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Kit review: Blitz Kit Belgian fortress gun turret ACG 1 in 1/35 scale

Belgian fortress gun turret ACG 1
Blitz Kit, 1/35 scale
Kit review Hello everyone and welcome to the kit review video of this Belgian fortress ACG 1 gun turret by Blitz Kit in 1/35 scale. In the years prior to the Second World War the Belgians maintained and built some substantial fortifications. This stretched from small machine gun nests to large fortresses. Their mid sized fortifications featured artillery shelters and such gun turrets for example. For this purpose they often used the same turret, which was used for their ACG 1 tanks. This was actually the French AMC 35 tank, which was exported to Belgium and adopted with the designation ACG 1. This kid of gun turret set up was commonly used in the Zeebrugge area, but there were other towns where this was used, according to the list here. I am not too knowledgeable when it comes to Belgian towns, though. Unfortunately i could not find a lot of photos of these gun turrets, but it appears like they often had this kind of camouflage pattern. It is meant to replicate a brick wall. Quite interesting. This kit was first released by Blitz Kit in 2003. I was not aware of this brand until last year, when i stumbled over their website. They have quite a selection of kits for the WW1 genre and the early years of WW2. Interesting products all in all. All their kits are made out of resin. They even have full kits of vehicles, artillery, figures, accessories and this bunker. I was fascinated by it, so i ordered it a while ago. The packing is very basic. The resin parts and the little instruction leaflet are just sitting in this resealable plastic bag. This could be better i think. Packing the parts in a small cardboard box would not hurt. However, as you can see the resin parts are pretty big and solid, so i think that there should be no serious damage during the shipping process. Let´s have a look at the instruction leaflet first. On the front page we get a list of place names where this type of gun turret was set up. On the back we get a single depiction, which serves as a rudimentary assembly guide. As you can see there is not a lot to assemble here anyway. Below we get a bit of background information on the turrets, but it is all written in French only. I translated it and discovered, that it is not very informative. Well, it is better than nothing i guess. We can make this work, those few resin parts do not require extensive instructions for the assembly anyway. Here we have all the parts of the kit lined up. As i have said already it is not a lot. There is a concrete base plate or roof of the bunker, the turret, a gun barrel and a few small pieces. I don´t know what the last part is for. It is not visible in the instructions. That part remains a mystery i guess. It is there and has no purpose i guess. Let´s have a closer look at the turret first. The part is casted as one single resin piece. I appreciate the fact that there are no big cast blocks to remove here. It is almost ready out of the box. There are some lovely details here, like the rivet heads or the vision slits. The door hinges at the rear are crisp as well. Neat. Some minimal clean up is required here at the lower edge of the turret. That is easy to sand off. No rocket science. It looks sweet. I like it that we can build the turret roof hatch opened if we want to. A lot of the other full resin kits i have seen so far don´t allow for that option. Here the manufacturer went the extra mile and provided a deep cavity, in case we place a figure in there. Good. It is worth mentioning that Blitz Kit offers a complete AMC 35 resin kit. This turret would be one component of that. This is one of the reasons why i got me this gun turret bunker, because i wanted to know the level of quality before i spend the money on a full vehicle kit. Now that i have seen this i am fairly sure that their full resin tank kits are just as nicely done. It looks good and impressive, i like it. Let´s have a look at the other parts of the gun turret. This is the gun barrel. The muzzle is hollowed out. There is some minimal clean up work required. There is always a bit of flash somewhere, it is hardly a problem at all and we are used to it. At the rear we get a small casting block, which we have to remove. The barrel is not twisted in any way. You can use this without any headaches, a metal gun barrel is not required here as a replacement. Next we have a few small parts for the turret. The thing on the right is the coax-machine gun, in the middle we have the hatch and on the left we get a few small lifting eyes and caps. There is a little bit more flash on these parts, but again, it is easy to remove. I see no problems with the parts so far. Finally we have the mystery part. I still haven´t figured it out. If you have an idea what it could be, please let me know. It is not shown in the instructions and it is not apparent where it could go on the turret. Must have been an accident. Finally we get to the concrete base, which is rather the roof of the bunker. The part has a lovely coarse concrete texture. There is a little pin in the middle, which is meant to pedestal the turret. It fits well. Nicely done. There a couple of bolts, which protrude from the concrete. As you can see one has broken off. This is easy to fix, i don´t think it is an issue. There is no clean up required here, but i think it is not a bad idea to smooth out the edge a bit. I don´t like the look of that edge as it is now. It should be a bit more even. That is all i would do here. The bottom side does not look very nice, but you will most likely end up with gluing this plate to a diorama base, which covers it up. It won´t be visible in the end at all. I would not touch this up at all, it is not relevant. The area on the top, where we can see it later, is nicely detailed and that matters. In order to demonstrate how it can look in the end i simply plugged in the gun barrel and mounted the turret on the concrete plate. It looks tremendous! Next to it i put a 1/35 scale figure by Dragon for size comparison. It is not a huge structure. I like that. It is an interesting subject for sure and allows for some unusual painting and weathering techniques. A small kit as an in between project not everyone owns or knows about. All in all it is a small and nice kit. Although it is made out of resin it does not require an aweful lot of clean up work. The assembly should be super simple and doable for evey modeller. Apart from that we get some nicely detailed parts and the subject itself is just awesome. Model kits of the material used by the Belgian Army in WW2 does barely exist at all. There are a handful of resin figure sets out there, but thats it. Because of that i appreciate any kit that is available. This gun turret kit can only be purchased from Blitz Kit directly as far as i know. They want 28€ for it, excluding shipping. This is certainly not cheap at all, but i don´t regret it. I wanted to know more about the brand, the quality of the kits and i love such bunker things. Under these circumstances the 28€ are well spent. My plan is to build a little diorama for this turret and add maybe one or two figures to it. Nothing fancy. Sometimes it is better to go small than big, i am doing enough elaborate things already. Painting this turret up in this camo pattern will be an interesting challenge. That alone will ensure that the little diorama gets the attention it deserves once it is done. That is all i can say about this kit. I hope you enjoyed this review and see you again in the next video, your Hamilkar Barkas.

17 thoughts on “Kit review: Blitz Kit Belgian fortress gun turret ACG 1 in 1/35 scale

  1. Ich habe ein paar Bausätze von Blitz (Laffly W15 TCC with 47mm AT, Autocannon DeDion Bouton, 47mm AT gun) die sicher guter Durchschnitt für Resinkits sind. Figuren (Chef de Artillerie) sind auch sehr gut…

  2. Отличный мастер ты очень мне нравишся! Я рад что твой труд нам нужен ! Продолжай дальше 🙂

  3. Another great and informative review on an obscure subject . Thank You ! Maybe that extra piece is for a machine gun base ? Until next video , take care , Tony

  4. Gutes Video mit ein wenig Hintergrundinformation zum Thema. Schöner Kit für ein Diorama mit, wie es scheint auch so gut wie keinen Luftblasenlöchern im Resin.
    Mal sehen wann Du Zeit hast, da deiner Inspiration freien Lauf zu lassen. Gruß Joachim

  5. Interesting. Very similar to something I saw in Guernsey next to a German naval tower. Ummm. I have a photo somewhere!

  6. Hi Hamilkar,
    not a big story to identify the "add" part. I have an old Azimut ACG with interior in my stock. Its for sure one part belonging to the first suspension of the running gear. If you google the ACG, you can fast identify it. Simply added by mistake.
    Best Regards from Cologne area

  7. The spare piece seems to have sneaked it's way in from the full tank kit, it is a part of the suspension near the front of the vehicle. 😁👍

  8. This turret wasn't mounted directly on a concrete base , this version with the bolts like this …..was a steel dome ,
    so this kit part is not correct.
    Look closely you see it.
    also see how flat is the part is on which the turret sits and rotate

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