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Law student teaches police officer the gun law. Closed Captioned for hearing impaired

How are you? Not bad. just so I can concentrate on what you are saying. Yep. I’m just gonna… ok I don’t consent to any searches. I just want to make that clear. I’m not going to search you. I don’t consent to any seizures either. Ok…I’m just going to hold this so I can have a conversation with you. Ok ummm. crime are you… am I suspected of
committing? and uhhh you just pointed that gun at me. when it was loaded. just so you know that when you twisted it you pointed it right at me. did before you reacted the slide you pointed it right at my legs umm…people are calling about a guy walking around with a gun so… uh… that’s not illegal can I have my gun back and get moving along? I just need your ID and we’ll get you on your way. What crime do you suspect me of committing? Like I said people are calling about a guy carrying a gun. yep. That’s a report of a legal activity. what crime do you suspect me of committing? in order to stop me, you have to suspect me of committing a crime. Can you get your supervisor here? He is on the way. okay thank you. But like I said people are concerned. It’s a public safety issue. So I’m here to make sure everything is all set. Make sure you’re all set. Ok. So I just need to see your ID and we’ll call it good. no sir. You’re not going to give me your ID? unless you are at issuing me a summons as
seventeen A 15 says uhh.. 17 A 15… I need to make sure… requires.. Can you let me speak for a second? Yep. I need to make sure you are not a felon to carry this. Do you suspect me of being a felon? I don’t know you. so okay if you don’t suspect me being
found out like my gun back and I would like to proceed on my way. in order to carry a gun you are not allowed to be a felon. Correct. but when i was just let me being a felon there’s no reason for you to stop me. There is a reason to stop you. unless you suspect me of a crime as
terry v ohio delaware v_r_ prouse um… requires you to have a suspicion of
crime before you detain individual Brown v texas is does not that does not
allow you to stop an individual and Demand their ID. Can I get your first name so I can speak to you on a person to person basis. Uhhh…no. You’re not going to give me your… nope I’m not going to give you my name. So you’re that type of guy when I’m trying to have a conversation with you. i’m sorry sir but for my own protection i would rather not give you anything
because anything like it is going to go on police report about this incident. There’s going to be no police report. there’s a police log generated for
every call. This is called a pedestrian report. Yep. and unless you have a reasonable
suspicion that I’m committing a crime you can’t detain me i have to be free to
leave you’ve got to be asking consentual encounter sir. Here’s the deal sir. you are walking down congress street carrying a gun. Yeah.. Ok… is that illegal? There’s cause for concern. do you suspect me of committing a crime? Sir… Do you suspect me of committing a crime yes or no? Sir I need… What do you have under your shirt? uhh suspenders. To keep my pants up. yeah that’s the buckle for the suspenders It’s just common practice to.. Yep. It’s illegal common practice It’s not illegal. you see a guy walking down the street carrying a gun. yep is that the only reason why you stopped me? for carrying a gun. yes. Ok. in that case refer you to dewberry
v U S here’s my supervisor to dewberry v u_s_ says that a firearm
were legally carried cannot be only cause for reasonable
suspicion for a far a stop. yep. am i free to go? You are. okay can I have my gun back? Sure. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Law student teaches police officer the gun law. Closed Captioned for hearing impaired

  1. But what happened next? Was anything done like a complaint?..If not, then this was all a waste of everyone's time…I'll wait here.

  2. Then the supervisor shows up one law quoted and back to being allowed free travel. Playing the retard role must be part of academy training nowadays.

  3. All we ever ask of them is to know the laws and stop phishing, harassing, and bullying the people who are paying their salaries! How fucking hard is it?!! Geez!

  4. Good lad..he knows his shit..quality..hope they radioed the supervisor and told him to go back to the station.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. So the pig says… So you're going to be that guy huh?… yeah I'm the guy who doesn't want his fucking rights violated you goddamn fucking ass pig!… Honor your oath! And then go piss off.

  6. It is absolutely essential to publicly execute ignorant pigs. This is why pigs are legitimately and rightfully executed..

  7. How to deal with lady cops 101
    Female officer: โ€œWhat is that under your shirt?โ€
    Citizen: โ€œItโ€™s my new cock-holster. You werenโ€™t getting the job done anymore.โ€

    FYI, thanks for the case citation, counselor!

  8. We've allowed things to become so backwards these days. This cop should be ashamed of himself, but I'm sure he's so dumb and brainwashed that he actually thinks he's doing his job by violating Americans rights.

  9. You f*cking people just love to forget how many senseless massacres we've had in this country and because you're a bunch of "fuck everyone" fucktards, you praise this asshole for being a prick to the cop. If you wanna carry a gun, do it up. But if a cop wants to make sure his community is safe by asking you for your name so he can make sure you're not a felon… COMPLY.

  10. So let me get this right. You want to suppress our first amendment right of free speech in a video focusing on people's rights?

  11. Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love this video goes to show you donโ€™t need to be disrespectful to officers all u need to do is know your laws and more than often they will walk away with their tails between their legs

  12. The bad part is this cop will still do the same thing to the next person unless his supervisor is there to call him off it's not an issue of educating them they know they are wrong but they know they can get away with their tyranny because most Americans still believe all cops are good and the cops get away with it every day . Until there is a change in people's attitudes toward cops they will continue to do as they please. We need to hold law enforcement accountable

  13. Very well done! Your knowledge of the law regarding firearms and the composure you held while speaking with the officer is impressive and very much admired but…i don't blame the officer for trying to make sure you weren't going to a high school in Columbine or a movie theatre in Aurora.

  14. Any pig caught in this type of illegal activity should, at the very least, be suspended and sent back to remedial pig learn the fucking law school!

  15. When a tyrant asks for your name tell them you may call me law abiding American citizen! Or OR tell them your name is; "I'm a fucking tyrant asshole"!!!

  16. They couldn't detain you becausee you were simply too well versed in the correct legislation.
    If you open carry it would be in your best interests to be on the same level playing field as this gentleman.
    Good job mate, You put their silly intimidation and hoop hopping ridiculous questions to rest with logic, pure and simple.

  17. This doesn't work for blacks and Mexicans… ๐Ÿ‘ด๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  18. I hate blue pigs but this wasn't a bad cop. Someone called it in, the cop came to investigate which he can do. If he stopped him for no reason give him hell but if someone reports suspicious activity its not a big deal.

  19. I have seen so many videos of police officers who do not know the laws that they are supposed to be enforcing this is a scary reality America

  20. Just "WOW" !!!! Very nice. Unfortunately in most cases with cops it wouldn't go that smooth, they would have thrown you down, cuffed you, stuffed you in the back of my car and taken you to a cage. Great video. Thanks

  21. The problem is that the cops DON'T KNOW THE LAW. That's a premise, they try to arrest you for taking pictures or video. Is it posible to have a list of the laws and descriptions that you use here? It would be incredibly useful.

  22. When they get a call of a man with a gun, they have to investigate regardless whether you believe it to be illegal or not. And please don't say that the publics ignorance is not your problem, it is when they call the police that your walking around with a gun the police still have to investigate, because if they don't, then the one who called see's that no one came out, now police will be in trouble for not responding, UNDERSTAND THAT.

  23. Police who don't know the law shouldn't be trusted to uphold the law, just like politicians who don't understand the constitution or any specific subject can't be trusted to create laws.

  24. Cops are not your friends no reason to communicate on a first name basis if you give up your rights they will take them

  25. This cop doesn't care about law at all. Fuck him and every other cop just like him. You break the law to pretend to enforce the law. Asshole needs Curb stomped.

  26. How can you be call a "law enforcement officer" when you don't know the laws. It is a misuse of tax payer money to pay a person to masquerade around as a cop when they don't know the law.

  27. Wow! What the hell, police think ONLY THEY can carry a GUN/WEAPON in public! I understand that there are 45 states that have open carry laws. I'll bet those five other states are: New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

  28. Veteran cops, close to retirement can't handle first year law students. This is classic. Cops don't even know the law!

  29. I love how these gun nuts think that people can tell at a glance that they have no ill intent while having a gun on clear display and I wonder how many criminals have used just exactly the same patter then went on to kill and all because gun nuts want to walk around with a gun on display and an inflated ego well done gun nuts.

  30. OUTSTANDING!! I live in the "Unfree State of California" and we don't have open carry and in San Diego County, it's impossible to obtain a concealed carry permit. I worked for several financial companies, and "could" be carrying over a million dollars in cash (or bonds) from loan closings and worried about being jumped and I was DENIED a concealed carry permit by our sheriff's office.

  31. WOW ! You wonder how much of this goes on with people that are NOT law students and have more issues with the police.

  32. Somebody PLEASE, teach these clowns the law. How in the gods name do these morons get hired.
    Stupidity plus.

  33. Cops have an easy job considering all the glory they give themselves but cant shoot a target accurately without unloading a whole magazine. Stand by your oath and quit hiding behind the "LAW" with your corrupt bullshit. Not our fault your kids are uglier than shit and wives are on medication. Learn to DO YOUR JOB

  34. A cause for concern is now reason to stop harrass put hands on and demand id from people wow . Did he wear a swastika and seig heil too.

  35. You say there can't be cussing in the comments.
    you's want the police to respect your 2nd amendment rights but you are denying everyone their freedom of speech, (1st amendment) hypocrite much?

  36. Handled very well, there needs to be classes offered to teach people how to handle the law professionally, so when overzealous cops try this, theyll be stopped their tracks.

  37. Officer you're in law enforcement learned the Damn law and the Constitution !!! Stop violating people's rights !!!

  38. Thank goodness the civilian was white. If it had been a brother, he would have been shot, handcuffed and beaten first and then they would have asked him for his ID.

  39. LOL for all the people that disliked this video must have no clue on how these pigs are trying to run this world without any knowledge of our rights. well done in this video

  40. Cops are so stupid, as this video pointed out nicely… the end he gives him his gun back and let's him go. Ring the bell school just ended.๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿท

  41. When I'm passing through the States of Washington, Idaho and Montana, I, a black man sees whites at the fuel pumps, in the casinos and even walking their dogs with guns in their holsters and they are not being harassed by the police. In fact one even had a conversation with me sharing his military background to impress me and wanting to extract from me why I left my beautiful carried beyond Island to be working in his Shit hole country.

  42. I have watched hundreds of police videos and this is by far my favorite. Cool, calm, respectful and heavily armed with knowledge and quick wit. GREAT JOB!!!!

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