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KILLING HITLER | Sniper Elite 4 #4

*Wapoosh* Top of the morning to ya laddies My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to Sniper Elite 4. Now this is the Target führer level There’s always one of these in the Sniper Elite games Last time it was when..remember I had to shoot Hitler and it was like you had to shoot him in the balls to make sure it was actually him to see if you got the right one or not Because apparently Hitler only had one ball I don’t think this is the same..I don’t think I actually have to kill Hitler or anything like that anything as ludicrous as that But it is a… I don’t know, it says I have to kill Richter… I don’t know who that is or what I actually have to do in this but, hey it’s more sniper elite levels that’s the important part. That’s all I care about. I love this game. It’s so much fun. And it’s cool figuring out like where everybody is and- **Look at that. The Germans have got themselves an Impressive operation** They sure do, amigo. There’s lots of fucking mines hanging around everywhere. Good Lord, like these sea mines, Jesus, dude. That’s a bit overkill, don’t you think? I’m not even in the sea How are they effective up there? Ooohh! I see a sneepy sneep! It’s sniper vs. sniper time again. And we all know how that went down last time. Jackaboy came up on top. As I always do. Oooh God. Who’s spottin’? Who’s spotting me! Shit! Shit! Shit! Sniper! Aaah! Hide! (high-pitched) Hide, Hide, Hide, Hide, Hide! That- that’s my go to manly hiding voice You know what, let’s fucking– Aaaaaahhh! Doesn’t seem like he’s gonna want to move so, uh I’m gonna make him move. A shot in the balls’ll do the job. That didn’t hit him in the balls! Why are you telling me this !? I fucking know this! Aaaaahhh, there we go. That’s the one. Give it to Daddy. Give to Papa. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ahhhhh, right through his intestines. I mean, it’s great to know that you had chicken curry last night. but that’s not his testicles. They don’t call me the great testicle wrangler for nothing, you know. Hello! uh.. Die! Fuck! Ooooooh nice! Sexy little headshot! (HeadShot M8) Oh, he got a taste of my rod. The gun’s name is the Welrod, okay, I’m not making a dick joke. It’s lit- He literally got a taste of my rod- Keep up! It’s not all about dick jokes all the time. I mean, they are fantastic. But sometimes, it’s about more in life. I need to be closer but I’m scaaaaaawed! No. I’m not scared. You know what? Jack’s never scared! Fucking… ahhhhh! Slightly scared. Okay, it’s good to be a small bit scared. If you’re not scared at all, then you have no- (muttering in game) -you have no fucking sense to live! (gunshots) (pewpewpew) Aaahhh- did I get him in time? Yes. That’s the thing about this, there’s no slow motion Wait, is there– OOOOOH good NIGHT Cinderella! Fuck yeah that was awesome>:D Okay Dead little tappy tap tippy tap tap tap You okay? Is he dead? Confirm the kill! [Over Radio] Confirm the kill Oh no! Is that the guy I’m supposed to kill? Wuh the fuck I DO have to kill Hitler! I mean, how many times do you have to kill Hitler in these fuckin’ games? Before he’ll stay dead? oooooOOOOAH GOOD WILL HUNTING Great movie, great movie. Ooh, even better shot! I think I’m fuckin’ deaf here though! (Welcome to the JackSepticEye fanbase) Firing a- a fuckin rifle inside a bunker like this? That is a shortcut to tinnitus! Hmm… I have no traps. Which kinda sucks because it means I’m gonna have to take out these guys normally. And I kinda don’t wanna do that because- wait Heeeeyyy I fuckin’ diiid it! Oh that’s a downstairs, okay. got it nope nope nope! Down to the fuckin’ batcave I go! Bye Where are the supplies? Suppliiiies muthafucka Oooooooo Jack got ’em a new toy! Ooo nice one Feels actually a lot like the other one but shut up>:o It’s better>:D Hiii! How are you doing? What? Oh, not good? Don’t shoot ya in the head? YOU SHOULDA SPOKE UP SOONER, I WOULDN’T HAVE FUCKIN DONE IT THEN Heah, I would (savage level mAx) Someone’s above me- SOMEONE wants a taste of my rod! If that’s really what they want, do we really wanna- uh deny them that? He who wants the rod, gets the rod. He who comes into my bunker, gets shot in the face! Remember that one as well! That’s an important one, that’s- (thahh) that’s lesson two. Uh oooh Uh- okay Keep going down, Tha- That’s good Oooh shit Oooh shit Dude- ooh dude, oooh dude! That was the part you’re supposed to protect! The top of the head! [protection first always (; ] That’s the most vulnerable! *clicks tongue* Fuckin’ idiot. He doesn’t know how to not die (tsk tsk) Which bodes well for me [With accent] Hello little German friend! How are youuu? Oooh, where did I get ’em? Aw I shot him in the fuckin leg!? That’s not- GOOD ENOUGH (GET ‘EM JACKABOY) Mid range! Right in the heart! Get him! *Jack waiting for amazement-gasm* Ooh yeah! Oohh… That’s what we call a fucking casserole of kidneys right there! All up in his shit! Wait.. So what’s the point of being able to drop these? It falls into the water like *¯_(ツ)_/¯* Coool? Is there a boat that’s gonna come across that I need to shoot these off for? Mayyybe Maybe I’ll just do that. Maybe- Y’know for once in my life I’ll think ahead! I’ll think a slight bit ahead and and gear myself up for- for glory. Ye- *gets shot at* fuckin’ Jesus RUUUN AAH WAS THAT YOU? WERE YOU SHOOTIN’ AT ME?? Let’s see how you shoot with one eye missin! Yeah! How you feel about that? You fuckin- You talk shit, you get hit. You fire at me, I’ll fuckin fire back There’s a guy down there Where’d he go? Thank you guys so much for watching this episode, if you liked it, PUNCH the like button IN THE FACE! LIKE a BOSS! and! (highfivesallaround) Whoopsch! Whoopsch!

100 thoughts on “KILLING HITLER | Sniper Elite 4 #4

  1. Hmm, Baby Driver (A.K.A Miles) had tinnitus.. and he was a badass….. fires tommy gun rapidly in bunker

  2. Guard: (spots Jack)
    Jack: Sneaky. Sneaky. Sneaky.
    Guard: Never mind, I don’t see anything
    Jack: (snipes the guard)
    Guards spirit: I knew I saw something 😡

  3. did anyone else notice that in almost half of the episodes of this he shoots through the trachea?

  4. has anyone ever been watching a quiet video with headphones and then click on a jacsepticeye video and hear…


  5. I just thought, because he dropped the mines in the water, and hitler got on the boat then he would have been blown up

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