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Key Glock “Russian Cream” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I’m the type of person, I don’t care what
nobody say. I was just releasing music just because I
like my music, just to hear myself. I don’t care about sales and all that. I just like putting music out, I just like
being heard, ’cause I know I know what I’m doing. I know I know how to rap. Russian cream is my favorite backwood, the
best backwood, the smoothest backwood. This song really was a freestyle, know what
I’m sayin? I had about four Russian Creams, just pre
rolled right there beside me, and I was just in my zone and I just went with it. Who did the beat? My homeboy, my day one, Tay Keith. Me and Tay Keith was in high school with each
other, know what I’m sayin? He probably like a year or two older than
me. We started off at the same time. When I first started rappin, he was first
making beats. I’m gonna rap about my day, what’s in front
of me, what’s goin on, what I got on right now, all this. I be in the booth like I cut all the lights
out right. I just be motivating myself. I just be high. I be tweaking. You don’t see nothin, but you know what I’m
sayin, diamonds. I just be turnt up, I just be feelin myself. I had a rough life, but my life wasn’t rough
as others, know what I’m sayin? I ain’t gon cap like that, but you know what
I’m sayin? I always been drippy though. Gucci, Dolce, Versace, they my three favorite. They stand out more than anything. When you see that shit, you know that, “Oh,
that’s Gucci. Oh, there’s Versace. Oh, there’s Louis.” You know what I’m sayin? James Harden my favorite player. He a dawg right there. Yep. I keep my Rocket, too. The reason behind this rose pendant, is, it
mean I kill everything I do. When I dress, walk, talk, when I rap, perform. Just everything that come with me, I kill
it, know what I’m sayin? Just excellent, excellente. Me being a boy, I took her through hell, I
know I did. You know what I’m sayin? She got the world, she get
anything she want, just blessed. Everything really happen for a reason. My type of mindset and type of faith I got
in myself, I think everything I drop gonna go through the roof, so I just be content. I just be waitin on my time.

100 thoughts on “Key Glock “Russian Cream” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. at least he kept it real and said he had it rough but not too rough and lie like most of these other rappers and niggas

  2. man been waiting
    Been wanting to hear glockoma i like glockbond thats dope but shit i wanna hear new glock😎😎


  4. Finally, everybody’s sleeping on him, but he should be the biggest upcoming rapper this year, haven’t heard a bad song from this dude yet

  5. Am I the only one who thinks he changed it from “I got big rocks jumpin out my brand new audemar” to “patek watch “

  6. Understanding the meaning of songs like this make me wanna stop listening to them lol. I jam to this just to turn up and vibe with a good beat/flow. I guarantee most listeners can't relate to the shit.

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