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L96 Airsoft Sniper with Silenced Pistol – Gameplay Footage

Hello guys! This time i attached some cameras to my friend Fabi He’s a very experienced airsoft sniper and has played with his L96 Sniper rifle and Mk23 pistol for over 4 years now Fabi knows the game area very well and takes advantage of the terrain His silenced pistol has a lot of advantages But sometimes it leads to confusions People are not sure if they got hit, because they don’t hear the actual shot AHH! Huh? SHOOT! SHOOT! Blindfire? Are you retarded? *Sexy talking* *Epic slow-mo grenade throw* HIT! HIT! HIT! HIT! Because Fabi’s sniper is upgraded with an L96 tuning kit and an airhop He’s able to hit enemies at very long ranges I hope you guys enjoyed this gameplay If you want an accurate sniper like Fabi, you should check out my tuning kits at

65 thoughts on “L96 Airsoft Sniper with Silenced Pistol – Gameplay Footage

  1. i have a Mauser SR L96 and i wondered if any of the tuning kits work on novritsch site because i cant find one that goes for a mauser brand

  2. Great video. Thank you for sharing it with us. I was wondering. I want to buy this sniper rifle but I'm not too sure on fps and what kind of upgrades do you recommend? Thanks again for sharing

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  4. guys I really want an l96 with realistic mag placement but I cannot afford the tokyo marui l9 can someone give me a good base model to upgrade.

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