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LEGO Fortnite Heavy Sniper Rifle

What’s going on guys? my name is ZaziNombies, and today we are building one of our longest guns yet measuring over four feet long at a Hundred and thirty-five centimeters and weighing over seven pounds. This is the Lego heavy sniper rifle. It’s a heavy caliber anti-material and anti-personnel Rifle that appears in both the save-the-world mode and the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite And it’s very reminiscent of the m82 Barrett anti-tank rifle It was built with over 2,000 individual Lego bricks Lots of that dark grey for the metal kind of metallic finish of it I used Chrome-plated Lego bricks for the shine of the lightweight bolt carrier as well as some light gray dish pieces For the elevation and windage dials on the side and top of the scope also for the windage bell of the scope I used a conical dish that was once a spiky tire from a Ninjago jeep or a monster truck It also has a reloadable magazine with some bullets in it and we can do some real-life 360 no-scope quick scoping in Fortnite Save-The-World you can purchase this weapon from the event store and it’s known as the Obliterator in that mode whereas in the battle royale mode, it’s known simply as the heavy sniper it deals 1100 damage to structures capable of destroying any material in Fortnite in one shot. aside from a metal shipping container It’s also got the muzzle brake on it, which I built with a black base plate It’s six by eight and it sits on the end of a stack of four wide Dish pieces and that’s how the barrel is made it has a bit of sag to it But I put a Technic pin throughout the whole thing and it gives it a bit more stability while also achieving that perfectly circle Round barrel that the weapon has back in March of 2012 over six years ago I did a version of the rifle this weapon is based off of the Barrett 50 Cal sniper rifle based on the version featured in Modern Warfare 2 and You can see I built it all in black. Whereas our newly updated heavy sniper rifle was built in the dark-bluish gray color I also used dark blue Translucent dish piece for the ocular lens of the eyepiece as well as the objective lens on the end of the scope This Lego heavy sniper rifle also has a working deployable bipod and that was built with Technic pieces and tiny little one wide smooth tile and base plates and They’re actually stable enough to hold the weight Of the gun. So the heavy sniper was introduced into the battle royale mode of Fortnite in patch 5.21 on August 15th 2018 and you can get it from chests, floor loot, supply drops, vending machines and even llama pinatas if you can find them you have less than a 1% chance of getting a Legendary a heavy sniper out of a chest though. So definitely keep your eye out for them It can really turn the tide of a fight we can shoot things like ramps and totally Blow up Port-A-Forts just with four rounds of this weapon But there you guys have it here is the real-life Lego Replica, this replica took around four days to make and I think it turned out quite nice So I do appreciate a thumbs up if you guys did enjoy and let me know in the comments your idea for the next LEGO creation that you’d want to see built? But as always thank you guys so much for checking out my art checking out my creations and watching to the end I appreciate you guys so much and I will see you guys in another video with another Lego weapon or gaming creation until next time… stay frosty. [Sounds of fire roaring]

100 thoughts on “LEGO Fortnite Heavy Sniper Rifle

  1. Why is your awp and Barret and other snipers scopes doesn't work I mean is why can't you see the inside of the scope

  2. A barret M82, M82A1and M107 (most of the barrett 50. Cal rifles) isnt a anti tank rifle it's a anti material rifle

  3. The 50 cal is 7 inches the barrel was suppose go push back the ti helps keep the bullet in line of the barrel so it could eject the recoil managemant is for the muscle break

  4. I just want some stupid fucking twelve year old to say in the comments "Hey Zazinombies did you know that the fortnite gun you made.
    Fortnite made a real life version and giving it to the U.S military"
    That's a comment I want to see

  5. Fortnite players when you say barret m82:

    WhAtsS tHAt??

    Edit: No joke I called the guns by their real name and they where confused

  6. If you take that thing to a store, you will 100% be arrested because it looks so realistic and smooth without any of the studs showing.

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