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Kral Puncher Breaker .25 cal PCP Air Rifle Pro Tuned By Annihilator Airguns, Better than FX Impact ?

– Oh! I am excited about this. I love my 50 caliber air rifle. That was with me in
Texas, the Dragon Claw. If you haven’t seen that
series, check it out. I had so many cool advent– (skidding stop) – [Zachary] How rude, I
forgot to introduce myself. I’m Zachary Fowler, and you’re watching Fowler’s Makery and Mischief. (slingshot firing) – Whoa! (slingshot firing) – Yeah! (slingshot firing) – Yeah hoo! (slingshot firing) – Hoo! (clay breaking) – That’s it! – Oh! (heart beating) – Adventures with this thing. It’s a 50 caliber air
rifle, you can pump it up. It’s got arrows. I mean, I wasn’t too
impressed with the scope, but it worked. It did a good, decent enough job. But it’s a lot of gun for deer and turkey and things like that with the arrows or with the slugs or bore, awesome. But the majority of the
stuff that was there in Texas like raccoons and possums,
when you’re out there, you can’t be picky, you know? When you’ve got rabbits all over the place and they’re just out of
range, they’re very skittish, so it was hard even getting
up on them with the slingshot. This was a bit overkill. I managed to use it, but
it was a bit overkill. So Trihammer of Annihilator
Air Guns reached out to me, and they sent me this, the Krel. The Krel Puncher, whatever,
I’ll put it right down here. Let’s check it out. Got my new Fastball from Gerber sent me. Getting all kinds of new toys. (laughs) Oh! I’m excited. This is a 25 caliber air rifle and how do I get in here? There we go. Now, Annihilator Air Guns is
a special air gun company. They’re not just like a
seller, but they are also a, what do you want to say, like
air gun mechanics basically, in the worst slang possible. They mod out air guns. If you’re interested in an air
gun that you want modded out or made to fit specifications, you could find out from
them if it’s possible ’cause one of my problems is, too, is this air gun is awesome. I want to use it to turkey hunt, but it doesn’t have a smooth bore barrel that will take the shotgun
shells like the Wingshot. And they’re going to
help me put a smooth bore so I can hunt with it, turkey hunt legally in
Maine with it this fall. That’s going to be awesome. And so they get these guns, they sell these on their website and they mod them out a
little bit so that they are a better gun for what you’re paying for. You pay half the price for this gun than you do for FX Impacts and– Oooh! Wow, this is the first
time I’ve handled, wow. This thing is cool. 25 caliber, this will
take down from anything from targets to coyotes
down to small birds. Just like the 50 caliber air rifle, it can be pumped up by with a hand pump. It already has a good amount of air in it. Have to open the back window
and take a couple shots. Let’s check out the instructions
and take a couple shots. Whoo, aren’t those fancy looking? Need the scope though, so I
grabbed this off of Amazon per their instructions from Annihilator. They said that this is a
good, good, decent scope, not too costly, but gives you the skills. I’m still pretty new on
playing around with guns again and everything so I’ve got
a lot of learning to do. This should be pretty interesting. (laughs) It’s been a long time
since I sat in my basement with a Daisy Red Rider plinking
down my old G.I. Joe guys, taking them apart with the BB gun. (gun clicks) That’s nice. There we go. Here we go. The cardboard box out there
with five targets on it, and we’ll see what we can do. Whoa, this looks nice. Let’s see, is the scope dialed in or out? Oh I can go even further in. I’ve got to get a scope
cam for this thing. This is so cool. This, compared to that digital scope, which was you’re looking
at, like a basically, a little video camera image
on the Dragon Claw there. That video image on the Dragon Claw was just so cheesy compared to this. Looking through a real scope. (gun fires) Wow. That was to the left and down a touch. So it needs a little sighting in. (gun fires) Wow. That was like, right
in the exact same spot. So… (gun cocks) (gun fires) It’s just putting all those shots right on top of each other. (gun fires) Oh! Well, that worked. It’s dead on now. (gun cocks) (gun fires) (gun cocks) – [Camera Man] It’s actually
making my ears ring. It’s loud. – I know, it’s a little loud
for in here, but it’s wow. (gun fires) (gun cocks) (gun fires) Whoo! Oh my goodness! This thing is addicting! I don’t know, what do
you think that is, like, 75 feet? So that’s nothing too
special, nothing super long. Let’s go check it out. So there’s the first three
shots, or first four shots. Boom, boom, boom, there. And then I went up here,
boom, boom, boom, and boom. That is awesome! Oh my goodness, that is so cool. Well, I’ve got to work on dialing that in so I can be really accurate with it and figure out how to learn how to shoot at different distances. I’ve got my work cut out for me. Also special thanks to DonnyFL for sending me a sound suppressor. You don’t hear it in the video,
but it’s as loud as a .22 and you put that sound
suppressor on there, it’s whisper quiet. Link’s in the description below. I highly recommend it. If you have an air rifle,
it’s so worth having, even that little crack that
comes from it is just gone. Be sure to tune in on June
21st if you want to see the Krel Puncher in action during our Wilderness Living Challenge. I’m Zachary Fowler, – And I’m the Wooded Beardsman. – [Zachary] And this is the Wilderness Living Challenge, Maine. Yeah! Whoo hoo! The point of the Challenge
is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating nothing but wild foods for seven days. Last time we did it in Canada. This time, he’s come down to join me in the coastal state of Maine. (funky music) Thanks for watching, guys. I’ll see you next time. Fowler, out.

82 thoughts on “Kral Puncher Breaker .25 cal PCP Air Rifle Pro Tuned By Annihilator Airguns, Better than FX Impact ?

  1. Hey Guys Im Back For a few days at least and ill be in tonight at 10 min before it starts to chat and watch it with you!

  2. Not going to lie Zak…I started following you when you were on Alone. And then watching you through the time to end up on my second favorite hobby, Airguns. Well second to bushcraft that is. I personally own a FX Wildcat Mkii and Impact. Both in .22. The Wildcat is used for dairy pest control and the Impact is for slinging slugs at distance.

  3. Curious do you have to the paperwork and background for the suppressed for a air rifle ? Might wanna check into that ?

  4. for that $700 price tag, you can have a silenced .22lr autorifle. Dont know why anyone but a felon would bother with such?

  5. I approve of you hunting with the air rifle instead of the slingshot! I can't wait to see what you can take out!

  6. not gonna lie, after a month without a new video, to have this basically be an 8 min commercial was rather disappointing

  7. That's awesome, with the capability of smaller caliber rounds!
    Come down to Florida if you want to learn about firearms

  8. Zak, cool gun, but, can I make a suggestion, ok thanks…
    I've been following since Alone, I never missed an episode.
    I would really enjoy a video of you and your two girls out camping for a couple days in your shelter. That, would be the best video you ever made.
    New season of Alone starts in two day's !!! Artic = Brrrrr

  9. luv the vids. Wow been a hot minute since an update, air rifle lover myself. Can you do a vid with anything and everything you can use as slingshot ammo, my favorite ammo is glass marbles?

  10. Much better setup for your challenges,can see u baging whatever game comes your way with that lil beast 👌🏼,can’t wait for your latest adventure with the wooded beardsman he’s one class act. 👍🏻✌🏼

  11. I've been shooting air rifle for over 30 years….I then saw one of your slingshot videos. Axiom Ocularis. Bought one…I haven't picked up an air rifle that was about six months ago..I don't hunt. But imho when you get it right a slingshot is far more satisfying:)

  12. I really like your new rifle! Good video, and I just might be in the market for one of those rifles very soon! Thanks!

  13. Looking forward to the Wilderness living challenge
    Well done on 2nd place at ECST big improvement on last year

  14. Great rifle but $750 is way out of my range. Plus in Illinois anything. 22 cal and above is regulated and needs an FOID card and registration. It's Draconian laws at there best. USSR FOR SURE!

  15. Love the wooded beardsman and I'm sure it'll be great. Did the 30 day challenge with the other Alone guy fall through?

  16. Zac, great job on the kickstarter, glad I got in on it. 👍🏻
    Can’t wait to see a Maine boy teach a Canadian how it’s done. Don’t get me wrong I love watching the Wooded Beardsman too.

  17. How about if I am right and this was really not a good idea… ill buy a new Kral Puncher Breaker and maybe you could talk the guys from over at Annihilator Airguns and see if they tighten it up like yours for me and on you… sound good?

  18. Sorry, but a Kral will never compare to an Impact. I had a regulated Puncher Breaker with the JSAR charging handle and sear(Annihilator buys them from JSAR), and it was nowhere near as accurate or well built as my Impact or Edgun Lelya 2.0. The Puncher is a good starter bullpup, but its like comparing a VW(Jetta) to a Mclaren. That's why you'll never see one do well in competition.

  19. The trailer and intro for the wilderness living challenge is so good! What is the music?? Honestly sounds good

  20. That are gun is flipping awesome man… I want one and I'm going to order one… eight hundred bucks is kind of steep… but it's an awesome gun and I'm convicted felon and I can't have a real gun … Especially in the state of New Jersey……..JJ….

  21. What kind of numbers are you getting over a chrony? I love the look and finish of those kral rifles but they just seem so underpowered. Annihilator doesn't really give any numbers on their site

  22. So your a felon . Then if your not using fire arms I'm guessing not judging bec I'm one and looking to hunt with one of these bec I can other wise . Makes me like the channel more i came over from the wooded beardsmen.

  23. so why air rifle? I was wondering this when watching your in Texas videos also. I mean, in comparison to just using a 22lr for the small game and a 12ga for everything else – shot for bird and rabbit, slug for deer. are you getting around different hunting laws by using the air rifle? honest question from a hunting, fishing, outdoorsman and who loves your channel!

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