100 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • The Fastest gun disarm (Tutorial)

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  2. This is exactly the same technique that is used for a knife disarm found in German martial arts treatises from the 1400's. So interesting that our martial techniques are still applicable today!

  3. Easy peasy….when the person pointing the gun is stupid enough to be that close without it being cocked, ready to fire, with a finger on the trigger and the intention of killing you.

  4. i just want to see it demonstrated with a live ammunition on a working gun … just to make sure it works .. after all these guys are experts in disarming right ? if it was a real gun they wouldnt end up getting shot in the middle of their face right ? right ?

  5. Lavorare senza grilletto, in condizione di "ostile gentiluomo", non permette di apprezzare la sensibilità di certe meccaniche. Tecniche apparentemente efficaci potrebbero riservare qualche sorpresa. Purtroppo l'addestramento in palestra non consente una riproduzione verosimile dello scenario emozionale dei soggetti coinvolti nell'azione: molta attenzione si pone sulla condizione emotiva dell'aggredito, mentre si trascura, spesso e volentieri, la complessità della sfera emotiva dell'ostile. Vorrei poterci lavorare di più. Buon lavoro a tutti.

  6. dagli il portafogli e prega xhe nn ti spari lo stesso…
    in palestra le contromosse vengono sempre al 100%…
    per strada poi ci sono molti fattori….

  7. Well people normally hold guns with 2 hands not one. Holding with one hand is actually rare unless it's a 1911 ~ just sayin

  8. You should also use footwork to get out of the way. If the trigger goes off before you disarm you’re dead

  9. Look at the comments: a group of idiots saying that krav maga (or another martial art) it's useless in real life.

  10. Isso é mentira.nome disso cagamabosta.tuuuuuuudo mentira deslavada.deixa eu fazer.primeiro que eu não ia fazer isso.ia sacar de meia cinta.antes , há nmentira vai . enganação

  11. Si magari nei film funziona nella realtà in un centesimo di secondo chi davvero. La vuole usare ti riempie la faccia di piompo

  12. Te ostoba fasz,azt hiszed,hogy a fegyveres ember megvárja amíg elkapod a pisztolyát?Letérdeltet,és tarkónlő.

  13. as soon as you hit that guys hand he's going to squeeze the trigger, so they must make video How to catch bullet with your teeth

  14. In real life, this doesn't work
    first of all, he could punch u in the face cause he has a free hand and second none would point the gun in that way cause it’s stupid, the person with the gun would be far away from u and if he can’t and he’s near he would keep the pistol near his body with 2 hands.

  15. Unos parde errores que te podrian matar: si el sujeto que tiene la pistola tiene el dedo en el gatillo cabe la pocibilidad que cuando lo intentes desarmar la pistola se despare accidentalmenye

  16. una vez me robaron y me apuntaron con un arma a la cabeza y mi padre por querer defenderme le dispararon y murió,no quiero que me vuelvan apuntar con un arma entonces miro estos videos

  17. Pardon me, the commenters who said the technique in thus video won't work but isn't it Krav Maga is an Israeli martial arts created by them because it suits their environment?
    In an armed robbery yeah give your money dont try to be a hero but in a lfe and death situation like in Israel when terrorists is seeking your life and not money, heck! Either you try this techniqueand survive or say your prayer and die!

  18. Please do what You what with punches and kicks , but don't fuck around with people with guns.
    This stuff will get You killed and it's not real.

  19. Haha fucking idiots in the comments acting like they know shit,
    Let me tell you Krav Maga is used by the best militaries and special forces for self defence. Don’t talk about things you don’t know. Nobody needs you trashes here go and get some attention from your mums instead

  20. Thugs normally pin you with the empty hand and the other arm with the gun close to their chest. I haven’t saw any video that disarm someone like that. Chances are they shot your ass

  21. Si è facile sapendo che non può spararti voglio vedere nella realtà non ho mai sentito qualcuno che nella realtà a disarmato un uomo con la pistola

  22. Questo che fa vedere una cosa del genere magari lo può fare perché ha un allenamento di anni di esperienza anche se non ci credo nemmeno se lo vedo ,

  23. do you know why there is nobody saying that this technique doesn't work in real?….. 'cause all who tried this in real are………. D E A D!

  24. LOL, the guys finger isn't on the trigger. Had he tried that move with a modern handgun with a 2.5lbs trigger pull his head would be apart

  25. I came here to learn how to defend myself. But the guy holding the gun does NOT have his finger inside the trigger– a real robber would. How do you take the gun away if their finger is on the trigger?

  26. I'm watching this because some old lady just pulled a gun on some kids raising money for a fundraiser for their football team. She might as well live with an accidentally broken finger for her stupidity.

  27. Looks good and all but I think it would be more difficult to slap or snatch that gun out his hand if his trigger finger was in the trigger guard

  28. The real problem is that no one except some crackhead hood nigga would point a gun at you that way. Gun are usually kept 2 handed or out of range of reach

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