf gun so let’s take one long yellow piece just like
this stick a long blue piece underneath just like that take a smaller blue piece
stick it on the end here and take an even smaller blue piece and stick it
right there so you have a nice little gap right in the middle then we’re gonna
take the Lego nerf gun and stick the final part of the handle on and shares
it is done oh yeah check it out a Lego nerf gun whoa Steve don’t point
that at me it thing’s dangerous whoa we put the Lego Nerf dart in we’re gonna
give it a test fire does it fit it does fit will it fire is the question Carter
what’s the next step to make it actually fire to make this nerf gun actually fire
we are going to need a rubber band and we’re gonna install it just like this
top off this orange piece here and this one over here now we can use our rubber
band hook it around and in there just like
that we are then going to bring the rubber band around through this gap
through this gap and through this hole in here push it through and pull it out
the other side and hook it back up around this one now that the rubber band
is on reattach the orange pieces to secure it
in place boom there we go it is done this is the
Lego nerf gun and it should be able to shoot a Lego Nerf dart oh yeah sure is
you know what that means time to test fire will it work sure it’s come right
now hashtag Lego if you think the Lego nerf there will actually shoot out of
here Cordy think it’s gonna work I think it might work I don’t know but we gotta
give it a try to see if it will has ever even been done before I don’t know I’ve
never seen a Lego nerf gun ever so this might be the first comment have you seen
these shares I don’t think this has ever been done this is the world’s first Lego
nerf gun yeah let’s see if it works let’s grab the Nerf darts load it up
one Lego nerf they’re coming at you Carter okay here we go this is how we do
it so you stick it in the gun like this drop it all the way down grab the handle
and reach in the back grab the Nerf dart and pull it back to load it and when you
want to shoot you let go oh yes Jared success and the nerf dress actually
super strong it didn’t even break let’s try that again let’s do it like a range
test to see if I can hit something oh court I got it try to hit this wobble
bubble it’ll bounce off off with the wubble bubble right by these nerf guns
okay stay there wobble bubble don’t move okay Carter you ready ready here we go
in 3 2 1 go that was so cool as we play that in slow-mo oh that was so cool it
bounced back so quickly Clara what else should we test it against oh I got an
idea I’m gonna build a Lego nerf Tower and then they can hit it and just smash
it over we got the Lego nerf gun with the Lego nerf dark versus the Lego tower
let’s see what will win what do you think if you think the Lego nerf gun is
gonna win comment hashtag nerf if you think the Lego nerf Tower is gonna win
clément hashtag tower there is no way this tower is going to provide ooh I
almost knocked over yeah there’s no way this tower is gonna survive that Lego
nerf gun it’s gonna knock it down and destroy it yeah I’m definitely thinking
the hashtag nerf for this one only one way to find out for sure though Carter
let’s do it okay I’m locked and loaded let’s do it here we go
firing in three two what let’s check that out in slow-mo Wow these Lego nerf guns are awesome I
love this thing common hashtag Lego if you think you’re gonna make one of these
oh yes shares and you know it’s even cooler than just one Lego nerf gun what
Steve what’s cooler than this – like a nerf gun no way – nerf guns whoa
Carter’s is like orange and blue mostly mine’s like multi color check this out
that’s really cool oh yeah and check this out this is a regular colored nerf
start with the blue in the orange and I made you a special one green and orange
look at that that’s so cool yeah try firing this let’s do it oh yeah we got
the Lego tower set up again Stephens got his nerf gun and he’s got
his green and orange nerf now we’re gonna try this time loaded ready to fire
in three two one oh you hit the tower but it didn’t collapse Oh quick we gotta
do a reset and try that again a reset reset Steven you didn’t even hit the
tower down and when I was set up like oh of course we’re gonna hit it but it’s
actually not that easy to do so let’s try it again it’s all about the fast
flick you pull it back and you let it go really quick that’s like here we go in
three two one here we go that’s how you do it oh yeah sure is that’s how you
build and fire a Lego nerf gun oh yeah these Lego nerf guns are super awesome
and they actually fire a Lego nerf card it’s so epic major shout out and huge
thumbs up on this video for car thinking of this crazy awesome idea yeah sure is
I can’t believe my crazy idea work that’s so awesome these are the regular
size Lego nerf turrets I even made little teeny tiny Lego turbocharged
check it out they’re so small oh my gosh we’ve gotta test this in the next vlog
yeah you gotta smash that like button and we should make a little teeny tiny
Lego nerf gun oh yeah world’s smallest Lego nerf and it will shoot these little
tiny Nerf darts don’t gonna smash that like button for these Lego nerf guns and
Carter’s awesome idea yeah and special like button for Stephen’s last awesome
shot and until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love

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