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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Weapons vs. Armor

This video may seem disturbing for some individuals and viewer discretion is advised. All tests are performed by skilled professionals within controlled environments and should not be attempted at home. One of the most common misconceptions
about medieval combat is that armor could be easily pierced. You can see knights in full plate armor or in chainmail being stabbed to death or cut in half all the time. And
it’s nonsense. Today we will demonstrate how it
actually works in the real world and in the game as well. We have a lot of
weapons, professionals and also dangerous enemies that we’re going to cut in half and eat afterwards. Every weapon is good against different types of armor. In Kingdom Come
it is reflected in three different types of stats. We have blunt, slash and stab damage for every piece of armor
and weapon. Using sword against an opponent without armor wielding an axe gives you an advantage in speed and distance but using the
same sword is pretty useless against full plate armor. Don’t get me wrong, sword is a very
deadly weapon. This is a very sharp 14th century sword and
just look how easily it slices through this pig which is very similar to the human
body. So you can see that one blow is
enough for game over without proper protection. So now let’s see how the
sword deals with plate armor. So you can see that the combatant would
be safe from bleeding and cuts. It withstood pretty heavy blows. Even the
chainmail – and this is not a very expensive one – withstood stabbing and
slashing here. The sword penetrated the gambeson easily as you can see, but
it’s not a failure of the chainmail. So you can fight with a sword against armor and there are special techniques that can be used – and we have them in the game as
well – but there is a better equipment for a fight with an armored knight – like this
hammer. So surprisingly the armor withstood a lot. What’s most surprising is that the sword is almost intact. There is
a slightly damaged tip and there is one little dent here. But even those
massive blows to the armor didn’t make a scratch on the blade, which is very
surprising. You could see that the polearm penetrated the chainmail quite
easily, so you’ll be pretty screwed with just a chainmail and
gambeson against this huge polearm. So now let’s take this down and see how the
figurine ended up. These holes are from the polearm but the chest is intact. Even the warhammer didn’t do any damage. Here we can see the stabbing of the sword, so it would be probably lethal,
but you can see that the armor is pretty damn powerful and full plate
armor makes you a medieval tank basically. The weapons we used during our little
experiment are of course new. But this is very nice and extremely expensive
collection of Jakub’s of 14th and 15th century weapons found in Bohemia. So
these are really actual archaeological findings. For example this is a 14th century bastard sword with golden inlay. It’s heavier than the one handed sword we used. But this is really… I never saw an original sword. A lot of other weapons. The sword that we used is produced by the same smithy in Arma Epona as the sword that we are going to send to our backers, so you will get
the same quality as this one. There is a lot of interesting stuff,
this is for example misericorde that is used when the knight is down. You can
stab him in unprotected parts. That’s why it’s called misericorde. Couple
of axes, keys (quest item!), a lot of arrows and bolts – crossbow bolts. So this is really f**king awesome. So as you can see it’s very different than what many people think and it works exactly the same way in our game. We have three types of damage, four layers of armor and more than thirty damage zones on every character in the game. So it
really matters where, how and by what you hit your enemy. Every weapon has actually three attack numbers – how
good it is in stabbing, how good it is in slashing and how strong the weapon is
when you make a blunt strike. Every weapon also has different weight
which defines how fast it’s going to be and how much stamina you
will need to use it. Each weapon and armor also have different quality – a stat that defines how easily it’s going to get damaged. That creates a lot of complexity and space for different fighting styles. If you want to see more about this, you
can watch our previous Armor and RPG video.

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