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Krav Maga vs. Assault Rifle

Have you ever shot somebody? Yes, you, on the show. Oh, yeah! Multiple times, in fact. Yeah, that’s true. I can think of two different episodes. [Brian’s voice echos in the distance]
♪ MODERN ROGUE! ♪ [robot voice]
Close quarters rifle defense. All right, so we’re back again at Lion’s Krav
Maga in Austin, Texas. We’ve got Katie, we’ve got Erika, we’ve got
Eddy. What are we learning this time? We are going to learn how to defend against
a threat with a rifle. Oh, thank god. I mean, it’s like I don’t want to make light of it,
this is an important skill to know how to do, right? Yeah, in the wasteland when you’ve got your
millwall brick and you encounter some guy with a rifle, you gotta know how to defend
yourself.>>Katie: Exactly. Let’s see it, Erika. [guttural noises] Erika, his finger wasn’t even on the trigger,
relax. [laughter]>>Erika: I’m not going to check. Okay, that was just as ferocious as I had
anticipated. Can we see it again?
>>Erika: Yep! [guttural noises] That’s like seven moves! I’m not going to remember any of that.>>I’m not going to remember any of that. Uh, okay. Walk me through what you’re doing here. So obvious threat is there’s the barrel of a
gun in my face, so we’d want to redirect it out of my face.>>Brian: And that’s your non-dominant hand, just across to get it out of the way. Yep, and then as you redirect, hand comes
up to your face because you are going to punch him in the face. Pop the gun up to get it loose, grab the butt
of the gun, and just scrape it all the way down him. Jab, and then you’re back. I have the weapon. Can I experience this? Don’t put your finger on the trigger though,
seriously, because it’ll break your finger. Oh, really?! That’s why he wasn’t doing it. Yeah, all four fingers on the- That’s good to know!>>Katie: Yeah, I guess we maybe should have mentioned that.
>>Brian: I mean, it would be really weird for me to
injure my hand on the show. I was about to say, it would be so hilarious–
he hurts his hand every episode. Okay, all right. The most important thing is don’t get shot. Right. Okay? So, I’m going to let Erika get shot. I know, I’m like… So I’m going to remove the barrel from in
front of me, and then I’m immediately going to come in and make you think about something
else.>>Brian: Okay, yep. All right? Boom, here. And then this goes, pow right in your face, yeah. Now why do you do the pop? You’ve already got the barrel,>>Erika: Good question.
why do you do the pop instead of just, do it like that? Well, because it’s slower, for one. If I go like this, it’s slower and this also
a more explosive movement. The difference between, put your hand out
and hold it right here. Okay. So I’m going to push it down, don’t let me
push it down. Okay. It’s consistent pressure, right? All right, now it’s going to be inconsistent,
explosive pressure. Oh! Gotcha.
Okay, that makes total sense.>>Erika: Exactly.
>>Brian: Okay. It’s here, boom, explosive pressure here,
gives me space so I can grab it. Ah. You really do, I mean I’ve got no leverage
at that point. Nope. It’s my wrists versus your whole body. She’s also stronger than you. Well, yes. Here, you need to experience this.>>Okay.>>You want to point the gun at me? Yes. I mean, no, but… Number one, don’t get shot. Yep. Punch him in the face, make him think about
something else. Here, grab the buttstock, scrape him in the
face. You got it, yeah. Grab it with the non-dominant hand. Mm-hmm. I want my hands, preferably, to be down. Obviously in a lot of these situations, you’re
not going to think and your hands are just going to start to come up. But as soon as possible, you’re going to grab
here and then it’s go-time. Yeah. Like, you don’t get to be like, “Oh s—.” “What am I going to do now?” Yeah, yeah. You’ve got to just go for it. And if you’re like, “I couldn’t reach his
face,” too bad, you’re just screwed, okay? You don’t have time. You’ve just got to keep going and make it
work. Okay. You’re going to take your non-dominant hand,
like a web here. So you’ll have your hands down. Okay. As you bring your hands up, the web of your
hand here goes across. Oh sure, okay. What’s the reasoning behind that? Because it’s the most surface area.>>Sure. So instead of trying to grab the gun in space, I just want to get it out of the way.
>>Oh, okay. And then, pop.>>Grab slowly.>>Jason: Oh, like that.>>Katie: Yeah there you go. And then pow. I would imagine you could get some serious, real injuries.
>>Katie: Oh yeah. Like you said in the last episode, you were
following a lot of instinctual movements, right? Yeah, mm-hmm. It’s not exceptionally complicated, there’s
no ballet that you’re doing. Everything makes sense and flows naturally
from the move before it.>>Yes. So here’s the thing, look. See, his line of sight is impeded by the gun. So I’m going to use this hand, and it’s going
to come straight up. If I come over here, he can see me going for
the gun and I’m going to get shot. Gotcha. Boom. And this part is super fast.>>Jason: Okay. Up and over. I guess, I’m so amazed by the checkmate that
happens, because once it’s off to the side, he’s not going to let go of the gun. His new priority is to hold onto the gun. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And then meanwhile he’s just got to take hits
to the face. And if I’m over here, and he’s now pulling
the gun back, he’s pulling me into his face, here.>>Right.>>Boom. Okay. Hands to the sides, or low anyway. And then… Pow. Pop it up. And then scrape there, and then bam. And then– [laughter] Rambo. Yeah. You want to try it?>>Brian: Yeah, okay. Uh, left hand up. Pop to the face, pop this up.>>Yep. Slowly scrape it down.>>Jason: Sensuous scraping. And then because it’s a movie, you’ve got
to go, “Ch-chikt!” to telegraph that it’s about–as if it’s not already primed and ready
to go. Like that, pop. Uh, pop. Scrape, pop, and then… be cool. What amazes me, like I was saying, how natural
it feels. Yeah, it really is your gut instincts, pretty
much are right. All right, here, you ready? Do me. Come here, let me shoot you. Okay. Pow. Wow, yeah. That’s great. Okay, oh!
I didn’t finish. [laughter] There’s a little bit more to go. Okay. Right? Pop. Yeah. And then. Ouch, ouch ouch. [misery] [somewhere between a helicopter noise
and rapid gunfire] Oh Jesus. Yeah, see you don’t want gunkatas, man. Gunkata! Yeah. All right, here let me try you. Wait, did you yank it away?! What! No, what?! I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t try to sabotage you. All right. Pop! pop. Scrape, slowly. Pop. So there’s a couple of really important things
when you’re defending a gun. The first is, the reason that you have to
practice this over and over and over and over and get thousands and thousands of reps in,
is because the amount of stress that you’re going to be under is huge. When you are staring down the barrel of an
actual gun, your heart rate’s going to go up, you’re going to get tunnel-vision, your
hands are going to be shaking. You need to be able to rely entirely on muscle-memory. It has to be simple, it needs to get you out
of the line of fire immediately, and you have to take the gun away. And this is the reason that you show up week
after week, training and training and training. So that all of this becomes rote and automatic,
to where when you find yourself in that situation, you’re not doing any thinking at all. Yeah, exactly, because fights go wrong. All the time, I mean, if I’m pointing a gun
at someone, I’m not going to be like, “Okay, are you ready?” “All right, here, do the thing.” “Do it.” “Okay good.”>>Jason: That’s not how it goes? Yeah, that’s not really how it happens. Like as soon as he does that, I’m going to
be like, “No.” Boom, and I’m going to take the gun back. So you have to go fast, and you have to get
in their face as soon as possible. It’s a fight, immediately. It’s a fight with a gun involved. Okay, let’s try it one more time. I want you to go fast, I’m going to actually
try to not let you get it. Okay. But, don’t hit me with the gun. Get up a little. This is a situation where the person is already
close, if you really wanted to kill someone you would be further away. Yeah. But this is like a… But, back here I would just have to go… [laughter] What was that, the Matrix?>>Ready?
>>Yeah. Uh, we’re doing the thing that they said you
don’t get to do. They’re like, uh, “Hey!” “Gimme all your money-oh my gosh.” “I’m helping ow ow ow.” Okay, I am now out of my comfort zone! Krav maga! Time out! Tap out! Dude, that was awesome. Thank you guys so much. Yeah, nicely done. You guys have a gym here in Austin, and we
can find you online at lionskravmaga dot com. Yeah, you guys are the best.>>Thanks!
>>Thank you. Put the gun down. Oh. [laughter] Yes ma’am. I’m sorry, I’m going to step away now. — CC BY BIZARRE MAGIC —
[branding furnace hissing] [light martial arts noises, static, and wind]

100 thoughts on “Krav Maga vs. Assault Rifle

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  2. What if the gun is empty but they have a pistol in there back pocket that has live ammo? What if you are doing an A.L.I.C.E drill where the cops will basically shot any one with a gun? But, hey, that doesn't matter. It still looks awesome!

  3. Anybody with more than 5 braincells knows to always stay back far enough for the person to be able to reach anywhere near the gun

  4. The U.S. Army taught us something to keep someone from taking our rifle from us. It involves taking our right foot, putting it behind us, then leaning as far back as we reasonably could which would cause the barrel to point straight at them, even though they were grabbing the barrel and pulling on the rifle. Then you simply pull the trigger. If they let go of the gun and you fall backwards on your ass, that’s what your right foot behind you is for to prevent that, but also you have your gun and at that point you can just simply shoot them. The only thing is that you have to be as fast as your opponent, but when you’re in a combat scenario and the adrenaline is flowing like it is, speed isn’t really an issue. Besides, no one wants to punch a soldier in the face because of all the hardware they’d be introducing their hand to.

    Likewise, she said when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun your hands get sweaty, you get tunnel vision, your heart rate goes up, and you need to rely on muscle memory. First, I’ve been in combat, your heart rate goes up and the adrenaline skyrockets. No tunnel vision, no sweaty hands. However, your brain doesn’t do that in your head voice thinking thing. You need to rely on your training. Essentially trained reflexes. Muscles don’t have memory, they’re a bunch of fibers. Your brain has memory, you revert to the habits you trained to reflex status. That’s why you need hundreds if not thousands of reps.

  5. I'm having trouble taking any of this seriously. Not because Krav Maga is overrated, mind you. It's mostly just that the first instructor kept hissing as she did it, and it just shook me out of it.

  6. 1:15 Let's change the steps.

    Obvious Step 1: Move in while slapping the middle of the gun to the side

    Step 2: Wrap your arms on the middle of the gun. That way he can't hit you with the butt of the gun.

    Step 3: Run towards him while doing this, because he obviously won't stay still in the first place.

    Step 4: Elbow his nose, temple and chin. In that order.

    You're welcome 👀😁😂💯💯

  7. I can't see that working against anyone other that a drug dealer. A soldier would never let you grab the rifle and most likely be wearing a sling. Still better to try than just die.

  8. Saw a video once where a guy was in close quarters defending himself like this against a spatula. Long story short the dude wielding the spatula got smacked a lot and im king of breakfast

  9. A rifle barrel is incredibly hot after firing. You will not be able to keep your hand on it for long. Also if you do that, all the guy has to do is step back (or accidentally stumble back from you punching him) and his rifle is now back in line.

    If you actually get your hand around someone's rifle (you're not), you need to close distance and grab as much of the rifle as you can by wrapping your entire arms around it. Hold on and grapple for dear life. If you are able to, insert a finger into the trigger and fire all the bullets so the gun becomes empty.

  10. Dawno niczego głupszego nie widziałem, niech złapie za lufę karabinu po strzelaniu, ….. trochę ciepła nie? Albo nie to przećwiczą z pain bolem albo airsowtem wtedy zobaczy jaka jest tego skuteczność.

  11. This is a guaranteed way to get killed….its reckless to think that you can use these techniques in a real life or death situation.

  12. I love you guys and all but you just triggerd me by saying "assault rifle" AR does not stand for assault rifle, it stands for ArmaLite rifle and no it does not stand for automatic rifle, thank you

  13. only problem is just that if he shoots the rifle between you grabbing it and you hitting him youre most likely gonna get a somewhat nasty burn on your hand…

  14. This shits so funny anyone with half a brain would of shot them. And anyone smart wouldn't get that close with a rifle and I doubt any of this would actually happen. The best defense against a rifle is your gun.

  15. The biggest problem is this requires them to be A. VERY close (someone wasn't respecting the 15 foot rule) and B. Them do do NOTHING as you grab for the weapon.

  16. a correction here she grabs the barrel of the gun if had been used it's going to be very hot and it will burn your hand very bad try to grab the grip portion instead i guess loosing a hand is better then loosing your life but id like to keep my hand too and for those who are going to say "it can't be that hot" or whatever a rifle barrel can get to as much as 1k degrees Fahrenheit before showing a change in color and that will ruin your hand nearly on touch

  17. But if the operator of the rifle fires I feel that between the sound hot gas and muzzle flash you would be very disoriented.

  18. I grabbed the barrel and tried to punch him but he caved my skull in with the butt of the rifle and then shot me in the face…

  19. assuming that you managed to push the gun to the side of you and somehow survive, Idk maybe the gunman has the slowest reflexes in the world, hes still going to be pulling the trigger and now you have an explosion going off cms from your face….

  20. I believe Krav Maga was used in some part of Israel by the army, the problem with teaching this type of technique is that you are literally never going to use them. In Israel they may need to fight in really small buildings or houses, but nobody that uses an automatic rifle would get that close to you in any other situation. Krav Maga out of context is rather useless, and this class you guys took didn’t seem legit, they would have thought you to always cooperate with the attacker. Seriously, it’s super important, if they ask for money or any other belongings you just give it to them, people are unpredictable, there is a lot that could happen. The Krav Maga that is being taught out of Israel tends to be either fake, poorly coached, or completely useless and incredibly dangerous. There is this other self defense, hand to hand combat, communication, etc sistem that comes from Israel which is incredible, it is called KAPAP. Besides teaching you hand to hand combat and self defense, they also teach you how to calm the situation, how to negotiate, and they teach you to give in if it’s just a robbery, because nothing is more valuable than your life. KAPAP actually teaches useful stuff and is very interesting, for example if you have a gun on you and you need to defend yourself, they teach you the most efficient stance and how to ready your weapon in the fastest and most reliable way possible. Also they teach LEGIT disarms with pistols and knifes. My brother is going to KAPAP and he has given me demonstrations, I have gone full force with a fake knife and I couldn’t do anything, it’s rather fascinating.

    Recently I was playing MGSV with him and he noticed that Snake’s CQC system is based on some KAPAP, even how he carries a body is the optimal extraction carry that they teach my brother, pretty interesting stuff.

  21. Who comes up with this crap and why do they call it Krav Maga. This is what's giving Krav Maga a bad name. I have never been thought this by an Israeli. This is not how I teach it. #IKMF4LIFE #ceaseandanddesist #notrealKeav

  22. Thanks for sharing your techniques. Could you perhaps try them against full resistance next time, so we can see whether they work under stress?

  23. I dont follow that punch to the face tbh, that's really bad body positioning. You have no power besides the jump they do. Except anything the person with the gun does will throw the unarmed person off balance. What they said about, "Hes pulling me into his face," that's not how a punch works. Without balance, that punch has nothing.

    They also dont go over footing. Where your center of balance is during all of this is so insanely overlooked that doing this with resistance changes where you are.

    Lastly, they miss the fact that you could just do a push kick during all of this to fuck with your opponent. Guy holding the gun can keep space and use other limbs. Guy fighting for the gun can get in deeper where a gun wont do jack shit.

  24. Where in the hell did you learn what you call Krav Maga!! This is the proper defense for long gun

  25. Hey guys love the show. But i just want to point out, this training video is so riddles with flaws. It is such a ineffective way to disarm a gun from an attacker. Please get the right person and info. Thank you for a great show.

  26. When you push it to the side you are going to get butt-stroked in the face, while you are trying to throw that BS punch.

  27. so in order to disarm the rifle attacker, i gotta grab a piping hot barrel AND punch over my own extended arm? this is already sounding like gold lol

  28. I mean, it would be effective i you have a rifle in your face, but anyone who knows better, would be a few meters away. Just saying. Yes, Im talking to you, Mr. Murphy 😉

  29. People who don't know how to work a rifle or CQBR tactics trying to teach the fundamentals of disarming someone at close range. Try this on someone who holds their rifle properly, in a proper stance, who doesn't allow people this close to them. A fast thinker, fast mover will shoot before you can push the muzzle of the rifle away.

  30. Yeah if you can get in dudes face nose to nose and just kiss the motherfucker while hes being weirded out and take your non dominant arm wrap it round his rifle holding arm/hand crank that shit behind him and choke em out
    Jk youd look dumber while you die lol

  31. And if you grab the barrel of an m4 you will burn your hand silly which will cause you to let go,better hope it’s not been fired.

  32. Yeaaaaaaah, if I see you and I’m holding any firearm your karate isn’t going to do shit……. it’s still something good to know and it does offer you training to aid in self defense in other situations however be sure your trying to disarm the right person and you better be real good at reading people because if you get someone that’s calm and steady and knows what they’re doing I wouldn’t try it. Defense in knife attacks however is a good thing and frankly I’d be a lot more scared of a idiot with a knife than with a gun.

  33. Do not try this ever. Ever ever ever ever ever. If someone is pointing a gun at you, either run for cover, and if you can't do whatever they tell you to. Or throw something at them before they can shoot you, then wrestle the gun from them when they are ducking away from the chair you've thrown.. If you try this shit, you will get shot. Doesn't matter how much you practice it.

  34. You also use your non-dominant hand because the assailant might pull the trigger as soon as you grab the barrel. In that case, your hand will get burned by the heat of the barrel and you want your dominant hand still functional for the rest of the fight.

  35. Karv maga expert: in fear *uses both hands to snatch my gun
    me (an intellectual) : uses my dominant foot to kick out his kidneys from his belly

  36. if they shoot while your hand is on the barrel it WILL burn you, and your vision is not impeded by the gun, it's designed to prevent you from dying, among other things so you need to see that is why it is meant to be somewhat light and skinny. point being the gun does not impede sight.

  37. If someone was threatening you that close and they did this to the gun the person would just violently rip the muzzle with the iron site post back out of your hand cut your hand open then shoot you

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