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Kids Find Everything | Gun Safety | Ad Council

MOM! I got it! What are you doing in there? I got stuck! Are you a dog? I wouldn’t do that. Have you seen the pliers? Where’d you find those? It’s not your birthday. Sorry. Bye, Grandpa. Bye, sweetheart. You take care of yourself. What are you doing? What are you looking for? [DAD and DAUGHTER laughing]

24 thoughts on “Kids Find Everything | Gun Safety | Ad Council

  1. Well made and thought out. The ad sends a clear message without being polarizing, which in today's world is very hard.

  2. Or you know, you could teach them proper gun safety and take them to the range so they dont have the temptation to play with a firearm. They should be taught that without adult supervision a firearm should not be handled. Many children grow up around firearms and only the ones that are chastised about them and never taught safety are the ones that have the urge to mess with them.

    This ad is propaganda.

  3. ok so I just saw the add on my TV and all i saw was the ending except hugging part so what i got from this a orginally was the girl finds a gun points it at her dad laughing maniacally as he falls to his knees

  4. I understand its telling us to put guns in safe places so children cant get their hands on it and think its a toy or something but that "gun" is a toy.

  5. If your kid points a gun at you they are idiot kids. It doesn't take a whole lot of brains to know which ones right and wrong.

  6. Teach kids… no people gun safety, and what to do. For god sake I know that people hate guns, but it needs to be addressed.

  7. I saw this on tv and he did not hug her. He just dropped to his knees and then the logo showed up. Why edit it like she was gonna kill him?

  8. When I saw him grunt and fall to the ground I thought, “OMG, that girl just k-killed her darn father!!!”
    Like if you thought the same

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