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Kuva Liches & Weapons, Arbitrations, Grendel, Titania & More – The Old Blood (Warframe)

Update 26: The Old Blood
First things first, logging into the game at any point before December 31st at 11:59PM
eastern time will get 3 forma and a 7 day affinity booster. If players have an account that was made at
any date before the 18th of October and that account is mastery rank 3 or higher you will
receive a Legendary Core. Grendel is live and can be purchased from
the in game market by itself for 325 platinum, The Grendel Collection is also available and
it contains Grendel, It’s Alternate Glutt Helmet, The Sumbha Syandana, The Signature
Melee Weapon the Masseter & a 3 day affinity & credit booster for 565platinum. For free to play players you can acquire Grendel
via unique keys found at the arbitration vendor in the relay which requires all nodes on the
star chart to be completed in order to access said vendor. In total there are three keys at the vendor
each costing 25 Vitus essence and each key has a specific part tied to. These keys unlock nodes on Europa where players
will have to complete a mission where your mods and Arcanes are disabled. Grendel’s blueprint on the other hand can
be purchased via the market for 35 thousand credits. The Glutt Helmet costs 75 platinum by itself,
the Syandana 100 platinum and the Masseter costs 175. The Masseter can be researched in the tenno
lab at your clan dojo and if you use the weapon with Grendel you’ll be immune to staggers
and knockdowns while using the heavy attack. As for grendel’s Abilities,
You have Feast, Grendel eats nearby enemies and stores them
in its gut consuming energy. Holding the cast will spew the enemies up. Nourish, consumes an enemy in the gut and
provides a buff to nearby players within the radial cast. You buff Energy, Armor & Damage. Regurgitate, Shoots an enemy from the gut
outward toward the directed target. Pulverize. Can be activated once you have enemies stored
in the gut and turns Grendel into a ball that you control. Hitting enemies in this state will consume
them. Jumping and impacting the ground will slam
nearby enemies. And lastly her passive is simply 50 armor
with each enemy consumed. With the release of this update Grendel and
Atlas have Leverian Exhibits that can be accessed via their market or codex pages. Continuing with the platinum based purchases,
the Titania Empress Deluxe collection can be purchased for 275 platinum and it comes
with the exclusive Dendrite Gunblade skin and the Heartwood Armor Set, which contains
the Shoulder Pads, Chest Plate and Leg Plates. If you wish to purchase only the skin you
can for 165 platinum but keep in mind you will need to pay the full price of the collection
at a later date if you want the gunblade skin or armor set. With the release of the Parazon players can
purchase the Essential Parazon mod bundle for 75 platinum and it contains all the basic
mods for the Parazon. The mods are Blood for Ammo, Blood for Energy,
Blood for Life, Hit and Rune, Auto Breach, Live Wire, Failsafe, Untraceable, Master key,
Runtime, Out of Sight & Intruder. The Hacking mods for the parazon can be found
in spy vaults and the finisher mods can drop from the games bosses. The Parazon can be found in the arsenal and
has 3 basic mod slots and upon collecting your first requiem mod 3 more will appear
that are specifically for requiem mods. The Parazon can also perform Mercy kills on
enemies that are below a certain health threshold but its random as to if the mark will appear
and even then the threshold is incredibly low. DE has also moved finishers to the interact
key, as they said now you can either use a finisher or continue with your melee strike
without unwanted finishers. It is also used for hacking now but only visually,
the hacking system remains the same as it was prior to the update outside of the parazon
hosting hacking mods. The, just mentioned Requiem Mods are tied
to the Kuva Lich systems that we’ll talk about soon and these mods can be acquired
via Requiem relics that have a 30% chance to drop from Kuva Siphon Missions and have
a guaranteed drop from Kuva Flood Missions. There are four requiem relics in the game
with 2 Requiem mods in each. To open a requiem relic you’ll need to play
the requiem survival fissure mission on the Kuva fortress. RR for short can be refined just like normal
relics and it costs void traces just like normal relics. Once you have your requiem mods they’ll
have 3 charges, with a charge being used upon finding the correct combination to kill a
Kuva lich and executing the kill. There are 8 Requiem mods in the game, Lohk,
Xata, Jahu, Vome, Ris, Fass, Netra & Khra. RR’s will also contain a new item the Riven
Sliver and these are used to purchase a veiled riven mod from Palladino at the iron wake
each week. The Kuva Lich Nemesis system, in order to
start and generate your own lich you’ll need to enter a level 20 or higher grineer
mission and wait for a Kuva guardian to address you and spawn a Kuva larvling. Kill it and extract for your own lich to be
generated. From there you can open your lich menu via
the games menu or navigation by clicking the red tab. This menu will display all the necessary information
for you to hunt down and eventually kill your lich. There’s even a tutorial. The process of this system follows. Open Navigation, Find the Planet with Red
Blood Overlay, Run the missions on that node but select you generated lich’s mission. Keep in mind playing these nodes will result
in some of your loot being stolen upon extraction, all loot taken from you will eventually be
returned to you when you kill your kuva lich. When you are in the mission, unique red markers
will appear above enemies and these markers indicate your lich’s thrall. Gun them down and interact with them to execute
a Mercy Finisher. Doing so will grant you progress towards unveiling
one of the three requiem mods required to kill the lich. This process will take time. At the moment we do not have the clan trading
system so the only way to get a new lich is by killing or converting it. Once you unveil all three of the requiem mods
required to kill the Lich, you’ll need to take guesses at which mod order will get the
kill. You can order them in your parazon’s modding
screen. To have the lich spawn you’ll need to kill
his thrall and clear his influence by playing the red nodes, he has a higher chance to spawn
the higher his anger bar is in the lich menu. Once you fight, if you have the wrong combination
he will defeat you, increase in rank and escape but if you defeat it, you’ll be granted
a choice, finish it off and gain his randomly generated Kuva variant weapon or convert it. Converting it will give it a chance to spawn
in missions at times of need to assist you but you will not gain its weapon. Each weapon is unique, as it’ll have random
elemental stats and bonuses plus it can be a Kuva variant of any of the following weapons:
Karak, Quartakk, Ogris, Kohm, Tonkor, Drakgoon, Twin Stubba, Seer, Kraken & Brakk. The Karak has increased reload speed, lower
recoil and better accuracy. The Quarttak fires automatically from the
hip and reloads faster The Ogris fires detonite-infused casings semi-automatically,
from a smaller clip, while dealing greater damage per shot. The Kohm, has a higher fire rate than the
original. For every shot fired in rapid succession,
the Kuva Kohm releases an additional bolt and grows more lethal. The Tonkor has increased reload speed
The Drakgoon, sends volleys of intensely hot shrapnel ricocheting around the room that
do not slow down. Larger clip size and reload speed. Can be fired in wide or concentrated bursts. The Twin Stubba, has a Higher fire-rate and
clip capacity. The Seer, has higher fire rate and magazine
capacity. Superior zoom capabilities, plus projectiles
have a small Corrosive burst. The Kraken fires three quick shots with a
single pull of the trigger, or can alt-fire burst the remainder of its clip. Higher fire rate, magazine capacity and reload
speed. And the Brakk is semi-automatic hand cannon
delivers a lot of punch in a small package. Higher fire rate, magazine capacity, and reload
speed. What I just read was what they have over their
original versions. Three new weapons are also tied to the Kuva
liches, and they are the Chakkhurr, A high-damage flintlock rifle that
does additional Damage on head shots! SHILDEG – A massive hammer for the smashing!! AYANGA – An Arch-Gun that can be turned into
a Heavy Weapon with a Gravimag. The Kuva Liches also have a chance to generate
with an ephemera and upon their death or conversion they’ll have a chance to drop said ephemera. In total there are seven new ephemera’s
that have not been shown as of release. Lastly in regards to the liches DE has said
that they plan to add other factions to the nemesis system. The Kuva Lich Hunter Collection can be found
in the market for 835 platinum and provides players with a copy of each of the new requiem
mods tied to the Kuva lich system, a radiant requiem relic pack and the exclusive to this
pack Kuva Zevokk Shoulder and Chest Plate, Kuva Mivek Chest Plate, Kuva Kredd Chest Plate,
Kuva Tireg Shoulder Plates & Chest Plate, Kuva Arang Chest plate, and the Tolon and
Stragh Leg Plates. There is also 7 Color Palettes once again
exclusive to this bundle and they are desaturated versions of already existing palettes, The
Undying, Agony, Hatred, Fear, Conquest, Rot and Darkness Palettes. Mentioned through the previous pack was the
Radiant Requiem Relic Pack, this can be purchased individually in the market for 85 platinum
each and it contains 1 of each requiem relic in game. For companions, there is now the Euphrates
Pet Armor Pack that costs 150 platinum and comes with a Tigris themed armor for your
Kavat and Kubrow, they can be purchased separately for 90 platinum each. Primary and Secondary exilus slots have made
their debut, they cost 20 Platinum each but can be purchased as a blueprint from the syndicates
for 75,000 standing. The crafting costs are 25,000 credits, a forma,
a single exceptional sentient core and an Orokin cell. The Blueprint can also be a reward from your
requiem relics. DE has also commented on its addition:
These Adapters will be for Primary and Secondary weapons only. Once we have finished making changes to the
Melee system, we will re-evaluate the need for a Melee variant. The conversation of tight capacity already
exists without the addition of the Exilus Weapon Mod Slot, so we’re making these Slots
default Polarities, meaning all Exilus Weapon Mods are – (Naramon) or V (Madurai) Polarity. If you’re familiar with Exilus Mods, they
are utility or movement Mods, not sustained DPS grants. The following mods are the eligible Exilus
Weapon Mods that sustain the utility intention. Anything not included in this list was deemed
DPS affecting and not true ‘Utility’: • Ammo Drum
• Shell Compression • Trick Mag
• Rifle Ammo Mutation • Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation
Shotgun Ammo Mutation • Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation
Pistol Ammo Mutation • Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation
• Arrow Mutation • Sniper Ammo Mutation
• VIGILANTE: Supplies • Eagle Eye
• Broad Eye • Overview
• Air Recon • AERO: Periphery
• Agile Aim • Snap Shot
• Spry Sights • Gun Glide
• Double-Barrel Drift • Stabilizer
• Vile Precision • Strafing Slide
• Steady Hands • Guided Ordnance
• Narrow Barrel • Targeting Subsystem
• Hush • Silent Battery
• Suppress • Soft Hands
• Twitch • Reflex Draw
• Lock and Load • Tactical Reload
• Eject Magazine • Terminal Velocity
• Fatal Acceleration • Lethal Momentum
• Adhesive Blast • Cautious Shot
• Fomorian Accelerant • Kinetic Ricochet
• Tether Grenades They have also made the following changes
to stats and Mod Drain to the aforementioned exilus mods
• Shell Compression & Ammo Drum has been increased to +90% Ammo
• Vile Precision is now -90% Recoil • Lock and Load from 13 to 9
• Tactical Reload from 13 to 9 • Eject Magazine from 13 to 9
• Vile Precision from 11 to 9 • Cautious Shot from 12 to 10
• Rifle Ammo Mutation from 9 to 7 • Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation from 14 to
10 • Shotgun Ammo Mutation from 9 to 7
• Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation from 14 to 10
• Arrow Mutation from 9 to 7 • Pistol Ammo Mutation from 9 to 7
• Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation from 14 to 10
• Sniper Ammo Mutation from 9 to 7 You can now purchase up to 6 Mod & Cosmetic
Config slots with each extra slot costing 10 platinum. In order to purchase them go to their respective
menus and click the plus icon. You must be at least mastery rank 10 to purchase
them. The Vasca Kavat can be acquired by taking
your kavat into the plains of eidolon at night and having it interact with a wild vasca. From there you’ll need to Imprint it and
breed 2 together. The conservation vendor Master Teasonai in
Cetus has a cure if you don’t want your kavat infected, she also has the required
conservation tools to find and conserve the vasca. She also has floofs. The Vasca can also be acquired via the markets
Vasca Kavat Starting Kit for 105 platinum. This kit includes an incubator core, 10 kavat
genetic codes, 6 dna stabilizers, a stasis slot, genetic code template and 2 vasca imprints. The Vasca Kavat has two Precepts:
Vampiric Bite: Vasca’s bite bypasses armor, draining her prey of life, adding to her own. Transfusion: When her master is in bleedout,
Vasca sacrifices some of her Health to raise them. Next up Catchmoon Changes:
• They have decreased fall off damage from 100 to 10. • Decreased range of projectile from 40m
to 20m and fall off range from 20-30m to 8-16m. They have also stated
Please note that we are monitoring item usage for other weapons who use similar projectiles
(Fulmin / Arca Plasmor), but will provide notice before we consider changing anything. We are simply monitoring at this phase. Arbitration Changes & Fixes, they said the
following: Some time has passed since our recent Arbitration
tweaks – after observing stats and listening to your feedback, here are our findings and
plans going forward: -The initial purpose of the changes, rebalancing
the different mission types, was a success! Vitus Essence output is now more consistent
across the board when tracking earnings per mission type. -We heard your thoughts regarding the droptables,
especially the points about Mod drops. We think there is value to having both purchasable
offerings as well as luck-based drops, but we can see how these items “diluting”
Endo drops would be a concern. We are addressing this desire for more consistent
Endo from two angles: 1. More of the droptable Mods that have been
available since Arbitrations’ release (Vigorous Swap and Rolling Guard) will be moved to the
Arbiters’ offerings for Vitus, replacing their percentages with more Endo. 2. We are adding a new way for players to gain
even more Endo, if they so choose. With all that Vitus, we wanted to offer something
else to spend it on. Therefore, a new Ayatan Sculpture, Ayatan
Zambuka, is now available from the Arbiters Honors store for 50 Vitus Essence! They continue
Offering a purchasable Sculpture allows players to make consistent progress towards resource-based
goals, even if players already have certain items in the droptables. Due to the addition of Vitus Essence dropping
from Drones, overall Vitus earnings are….. Higher than we anticipated. We’ve decided to leave these values as-is,
but will be closely watching the impact Arbitrations has on Kuva economy overall. As for the arbitration fixes, they Reduced
the number of Kavor Defector squads required for a reward in Defection Arbitration missions
to 2 down from 4. They added a Vitus Essence Decoration to the
Arbitration Honors Store for 15 Vitus. They tweaked the Vitus pickup FX to be larger
and red and fixed Vitus pickups sometimes falling through the floor. The Heat Status effect is changing so that
it now reduce targets’ armor to 50% of the original value, with subsequent Heat procs
refreshing the duration. Also, Applying the Status proc multiple times
will deal more damage per tick as the flames increase. Titania can now Transfer to the Operator during
Razorwing, Titania’s cast animations are now an upper body animation only (except Razorwing),
trimming cast time, Thorns Tribute now has Damage reflected AND reduced, Titania can
spawn up to four more Razorflies if all Tributes are active. Razorflies can now pick up Tributes and Enemies
directly affected by Titania’s Lantern will now have any damage they take dealt to them
when the Ability ends. Lastly to end part one, DE has made tonemapping
changes where they said: Our goal with changes to tonemapping is to
alleviate fatiguing images by introducing darker midtones. Things may appear more washed out in contrast
to how it was before, but don’t worry, it’s all intentional. If you spot things that are out of the ordinary
and real wack, please let us know! Where they displayed the on screne before
shot. And the now on screen after shot. This was Part 1 of the Patch notes for Update
26 the Old Blood, I will be releasing part 2 that will go over the major melee changes
Ember & Vauban’s Reworks and if that video doesn’t get too long, it will include the
general additons, optimizations, general changes and the fixes across the board for the game. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you

40 thoughts on “Kuva Liches & Weapons, Arbitrations, Grendel, Titania & More – The Old Blood (Warframe)

  1. And the worst part we on console still don't have the update even though the update said coming to pc and console

  2. Its important to note that for grendel part keys only one person in the squad needs the key to start a mission (like delerict nodes), thus finding a squad for keysharing would be the way to go. Its also worth mentioning that while most mods are disabled, Augments DO work and are heavily recommended.

  3. I don't even want this update to show up on console rip long runs stealth frames and my zenistar hello button smash and only tank frames thaannkks sooo much DE

  4. Are there benefits to defeating higher rank litches? Do we know the max benefits for kuva weapons? Does the elemental bonus count as a base dmg or is it just like adding elemental mods to the weapon?

  5. im lost as to why reload,magazine size,and reload speed isnt considered utility

    if warframe can get + slide and + str why cant gun?

  6. Thanks for the recap! It's so much nicer than reading through all the update notes.

    It's also a nice refresher for us who have read them.

  7. 2:08
    Did you just say Her Passive? Was that accidental? Grendel's a guy right? Come on we already have hildryn playing us we cant have another

  8. about the kuva weapons that you get after killing your lich. If it's MR locked will i still get the weapon after executing my kuva lich?

  9. The element for the Kuva Weapon actually isn't random.
    The Warframe that creates the Lich determines the element.
    Like Ember makes it have a fire element and Khora makes it toxic.

  10. Whose idea was it to have an 825 platinum bundle and make everything in said bundle be bundle exclusive? Why do I have to pay for everything else when I just want the armor or the pallets? The Deluxe bundles are fine since they are only 225 platinum if I remember right, but 825 is just insane.

  11. Could DE please fuck off with arbitrations. 75 vitus is way too fucking much for a warframe, especially if DE does ever decide to undo vitus dropping from drones, since console wont have gotten the luxury to stock up. Guess I'll be waiting for a 75% off coupon to buy grendel.

  12. This update is horrible. Kuva liches are nice but it is incredibly grindy. Grendel missions are trash especially for solo players with bad internet. The parazon is completely throwing me off while hacking especially in grineer hacking. Melee is dead to me, I refuse to melee. RIP Catchmoon it feels useless now especially for the amount of grind necesary to build it. Honestly idk what the f**k DE was thinking.

  13. important note ! The new hack tool seems to work slower on grineer console ! As a comparison, an operator's hack pin (the spinning thing) goes way faster than a frames .

  14. To address , beside the heat proc, seems armour scaling or corrosive it self got changed. As higher the enemy as more corrosive procs are needed. A LV 100 grineer takes 2 pox whole tics while a LV 160 needs 5 to 6 pox to completely strip there armour.

  15. I hope extractor drones
    wont get taxed too if Kuva Lich attack it and Kill it
    also steal our resources
    I Hope the fixed the Kuva Lich
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  16. For the grendel missions – all of it is disabled, not only the mods, dunno if it's intentional. You don't have any mods(yes), aura, arcanes, no modded weapons and the most painful thing – no operator and no gear wheel.Bare bones as if you are starting the game but on level 42+ enemies.If you have saryn/trinity you are pretty much ok for the energy problems/killing the things but otherwise you will be probably overwhelmed. Team play is best for these missions if you don't want to suffer.

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