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Kimber Super Jaegare pistol for hunting: test

The beautiful sound for every shooter. Hi! This is Alex from all4shooters Waffen Ferkinghoff send us this beautiful pistol; it is a Kimber Super Jägare in 10 mm auto. Available since summer 2017, it comes from the 1911 Custom Shop of Kimber USA. It’s designed for hunting. Here some facts of the Kimber Jägare: the magazine capacity is 8 cartridges, integrated muzzle-break in the slide Diamond-like carbon coating Finish, 6 inch stainless steel barrel, all-steel-gun, stainless steel frame with Charcoal gray KimPro Finish, solid aluminum trigger, reflex-sight: DeltaPoint Pro 246 mm length (9.7 Zoll) 1.190 g weight (42 ounces) The price is : 3.399 €

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