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Legal Carry “Self Defence Items” (U.K Weapons and Defence)

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100 thoughts on “Legal Carry “Self Defence Items” (U.K Weapons and Defence)

    U.K KNIFE CARRY WARNING Although I mention that sub 3 inch blade knives without a lock are legal to carry, you can still get arrested for carrying it anyway, especially if acting suspiciously or aggressively, and even just if the police feel like arresting you for it at the time CARRY A "LEGAL CARRY" KNIFE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND BE PREPARED TO BE ARRESTED IF CAUGHT

  2. I went to order a stun gun that was meant to look like a mobile phone from the 90s so glad I didnt because the week after was watching tv and a guy got done for ordering one and went to bloody jail cause it was classed as a firearm or something.. absolute joke we can't have anything in the uk.. I used to have a pair of knuckle dusters my brother gave me and when the police searched my house for something one time they found the knuckle dusters in my handbag and I was kinda lucky I didn't get arrested for them even know they were indoors the copper still took them 🙁

  3. Train in a good fighting martial art like Krav Maga or Taekwondo. The government can't take a skill away from you.

  4. You forgot to include a brick or a nice smart dress shoe.
    Twisted up towels can also seriously hurt when handled correctly.

  5. We in the uk are supposed to let the attacker harm us or even kill us then leave it to chance on wether the attacker gets caught. Fucking stupidity. If somebody were to break into your home, you'd still be in the wrong for harming them. There are plenty of cases where a home invader will go against the victim in court and win. It's vile and disgusting.

  6. During his administration US Presiden Obama commissioned a study held by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta , Georgia . This study investigated gun crime in the mid 1990s in the US . The results were not released until recently . It was revealed that during this time period as many as 2,000,000 (2 million) crimes were deterred by the use of a firearm in the hands of legal gun owners . This is several more times the homicide rate by guns during that time . Also , in the US , it's estimated that about half of the homicides by gun were suicides . Many of the non-suicide gun related deaths were deemed " justifiable homicide" , meaning a defender shot an attacker In self defense . Longarms , that is , rifles and shotguns , were involved in only about 3% of shootings . So much for the myth that AR15s are slaughtering people en mass . Still with the availability of firearms in The States , non-firearm weapons were used in more homicides than guns . Law enforcement statistics reinforce these numbers . And the news is in that the murder rate in London has surpassed that of New York City . We Americans have our Second Amendment . Britons need similar protection of their self defense rights . On another note , some people in the US have picked up the practice of keeping cans of wasp/hornet spray in their homes and shops . This is some mean stuff . It shoots a heavy , concentrated stream of noxious insecticide up to 20 feet (6 meters ) . It comes in cans of about 1 liter . There's good reason to keep some in your house , with the explanation that it's for killing bugs . If one carried it in public in Britain I reckon it could be explained away , just say you have a fear or allergy to stings . If you had to spray someone in the face with it , just chuck it a bin or down a storm drain afterwards . A former co-worker sprayed some in a guys face , he told me he thought the guy was going to choke to death . A pocket or purse sized canister of mosquito repellent or breath freshener might work in a pinch . Spray some Binaca in your mouth , fresh and tasty , miss your mouth and hit your eye , instant pain and temporary blindness . Only a couple of quid at the druggist's . Cheers !

  7. In the movie Bad Boys with Sean Penn he used a pillowcase with 3 or 4 unopened coke cans to beat the shit out of a couple of Bullies. Always liked that idea.

  8. A sharp pencil is not illegal to carry, how about scent/deodorant sprays, they contain alcohol so sprayed in the eyes would temporarily distort vision. Question: Can the police be arrested for wasting police time?

  9. How about perfumes and deodorant sprays that contain alcohol. Sprayed in the eyes of an attacker could be effective.

  10. to clarefy if its legal always check up on this pdf from the gov site as they already updated the law on knifes etc and self defence is grey area as there is certain force your allowed to use my guess is if your in life threatening danger that would be okay but if you use excessive force like continuing beating them when they trying to get away it would be manslaughter

  11. You should not have to find excuses to carry everyday items to defend yourselves and the ones you love. The gov’t sounds like they’re for the criminal instead of being for the citizen.

  12. If you want to get creative use studded rings if you have one on every finger it works like brass knuckels (still legal). The same goes with keychains etc. I myself use a ring covering my entire finger that has a metal nail tip(great for hitting weak points). Steel pens work great to. The police can't really question you either. You can easily blame it on fashion or personal style. I hate it that you can't really defend yourself. I don't exactly know how you in the UK feels but comming from Sweden I know pretty well.

  13. we have 3 / 6 cell mag lights & 3 / 4 cell mag lights, 1/ 3 cell torch, in are home,!!! northern ireland,!! & have a home made bat/ base ball bat,!!

  14. Is this that guy from little Britain… Bernard Chumley? (sorry dude but ya kinda sound a lot like him)

  15. So I was raised in Canada and now I'm wondering were acab comes from because I never saw it in 20 years of Canada and the USA So is it from the UK? So many people in Berlin have it and I gotta know man??

  16. Well I was in Canada and u.s and in prison there for couple years and never heard about it. Also there skin heads are white sepreminist organizations. But thanks.

  17. Nice video!
    Be good to have some feedback on my UK specific EDC videos. Thanks:

  18. If i'm driving, someone somehow stop me and attack me with a knife what should i do? Whistle ? I have never seign in my life, this idiotic kinda laws … only in uk u can be arrested if u beat a thief sneacking into your house. Pfff, i rather be arrested then dead !

  19. Fuck the law, your life comes first, if you have to jam scissors in a criminals eye who cares, plus most of the time the criminal will attack at night somewhere where its not busy and where the camera can't see you, so you can use self defense to what ever extent you please

  20. Bikers…
    Gloves carbon knuckles riding
    Tools repair
    Chain and locks security
    Keys to ride
    Sertain knifes for the wiring
    Bottles thirst
    Scissors med kit
    Torch in case of brake down
    Farb gel in case of bike jack
    Tactical pen writing
    Rape alarm self explanatory
    Helmet obviously
    Bag sheid
    Martial arts…
    Books hard cover, high way code ect… and law incase of popo being d1cks

  21. A can of spray for joint pain with the cap off of a WD40 can, it give a give a jet into the eyes and burns like hell.

  22. I legally bought some dried Carolina Reaper and ground in a coffee grinder adding to rubbing alcohol,letting it brew for a few days and then filtering it into a small spray bottle…It's kept in the door pocket in my car……….At home beside my bed is a two foot long ground razor sharp machete just in case I get burgled in the night…Both items I would use if I was threatened;including decapitating a bugler…….reason…I'm old and weak,but a bit grumpy…….Jail,no problem,3 meals a day and catch up with my reading…………………………but that's just me.

  23. In the UK we are legally allowed to be victims……that's about it…………so I will be illegal……but undamaged.!!..

  24. The reality is you can be knocked for carry any item so not entirely true. It will be a case by case scenario. The alarm will be very hard to get nicked for but,for instance, if you use the alarm as something to throw or you hit someone with it it becomes an intended weapon.
    Wrong about not getting nicked for some things but right about getting charged. With most off weaps it rests on intent as a point to prove.

  25. I don’t think they wud be too impressed with you if they know what your tattoos on ur fingers mean lool. Interesting vid I have a torch wit usual knife just under 3inch screwdriver etc. But it has a handy little glass breaker witch opens via a button it flicks out. Very sharp point. Being a fisherman it has line cutter so on my regular to local park lake with me dog, if police ask why. Carry it well it’s very dark over there no lighting at all and line cutter on it I wud say I retrieve line out of trees or tangled on bushes. Poor excuse really but it can happen lol also there’s tools on it I can do a emergency repair on my dogs lead, now that is true because If it snaps or breaks whatever I’ve got tools to do quick repair.

  26. For drivers that may deal with road rage or something like that carry a golf club and some balls in your trunk and the police can’t do anything just say you do golf. Very good tactic.

  27. the law here sucks. i used to play with pepper spray and tasers with my friends just for fun and guess what… i'm still alive :)) 5 years just for a pepper spay is just a joke.

  28. How about a gentleman's cane? A sturdy wooden pole, can stun and disarm, and it has class.
    Also, it doesn't look intimidating.

  29. The police here aren't always as bad as people make them out to be, I had 2 high level officers in my flat asking me to show them the drugs they thought I was selling as they were given a false tip that somebody who didn't even live there sold cannabis. I did have a small personal amount that they were not interested in, they told me to put it back in my pocket. However they did take my 3 air rifles and 2 swords but they returned all of them a year later.

  30. I have had a massive problem with carrying a big torch like the one to the right in the video in my hand after a scout camp because I walk past the pub in the dark alone and the bouncer stopped me and called the police it was a waste of everyone's time

  31. Actually, most of those would be considered offensive weapons because you have changed the use for which they are intended.

  32. The simple fact is that in the U.K. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE ANY OBJECT TO DEFEND YOURSELF, It is then classed as an offensive weapon, or if you defend yourself using your hands of feet, You could easily be charged with using excessive force if the attacker gets injured, The people who make these rules have lethal armed police protecting them and their families 24 hours a day. But their rules and laws put everyone else at risk, Tazers, Stunguns, stun, torches and pepper sprays are classed as firearms, and carry a mandatory prison sentence, as does the use of tactical umbrellas, tactical pens, are all offensive weapons.ALSO IN THE U.K. THERE IS NOTHING LEGAL THAT ANYONE CAN USE AS A WEAPON, IMPROVISED OR OTHER.

  33. The laws in this country are ridiculous I must admit, I have known of people being arrested for having scalpels and pen knives with at most 2 inch blades and others being cautioned for carrying tools such as multi tools, chisels and wrenches which are used in their lines of work. I wouldn't mind but the laws we have are fuck all deterrent to youths who are walking around carrying axes having knife fights with each other. Currently we have a toxic mixture of high rates of poverty and knife crime in our larger inner city areas mixed with an under resourced, under funded and arguably under trained police service… Not only that but very little is done at a social level in this country to curb the socioeconomic issues that lead to gang culture, knife crime and terrorism in the first place.

  34. Men get raped too.,, I came across this while researching for an upcoming trial, I am trying to sue the policeman who sprayed me with a chemical weapon, assault and fear with intent to harm, in my 2nd year of court cases with the system trying to put laws into action so the case is going slow with delays from the Crown defendant.
    I carry a military flashlight, perfect, I would say no to the rest, although every thing he says is correct by law, police can just be arseholes and would be charged as they often abuse their power(not all of them)

  35. Or, like me, you put your own safety above government dictatorship and carry what you need to protect yourself and others.

  36. That's depressing. A torch lol In the states I carry a Luger. Any trouble I fire a few shots past their head. No more trouble any more

  37. If they legalised fire arms in the uk the first few years would be rough but it would lower a lot of crimes

  38. id suggest a leather belt with a decent weighty belt buckle. i saw i guy get attacked by one on a night out and it was very effective.

  39. This is so sad to watch man 😢
    Makes me appreciate my knife (apparently "locking") and my Sig P229 I keep in my waistband.

  40. Might as well carry a pillow in the UK anything more and its considered illegal. You dont have any rights to defend yourself or practice carrying a self defence weapon

  41. everything except the torches and the beer bottle would be illegal unless you have a "reasonable" excuse for carrying it, so basically your at the mercy of the police officer who caught you.

  42. Mma training and any weapon you can get, forget what the law says, your life and your families is more valuable than the law.

  43. A oak walking cane carry any where. Tractor supply caries one 15.99 made by us whip. Essentially a 1 1/2 pound 1 1/8" oak club with a hook for pulling someone off their feet or Breaking bones while giving you a 36" reach advantage. I sanded the crook down to a 45-60 degree angle for pressure point compliance work and stained it with library oak stain from sherwin williams then gloss poly looks great and hard to see in dark if you have to defend yourself. Many Cane self defense vids on youtube. No one will look twice at some one with a cane.

  44. But if I did kung fu on them, am I a fucking weapon? The laws suck. I feel bad for everyone who lives in UK, I live in Leyte, Philippines.

  45. Interesting weapons, really i think is necesary to carry a weapon hidden because you don't know what can happen in any moment. Personaly i always carry a weapon hidden, nobody imagine that i have a weapon, haha; is a tactical pen (HIGHLY recommend, you can get one for free if you pay S&H at ( penmen(dot)club ). At the time i have not use it, but you always gotta be prepared.

  46. I heard that even rubber bullet guns are illegal in the UK!! Even in France you can get one veeeery easily and legaly of course, damnd UK what a cuck country

  47. I have an excuse to carry scissors, I do a lot of hair cutting and textiles and I’m left handed, which means I have to provide my own scissors.

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