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Kunai Knife Arrow Head (more from the Steampunk Pistol)

Hello and welcome to The Slingshot Channel I had a lot of positive reactions about my little steampunk compressed air pistol I want to go back and do some more stuff with it basically, as a reaction to you guys comments. First of all, a lot of people said the short arrows don’t really fly right because the fletching is too long. They said because the fletching was going all the way to the front, that I should cut it off shorter. I’ve done that, let’s test if it’s now flying more stable. Alright, let’s test it. It is definitely better. It is still not perfect, but definitely an improvement. Steel version next. Yep. Better flight. Ok, as you see, the flight was better but still, not perfect. Maybe these fletchings need to be a little larger. I think I’ll have to continue to work with that. This is the arrow that we shot last time, made from steel. Was really heavy, 160g. And, it wasn’t flying really stable. And people told me “That is the case because it only has 2 vanes, and the vanes aren’t put on at an angle so it doesn’t spin.” Some people also said “it’s because of the recoil,” So, therefore it’s kind of thrown off course. Also, this steel nail looks kind of dangerous… but I think it’s *NOT DANGEROUS ENOUGH* for this channel! So, I’ve decided to look into alternatives. Kunai knives are really really bad ass if it comes to penetration because they’re so sharp and pointy. So, what if attach a kunai knife instead of the nail? Is that possible?
YES! Let me show you what I came up with. Meet the kunai knife arrow
*MUAHAHA* As you see the kunai is really really attached to the steel tip. It’s again embedded into aluminum and then stabilized with wire and epoxy. Also, I used different vanes. I used vanes that are put on at an angle, as you can see. So, in theory, it should give the arrow spin while flying. Let’s test it. Ok, we are back at the long barrel, so we’ll have an RE08 model again. *MUAHAHAHA* WOW! That was really good! Wow, this thing has some kick. Really serious penetration, of course. And, I did see the arrow spinning. I hope the slow-mo is going to show that even better. Okay. Wow. I think this… …would have cut through a lot of tissue, arteries and everything. Let’s try again with the reduced power from the second filling. Even better, I think. One more time. This time, I will try to stabilize the recoil with a second hand. Right! *MUAHAHAHA* Wow. I think this thing now really reaches a level where you can call it dangerous *MUAHAHAHA* Okay, here is a little preview to coming attractions. *MUAHAHAHA* I want to make a launcher for this and then go Pokémon huntin’. *MUAHAHA* It will be fun. I also already bought the correct outfit for that occasion. Anyway, I hope you liked this because… …that’s it for today. Thanks, and bye bye.

100 thoughts on “Kunai Knife Arrow Head (more from the Steampunk Pistol)

  1. I love your accent, I love your attitude, I love how intelligent you are and lastly I love your awesome voice!! XD

  2. Do u have any sugestions of this kind of weapons, that can protect myself from the terroristsaction in München? peace!

  3. where do all of your projects go when you finish them? Do you have some 20 acre storage locker to keep all of them in? 😛

  4. Can you make an actual steam-powered cannon, boiler and all?

    Alternatively with the pistol, you could make a butt stock to help with recoil.

  5. hey man loving the pikachu onezie i cant wait for the pokemon go video, looking forward for it man, love your videos!
    P.S you look ALOT like my maths teacher and he is also great

  6. Make it tip heavy, and the rest of it very light, so wrapped paper with a compound lead+steel tip, in which case it can still act like a Minnie-ball, but of course, fletchings are really just to keep the back aligned with air passing around them often to help create gyroscopic force to keep the arrow spin stabilized.

  7. Try attaching strings behind the small arrow so it has drag behind it, so It flies like an arrow that is as long as the string attached to it.

  8. To better increase stability you could add a shoulder stock and maybe even make a rifle version for deadly accuracy. Love your videos. Keep it up.

  9. hey i would love if you could put in all the parts that you used to make this build, it looks awesome and i would love to ty it out. thanks! =)

  10. "Meet the Kunai Knife Arrow. evil German laugh"
    OMG I need a 10-minute audio of Joerg just laughing deeply. That will be my entire Halloween display, and it would still scare kids shitless, especially if you say "Meet my newest weapon, ______ Muahahahaha" 😀
    I love this channel sooo much; it's so fun and it's something completely different! Keep up the great work! 😀

  11. May you teach how to make that wonderful pistol???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease??????????

  12. About the improved arrows for the steampunk pistol. I think that the best projectile will have its center of mass all the way near the forward tip, with its center of drag (or lift) near the very back.

  13. Holy crap that last version with the kunai was awesome! I pitty the fool who picks Jorge's house to mess with.

  14. Now you just have to make it so that it can repeat. Maybe have the CO2 Canister in the handle with a brass pipe up to to fill valve and like a lever or something to charge the next shot….

  15. Watching your old videos from 2014 to now its amazing how far you've come! Always enjoy the videos when i get home from school

  16. Hey Joerg Just a quick question in the past I have made weapons from compressed air e.g bike pumps and springs however I would like to make a similar design to yours using the same kind of rubber, so what sort of rubber do you recommend I use ?- thanks. P.S I will probably right this in the forum If I don't get a reply.

  17. Hey Joerg 🙂 On the subject of arrow shooters, have you ever played around with "pana" slingshots? I think i have seen all your videos, but cant remember you ever making one. They are easy to make and alot of fun, i bet yours would have some badass features 🙂

  18. A random idea: drill well-placed wholes of the proper diameter and angle into the arrow to make it spin as it leaves the "inversed barrel". You'll lose power to make it spin but it will spin from the start as opposed to mid-air with the fletching.

  19. I like how hard Joerg tries to thwart German law in the ban of guns but he basically throws the purpouse of the law out the window because like half his inventions are deadly af. Like in this video he's like "Hmm, these B.A. nail darts aren't deadly enough. Let's try sticking Japanese knives to pipes so I can kill, uh wreck target boards."

  20. In order to make this more *steam*punk, build yourself a portable backpack boiler and feed the gun some actual steam. 😀

  21. You 100 percent could star in an action movie as the dude who makes all types of crazy weapons for the main character lol like Q is to Bond. You sir have my utmost respect, love watching you videos everyday. Helps break up the bullshit of life. Cheers!

  22. German humor, HA! HA! HA! 😜 But seriously, so cool gun! Blown away by the design. If you could make some ⚡️ arcs and sparks out the muzzle for visual effect that'd be awesome as well!

  23. Hey Georg, maybey you should try to make the fletches from a stronger material. I think the duct-tape is not stiff enough and it will flutter when you shoot it. You should indeed mount the fletches in a curve, but maybey you can try rubber fletches (made for archery) or real feathers.

  24. How's it feel being the man responsible for the most entertaining channel on YouTube?
    Love your content, as well as your personality 👍

  25. Maybe you can make a steam powered arrow shooter. Hmmm hmmm. Just an idea. Maybe you get that holy grail viral video… lol.

  26. If you set the pistol up so that the air tank pointed up with an L bend, you would have a longer barrel with the same sized silhouette

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