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Kevin Durant AKA Easy Money Sniper Returns With Q & D | Knuckleheads S2: E6 | The Players’ Tribune

– Knuckleheads coming back at
you, man, live on location, New York City, you know what I’m saying? We got a friendly,
friendly, friendly friend who back again with us, part two. A repeat offender.
– Dos. – Yes, sir. – Easy Money Sniper in the building, man, you know what I’m talking about? – Yes, sir. – We came this way toward Brooklyn to holla at ’em, you know
what I’m talking about? He talking all things next
chapter y’all, let’s holla. – Brooklyn, we go hard. – Yeah. (hip hop music) – We always go with the famous question, who bust your ass, but this time around since you’ve been here before when you first got to the league, who’s the first person ass you bust? – Who did you give the business to? – Who did you give the business to, was you feeling it that night? – Oh, that next night, when I told you Mellow
cooked me that first night, that next night, Raja
Bell, we played Phoenix, Raja Bell and Grant Hill got a nice, I think I’d had 29, 27, one of those. Yeah, but they got it. Nice pump fix, up and
unders, shoot over top. – Going through all the awesome. – Yeah, and Raja Bell was looked at as one of the best defenders at that time. – Best defenders in the league. – I was excited I got to
cook him a little bit. (laughing) – He one to one. – Yeah. – Hey, I know what I want to talk about ’cause you came out, ‘everybody know what
happened in the finals, you came out and was
like, it was ludicrous to think that anybody forced
you or anything like that. I just wanna hear your
viewpoint on how you approach the whole injury, and what’s your mindset, ’cause I mean obviously
it was a million opinions and thoughts about what you
thought you were gonna do and the plan, and what
was your initial plan after learning what was going on with you? ‘Cause I remember I text you that night right when it happened,
we talked and you was like I gotta see what’s up with
it, you know what I’m saying? Because you weren’t sure yet, so it was like from
then I remember at that like people were saying this, they started rumors that night and I remembered you, I said he don’t, you’re not sure. You know what I’m saying? He going to get his shit
checked out, see what’s up and just this is hindsight, however many months
later, everything’s done. Yo, how do you feel about
how everything went down and from your perspective
what was going on? – I mean when I pulled my, partially tore my calf
muscle, a slight strain. That’s exactly what it said on the MRI, like I mean I was just– – So it was partially you calf– – Yeah, yeah my calf had, when
you got like a slight tear, it feel like a full tear in your calf, but it’s just like your muscle fibers pulled a little bit too
far, you know I’m saying? So it was constant irritation in my calf, up in my leg, so that was
gonna take four or five weeks to kind of get right back to where I was. I was planning on playing in
the finals, when it happened. – Yeah. – Anyway, you know what I’m saying? Game five, I mean four, I was like man, asking
the trainer every day, “You think we could play in this game? “You think I’d be able
to play in this game?” And he’s like, “Ah, yeah maybe, “game five looking more realistic.” So I just worked it ’til then, checked every box before the game, did my whole routine, worked
out, everything felt good. and then boom, in the game it happened. I’m just like, I can’t really trip because I went through all
the steps I had to go through and it just happened that way. – And this what we sacrifice. – Yeah, yeah. Sometimes you got to take it on the chin. You know what you’re gonna get
into when you playin’ ball, you might get injured or
something, you know I’m saying? – I was looking at you on
your warm-up before the game and you was looking good, your dunk and spin moves, everything was looking was looking good. – I felt good, I felt good. – And I was so hype. – I felt good. – I was like, Thanos is back. – (laughing) Yeah that’s how I felt. – And then when you came out and hit the, I said, aw shit, Thanos is back. – I’m telling you, I
was sitting there like this boy about to go crazy,
I said he ’bout to go full. This is truly what I feel,
you was using such a zone that you forget that you
even had shit going on. – Yeah I was. – ‘Cause it was like I out here now, naw. What you grow up? I’m about to boogie your, and it was like I done
forgot to really kind- – Yeah I would definitely say that. – I feel like you was already, I’m going into blackout mode. – I was in it. – I just remember you
was like he already there and it was like at that
point I don’t know nothing. It was like I’m just going to my shit and then it happens. – I was in it, I was really,
I was like all right, shit I done came down and hit it. My J feeling nice, I’m hitting
bottom, straight bottom, pulling up on a break and I’m actually playing
slide my feet a little bit, so my shit feeling good. And then I tried to just,
you know what I’m saying, I felt like I was back at the park, step back real hard like
and then I was like boom. I felt it immediately, like a pop and I was like no and I look back and I was like fuck I’m on the sideline. And it felt like as I was I was walking, my right foot wasn’t slanting,
you know what I’m saying? – Right. – I was walking down the hill,
felt like this shit ache, this shit crazy, you know I’m saying. My left, everything felt normal. – So it felt slanted, but
your food was straight? – Yeah, it felt like I walking down a hill and I was like yo this
shit feelin’ crazy now and I was like let me
just we regather myself. My whole career just went
flashing in front of my eyes, and I’m like aight, what’s next? You know I’m saying. Once everything kind of cleared up and I understood what was going on, I was just let me get surgery, and let me just go sit up and chill, until I’m ready to get on my
feet, you know what I’m saying. Since then, since the game
I’ve just been on this grind. – Yeah what was your reaction to see Clay, get hurt like that? It’s like we was already
devastated that you got hurt and then it was like
another knife to the heart. ‘Cause Mooney was hurt, he
had like a broken shoulder. – Yeah, collarbone something like that. – Something a big, he
came back and played, and we was like all banged. It was just like damn. Mooney got hurt on a freak play and then I’m watching the game, I think I had just got surgery
maybe, I don’t remember. But Bob, I’m calling Bob
Meyers throughout the game we bouncin’ textin’. I see Clay go up and I’m like yo, please don’t tell me it nothing serious. But when Clay go in the
back I know it’s serious, ’cause he don’t never leave the court. – That whole situation was amazing, he was like out there walking around, no Steve I’m good, I’m good. – One of those walk back
to the locker room dudes, he not doing that, his shit gotta be off, you know what I’m saying,
for him to do that so when he walked back and he was limping, I’m like he must really be hurt because he don’t do that type of stuff. But then he came back
to shoot the freebies. – Them free throws, walk
out there, all that. – They was like you
gotta come take the free, he was like, turning around like okay. – Yeah, he one a them dudes like, yo hit me with the cortisone,
I still go out there. He just love to play. He never gonna take
that moment for granted and to see him, ’cause he Iron Man to me. He don’t get injured. He missed practice from just over sleeping but not for no injuries,
or none of that stuff. No banged up, he would never miss games. But this will be good for him
to finally relax for a year and get his mind right,
get his body right. – When that happened
I said it was written. I said it wasn’t supposed to nothing, I don’t know the cosmos
whatever it was they was, but I say this has never ever happened, to where your two superstar,
all-star, max players, back-to-back games go down with- – Devastating. – Potential season-ending
injuries for both of them. – Devastating. – How in the play off finals, like no- – That was craziest thing ’cause. – No never happen. Never happen, I was like bro. – That was the craziest thing man and we had a great opportunity man. Fuck three-peat, you know
I’m saying, it was crazy. – When it happened like
that literally, the city, the team, the franchise you just can’t, it’s not like we didn’t,
and then y’all still fall, still like man listen, please. – We didn’t want to lose at that point, everybody was just like fuck it. – It’s like what can you what you say, when y’all both go I was
like this is unheard of. – It was crazy because that’s
the last game in Oracle. – Yeah, it was like war. – You didn’t realize it
through all of shit that was going on, from me being hurt,
to us losing the finals, to Klay gettin’ hurt, that it
was the last game at Oracle and that shit hit me after the game. I was like damn we had, every player had great memories at Oracle. When you come to the Bay
you playin’ at Oracle. Now that that’s over
with, it happened so fast and so much stuff was
more important than that and it’s just like, I
hope they didn’t get lost, you know what I’m saying, amongst the people in the
organization, the fans, that Oracle was such a special place. – Word. – Have you seen the new
arena and stuff like that? – Yeah, crazy. That joint is nuts man. They put a lot of work into that, just being there for the last three years, you seen the process, and from Joe Lacob and his team and Peter Guber and Rick Wells, those brilliant business minds,
they had a vision for that and that shit came together perfect. That was the best one in the league. Did you see the locker room? – [Darius] Yeah. – State of the art, it was dope, it was good to see that man, free agency. – You chose Brooklyn,
out of the free agents, that you went through, what’d you think about all the other teams that made a lot of moves,
that switched up their teams and so forth on. What did you think about them? – I think the league going
in the right direction, as far as to pivot, you
know what I’m saying. I wanna say like half the league
was free agents last year, not just the big-name players, it was a lot of like role players that got switched at team
two, that happened to sign and add on to some of these teams that got the bigger name star. That was the underrated
part of free agency, was like the mid tier players, the role players that’s
gonna help the star. I felt like the whole league has changed, it’s different now so it should be fun. – It was a good shuffle. – Good shuffle, it was
a much-needed shuffle. – I feel like people
have put their opinions, of what their thoughts of why
you made the moves you made, I just want to hear your
reasonings, in your own words. What what made you choose Brooklyn and what are you looking
forward to with Brooklyn? – Well just a basketball experience. It’s the whole experience and learn so much from
just looking at my whole basketball life from
high school to college, learned so much in
college and obviously OKC, and going to state, it was just a part of
my basketball journey to step into something new. Taking everything I learned along the way and pouring it into my new environment, and my new teammates, new coaching staff, we’ll see what happens,
but I’m excited about it, but I think I learned so
much up until this point that no matter where I play basketball I’m gonna continue to keep getting better. – What was your thoughts on, I mean obviously you made your move, but just on how the entire
landscape in the NBA shifted and changed and how free agency was, like you said, the league booming. – Yeah. The NBA, you what I’m saying,
you can’t complain about much especially as far as the
contracts being received and the money being handed out. Right now it’s an all-time high, What is your thoughts on just, I mean not so much about the money, but just look at the change
of where players went, new destinations, new faces, it’s a lot less of, I
guess, the big threes now. You got more duo’s taking
over everywhere and- – Yeah I think this was a time where, I mean, you had the best
of the best as free agents and majority of these guys have accomplished a lot in their careers and just wanted to choose a place where they can get everything,
from the living arrangements, to the coaches they wanted, the players that they
wanted on their teams, just everything and I
think it was only great for the league when
you got the the players putting themselves in positions
to effect organizations, like the Clippers, who haven’t been put in a
position like this before. You know what I’m saying? Now the Nets-
– We know. – Now it’s just opening doors
for not just the Lakers, Knicks, the best but Boston’s,
like the traditional teams that with a new brand, a new face, they’re starting to get opportunity to get some of these bigger name players and you’ve seen owners
building billion-dollar arenas to keep players there. Just add more service to the leagues, people trying to compete
to keep their players now. It’s all like an arms
race, but it’s all fun. It’s all good for the game, it’s all pushing the game forward. – And it make the anticipation
for this season even more for sure, right.
– I think Shane’s in for a big, big treat,
as far as like the season and if you a fan, I think
you have, now more than ever, you have a real hope, like man maybe my team
could get one of these guys because before you didn’t
have much hope for that. Now it’s like you see different teams, Utah signing guys and
making deals with big guys and made big moves this year and different teams you’re
not used to doing that. They added such a cool element
to the fan experience now. Because free agencies now,
it’s almost like your team winning the championship. Clippers got PG and Kawhi
like, they really had a parade. – That was a victory for them. – That was a victory. – Yeah, absolutely. And even Utah when they got Mike Conley and that’s a victory for that fan base. – For the Clippers in particular I mean, we have to understand,
we know from being there, that those fans it’s like, we got Kawhi, he chose us over the Lakers, that’s a win. Yeah he chose us, could you imagine that, like 20 years ago no
one would ever fathom- – Thinking about the Clippers-
– You feel me, c’mon man we were there, like nobody, we had three smacks is open,
nobody ain’t talkin’ about it, you hear me. – Now all these organizations feel like, man we just like one player
away, you know what you sayin’? ‘Cause this guy, he
might be from Sacramento, he might want to come home,
you know what I’m saying. We got so many of these dudes
from all around the country that may want to go back
to their hometowns to play and it’s gonna open up
so much for the league and it is gonna be an
amazing year I think. – Thirty-five and seven, we
all know you for the number 35, you made 35 famous, but you chose number seven in New York, what was the change and
what made you do that? – I mean it was something I
was thinking about for a while. 35 was a number that
was kind of agreed upon, my whole family like
you should wear this is, it’s a cool idea for you to wear that and I carried that for a while. It was time for me to kind
of step outside of that and put that up in the rafters and my personal right now, but to hang it up and just
kind of step into a new realm, it’s a new perspective of
me, you know I’m saying, and it’s like, it started
with some subtle as a number, changing it and ’cause it
kind of got my vision on it, just solely my vision on it. It was just part of evolution. – And it wasn’t seven,
why the number seven? – Man, just my mom’s
birthday is on the seventh, you know what the number seven stands for and spirituality and just awakening. So much went into it,
you know what I’m saying. Seven seven seven is a lucky
number, it was just so much, you see it around so much. My grandmother’s birthday is on the 17th. So much went into it and I
wanted a single digit number, so it was cool. – Kyrie Irving, one of
my favorite players, and you chose to come to
Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving. Elaborate on him, why you chose him and what you’ve seen in
him that you feel like you can go on this next journey with, to go to war with him? – I’ve been playing with
two great point guards, I like connecting with point
guards since I was a kid. My best friend on the team
has been a point guard since I was nine years old. It’s like, running up and
down a court your point guard was lookin’ for you, you
know what I’m sayin’. – Smart. – His best friend was a point guard so he didn’t want to play out the park. – Connecting with the points,
that’s always been my thing. ‘Cause they gonna get you the run. – I love point guards. – You know what I’m saying, just knowing so many point guards and just being cool with
all of them in the league. Damien is like one of my closest friends, you know what I’m saying, so just getting to see their mindset. Then being around Kyrie for a year, then having so many people
behind the scenes that we know mutual friends, and his game is flawless to me. It was a easy decision and being like, alright go from Steph to Russell
Westbrook to Steph Curry, I’m blessed in my career to
play with three point guards and I haven’t played with Ky
yet, but looking forward to it. But three point guards that
we worked so well together, we set each other up and it’s like, that’s how the game supposed to be played, with a wing and a point guard. It was like I always
envisioned that for myself, playing with the best
point guards in the league. – Me and my homeboys
were talking about that, I was like man you played with three of the best point guards of this era, you know what I’m saying, who gets a chance to play with that. – That’s unbelievable. – It’s rare, I mean it’s just, and it worked perfectly,
you know what I’m saying, like everybody shine perfectly and hopefully it works that way. I mean, I know it will with me and Ky, you know what I’m saying. But like everybody got their game off and got better along the way. – I saw the big Dre, DeAndre Jordan, had a big part of you. I saw that you and Kyrie took
kind of like some haircuts, to make sure that y’all
could take care of him. Talk about his importance and his impact on you
guys coming together, and why it was important for you guys to take the haircut so y’all could, make sure he got situated
and got straight too. – I mean first of, DJ is
a center that you need. – An All Star, he’s a All Star. – An All Star player bein’
around effects so much, when the offense has got the
the ball rollin’ reboundin’, to have them on the team is
only gonna be good for us, but outside of that, that’s our boy, you know what I’m saying. I played in the Olympics with him. I think that’s when we
really formed a bond. – One of the funniest and coolest dudes. If anybody don’t know,
Big Dre one the funniest, he’s gonna make it a lot
lighter in the locker room, I know that. – Always smiling, got a good vibe, but as a competitor who wants to win, I think at this point in his career he wants to help build something and something that can eventually
lead to a Championship, or something special. We got big visions, big dreams and obviously it takes a lot of work. But DJ is someone, he’s seen
the vision that we all had and we want to see if we can make it work. – Yeah, you seen last year
Dan Woodian and LaVert play good on they team last year, them two guys that have to step up, not only do they got step
up this year without you, but they’re gonna have to step up too. – Yeah. When you come back, speak
on them two guys in general, that that’s part of your awesome help? – I mean it was great that they got the player
experience last year, knowing what it’s like to be in the series and being tight games and I
think that’s only gonna help ’em and I mean you just
gotta let them progress. I mean it’s just natural for them, they’re just natural basketball players. It’s not like I’m gonna go in there and just tell them what to do. They know exactly how to play and I feel like they got
a right approach to it. And they already know
what the situation is, but like Taurean Prince I
think that’s the one for us who’s gonna have to step up
and continue to keep growing and keep getting better
because he got the skills, he got the mindset, – I like both sides so far. – He play with energy, yeah he just, he got all the skills, and I think playing with
a winning program now and a team that’s got
dreams of winning big. I think that’s only gonna help him. – [Darius] Help him to do good. – Yeah for sure. – Y’all deep man, I
think it’s gonna be huge with you being out, with all those guys getting all that experience
from LaVert, to Prince, to Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, all those guys getting those key minutes- – [Darius] Jared Haynes. – So when he come in it’s
like now when you get back those guys have gotten that much better and gotten that much used to
playing meaningful minutes and being in meaningful moments, so that’s gonna be good for y’all. – For sure, a lot of players not built for New York basketball, I feel your game and the way you play, this
is the perfect place for you to take it by storm. New York in general,
the basketball culture and all that stuff, how’s it
feel to feel it in the earth. ‘Cause when you walk around the city, it’s something in New York that you feel. How is it is to be in
New York now and kind of? – I mean it’s different. When I walk out, I’m in a hotel right now, but when I walk out the hotel I mean there’s people on the
streets at all times of the day and majority of these
people watch basketball. Everywhere I go it’s, “what’s up man. I hope you get well and I
can’t wait to see you back and congrats.” It’s been, it’s definitely been dope running into the fans here in New York. Of course a lot of
Knicks fans come up to me and wish that I woulda went to the Knicks, but it’s still just all love and I feel like everybody
in the city wants both teams to be at that level, you know what I’m saying. It’s only gonna be good
for the whole city. It’s been cool man,
nothing but great vibes. – That’s the one thing
that’s definitely great about New York sports fans, even if you not their particular player, somebody like you or Dre, at the level you are in your career, they have a high level of respect for you and always want to show that
love and the appreciation. Like, “yo that’s KD son”,
like you know what I’m saying, gonna run up and be hype
and want to take pictures, even though you didn’t choose the Knicks you gonna get a lot of that. – Yeah it’s always love
here, it’s like respect here. It’s like somebody see
you across the street they not gonna run across, they just gonna give you a head nod and let you know that
they respect what you do and I think that’s the
cool part of the city and obviously it’s just
my first few weeks, who knows what’s gonna
happen if we hit a ski and we lose two or three in a row. You never know how stuff goes and there are ups and downs of the season, but just a passion that they have, everybody has here for
sports, not just the Knicks, but obviously the Knicks is
at the lower of the totem pole in New York, but everybody just had
love for sports in general. – In LA you got the Lakers right, you got the Knicks, with Kawhi and Paul George
going to the Clippers, they trying to kind of
change the narrative, steal some of them LA fans. You being in Brooklyn, you
look forward to stealing some of them Knicks fans and bringing them on board over there? – Man, it’s gonna be hard to do that. This team, Lakers, Knicks
are just staples in our game. But the love for those teams have been, gone like 40, 50, 60 years. – [Darius] It’s in they blood. – It’s in they blood man,
it’s cross generation, so I’m not expecting
to convert Knicks fans. It just wanna convert people that probably never watched basketball before, you know what I’m saying, to come in and see something new and enjoy your show. New basketball fans I’m
sure those are the ones that we gonna try to turn it to Nets fans. – How happy was you for you
Russel, and James getting the opportunity to like play together, I know like what was your reaction when you actually seen that Russell was going to play with James? – It was definitely crazy
you know what I’m saying, ’cause how that whole trade went about. First off PG started off
going to the Clippers and then like you said, when you was with the Clippers, you seen it from the beginning, like I seen OKC from the beginning and I never would’ve
expected anybody to leave, you know what I’m saying. Now to see all of us gone and now Russel and James on the same team and it’s cool for them
because they reunited and they gonna have some new energy and new life around the team, and as me sitting out and as a fan now. I can look at it from a fan perspective, I’m really excited to
see how those two work because I don’t know. To be real, different players I probably can see how
they can fit together, like those two, I don’t see
exactly how it’s gonna work yet, but I know it’s gonna be spectacular, you know what I’m sayin’? I can’t understand it from
a basketball standpoint right now. But I know they’re gonna
figure it out and work it out because those two are
the most talented players in the league, we ever seen in the league, you know what I’m saying? – Russ, did you feel
like it was it was time for a new beginning for him? – Yeah, for sure. – He needs to kind of go somewhere, not really reinvent itself
but just go somewhere and just kind of feel
like a start over for him from all the pressure?
– Truly I feel, I means it’s my third team,
so I’m all for restarts and kind, just a pivot in your career, not even a pivot, but just
like a new fresh look, you know what I’m saying? I felt like for him going
into a different city, after playin’ somewhere
for so long and the new, just a whole new organization, new feel. I know it’s gonna be different for him. I know there’s gonna be just a totally different
organization from what it was, with the Thunder. Just how they operate, is just different, you know what I’m saying? Different GM, different
philosophies on how they play, you know what I’m saying? This whole NBA experience
it’s like Harvard, we’re supposed to learn everything and every small part
about each organization that we come across,
whether it’s do a meeting or if we get traded they’re, I feel like he only gonna
learn from this experience. – Yeah he’s one of my
favorite players to watch, even still and I’m happy he got a chance to get out of that scenario
because I don’t know how he would’ve did
being in that rebuilding, while they getting kicked around ever year and you know how competitive and how hard and how much he pours in the game. I didn’t want to see
him have to go through that type of losing scenario. – He too experienced. – He deserves the opportunity
to stay competitive. Any all-star player like that, who’s been an all-star
for eight, nine years, obviously that would be
great for that young team. But they deserve to, their
timelines is different, I just felt like he needed
to be around veteran players and he made the right
choice and about that one. – I have a high level of
respect for the Thunder and everybody over there
for doing it that way, for respecting him and not, not making him kind of, so
to speak, have an ugly exit. That they kind of granted
him a graceful exit, not him forcing his way out. He seems, like to the fans,
he’ll always be beloved. – For sure. – He never bailed on ’em or whatever and even it came to the
point where he should go now because he deserves a chance to compete. I was glad he got to go out like that. Everybody doesn’t get that
opportunity in those situations. – Especially when I left there and he had to basically patch
everything up for the year until they got PG and he strapped up. – He strapped, he did his thing. – You gotta respect think everybody there, he always be immortalized there. He gonna have a statue there, he gonna have streets named after him. – Straight up man. – You know what I’m saying? And forget all this other stuff, to look out from the outside looking in, as just a human being, to
see somebody come up from not even recruited, to that,
that’s a come up right there. – For real. – You know what I’m saying? He stamped, you know what I’m saying, in a legit NBA city, that’s dope to me, as the one of the first ones. Not a lot of people got that opportunity. – [Quentin] For real. – NBA, they have right now in this time, guys can kind of control the narrative. They can kind of switch up their career, instead of letting teams kind of control or send you here, there, or everywhere. NFL, you’re starting to see a lot of guys yelling out I want a trade, which is, it’s not really
like that in the NFL and so forth on. In the NFL do you think
that’s good for their game? ‘Cause I know I was seeing
Steve Young on a count down and he was saying this is not a game, this is not the NBA and I was like, man but if I don’t want to play here, why is you making me play here? I want to play football but, I might not want to play here no more. – The game is played on the field man. These dudes come to work every day, football players I admire them so much, because the level of focus
they got to have every day, every play, every rep. People who don’t have that much stamina- – [Quentin] People crash into your body. Yeah, while crashing into your body, they don’t have that much stamina even, to think like that mentally and to play like that physically. These dudes, they do
so much for this game, for these owners, at least let
them have a little something. If Jaylen Ramsey wanna go to anther team, what’s the big deal about it, I don’t see it hurtin’ the league at all. It’s like people gettin’ traded, cut and we won’t hear nothing
about it the next day. But the best player, at his position, want to go to another team. I don’t see the problem
with it, Steve Young. Who cares? – I didn’t like that he said,
“oh, what is this becoming.” They’re like, “what did you, that was like said in a negative way.” People, them NFL players
wish they had the security that the NBA players had with
contracts and all of that. – Too much focus on what goes
on at the negotiating table and is should be more focus it on what these dudes do on the field. Obviously that sells and we get it. But, there’s a lot of division
within players, ownership, just everything I feel like. Now with Jay-Z partnering with the NFL, I thought that’s gonna
do nothing but good for any division that we have. Within the community, the black
community especially in NFL, – [Quentin] I mean I feel like
people need to be patient. – Yeah, for sure. – And see what’s going
on, because I feel like as soon as it happened it was a lot of rush to judgment before any
type of action would have. Nothing gonna happen for a while and it’s like what’s going on, ’cause then you can start to
have your murmurs or something, but don’t jump on something
before it even do anything. – Yeah I mean Jay-Z has done
nothing but great for anybody that he’s touched. He’s affected so many lives. Whatever he said he’s gonna
do, I believe he’s gonna do. I think, like you said,
everybody should just be patient and whatever they expectin’ out of it, I mean I wasn’t expecting too much. I’m sure having Jay-Z as a
partner is gonna be cool, but everybody should just be patient and let’s see how it work out. – I don’t know somebody who in the league, like you in the situation this year, where you gonna have to rehab and sit out, and be watching and be a spectator. For you, who is somebody
that the average fan, or maybe even us we wouldn’t expect, like KB love watching this dude play? Whether it’s they work, the way they hoop, whatever it may be, something
that you just like about them, that the world, everybody love
LeBron, everybody love Dame or it’s the obvious people we know. But who’s somebody that’s under the radar that we may not know
about and what you see and what you like about it? I mean Lou Wills, probably
number one guy for- – Underground king. – I feel like he’s a hall-of-famer. – Underground King. – Yeah I feel like he’s one of those guys that is a culture changer and as far as setting
the lane for players, being an undersized 6’2″,
6’3″, not a point guard, not two guard, but just a player. He opened the lane for a lot of players. Obviously I still love
watching Jamal Crawford. – Number two boy, I don’t know who they
gonna name season there. – Exactly. – Both one or the other.
– Exactly. – Gotta split it. – I feel like Jamal could still win the six Man of the Year award, but it’s unfortunate that
he not on a team right now. but like he’s- – Next to the NBA. – Yeah somebody need to fix that. – Jamal ready right now, he
ready to bop bop somebody. – He had 50 last year. – His last game. – 50 points at that age, he’s phenomenal, you know what I’m saying. I like real hoopers like that, that don’t really have a
position, don’t really, they’re not gonna wow
you on the stats sheet, but they gonna get a bucket
you gonna know they out there. I like a lot of bigs that
just play strong and hard too. I mean I like Andre Drummond
when he on the boards. You know what I’m saying. He dominant on the boards. – When I when I worked for
the Pistons I would tell them I can tell when you when
you here and when you BSing. If it’s like the first six, seven minutes, if you ain’t got seven,
eight rebounds you BSing. I used telling them that on the day. I wanna see you get 20 or 30 rebounds, I wanna see he got it. – He got a skill for
that, like he upstairs. – All time great-
– Yeah he’s special. – I don’t care what else he does, he will be an all-time great
rebound, he has a knack. – I think he can get 20 a
game if he put his mind to it. That’s tough to say
’cause I mean they playin’ such a spread game over there in Detroit, but he’s special on the boards. I like watching him and
playing against him, you don’t realize how strong he is. He one of the strongest in the game, you know what I’m saying? I like Andre I think once he gets with- – Maybe you he would. – He get a great point guard
that, it’s just a great system. I think that DeRose this year, they’re gonna toss that lob up to him, DeRose know exactly how to play, you know what I’m saying? Get some bets around it. I really like Andre Drummond. He fun to watch but. – He’s one of the most athletic big guys that there’s ever been. He never gets hurt and he’s like- – Yeah he’s a workhorse. I like him. I mean so many guys. Trevor Ariza- – Cutty Cuz. – You know what I’m saying? Dudes that play their role really. – [Darius] He’s solid. – Solid, know exactly what
they gonna do out there. Trevor going to lock in, he
gonna knock down a three, now he playing on the pick-and-roll even. But he got better at
year 15,16, that’s late. He’s playing a different game at this age, just I like seeing players like that. – Who was, say first year,
second year, third year player, who was a young guy in the
league that you’ve seen play over these last couple of years, that you’re like, oh
he gonna be something, as he steady continue to get better? – De’Aaron Fox I think he gonna be a stud, like a star in the league,
a perennial all-star once their team gets better. – [Darius] I like that one. – His speed is something you
can’t teach, it’s in a mode, like DeRose, Russell Westbrook. I think he gonna be a star. I really think Lonzo
could be pretty good too. – I like Lonzo. – I like Lonzo a lot. I think I held him to such a high standard when he got into the
league I had to realize what he was as a player and he’s just a do everything. You don’t notice he out
until he make a flashy pass, but outside of that he
gonna just play solid, play defense, make the
right plays, never complain, never argue to the ref,
never distract you. I like who he is as a player. – I feel like him he’s one of them players that any given night that’s
what he gonna give you. If you need the assist he
gonna get you the assist, if you need the points from him, he gonna get you the points. You need him gonna play defense or, I feel like he all around, like that he’s not really not one thing and I feel like with that you, you can shy away from his value but, it’s like he’s valuable
because he can bring whatever that team need that night. – I think his value, a
lot of people put stock in what his father said. – Yeah. – Coming into the league, the
hype that his father put on. – We spoke on this. – Yeah, a lot of people held
him up to that standard. – First of all, I feel
like it was it unfair, in the sense that prior to
his dad doing whatever he did you had, the general fan or whoever, began to feel one way
or the other about him. They never had a reason to dislike Lonzo. And throughout he never gave
you a reason to dislike Lonzo, only dislike that you could
possibly have for Lonzo was because of what Levar was doing. I don’t see, and you know,
you were his teammate. Steph ain’t the type of person who’s like, “I’m about to bust his kid’s ass.” But when you hear somebody tell the world, this kid who ain’t never
played in the league- – Oh no, Steph’s like that. – Is better than him, oh no
I’m ’bout to bust his ass. – Steph’s like that. – Well even if he wasn’t,
you know what I’m saying. – You know what I’m saying he
gonna give you on of those, but he feelin’ that, he
thinkin’ that up here. – And you should, all of us were like- – When he seen Lonzo, he was like, “hey I heard what your pops was saying.” He didn’t even say that, but me just knowing him,
I’m like Steph probably. – [Quentin] That’s what I’m
saying, that sounds fair. – Target on his back,
that’s what I’ve seen. – That’s what I’m sayin’ bro? – You can’t play your
first game against Pat Bev. – Oh my God, what’d I tell you, I say, yo if anybody,
that was the perfect, worst first game ever. – It was perfect. – This guy here is the
guy, c’mon y’all, Pat Bev? Who dunked what? Don’t care, like oh it was, I said, I told him, yo and he was
talking before the game, “oh you think he ’bout
to show up tonight?” Nah. – I think Lonzo ready
for that bump though. – Yeah he nice bro, for
real he’s 6’5″ plus. – And he lookin’ in on D, he
pickin’ you up full court, he makin’ the right plays. At first, the way he shot the ball, he wasn’t shottin’ it
well, I was like c’mon now. – Forget about any of that, just think about what I’m about to say, his form flukey, all that. All that was there, if you take away what his
dad had put out there, the man averaged, what was it 1277? – Yeah, nobody- – Bro, ain’t nobody doin’ that. The bar was set too high. – The bar was set too high. – That was unbelievable
for a rookie point guard, that’s like one of the hardest positions to come in the league and
get put right in the fire, on the Lakers with all of this stuff, man averaged like 1277. – I wish I would have averaged
that my freshman year. – 1277? Bro that’s tough. – That’s tough. He didn’t shoot the
ball particularly well, but I was just like, really I just had to stop
listening everybody else. I’m like let me just sit here
and analyze this dude’s game. I’m like oh he’s a problem. He’s subtle with it, like he’ll take all your action, from just like playing hard and shit, you know what I’m saying? Dudes don’t do that no more. He’ll pick you up and
get in the passing lane and then he’ll just turn the whole game. – Last year in the playoffs,
as basketball players, we understood where he was coming from of playing within the game plan. A lot of, when you was
playing against the Clippers and you wasn’t taking as
many shots as possible, but you was playing
with in y’all game plan and making sure you was
hitting the open guy, you wasn’t just forcing the
lighter side over to people. One of my favorite
quotes from last year’s, that you said like, “you
don’t know who I am? I’m Kevin Durant.” It’s funny to me that game though. – The next game, or the game before? The one we’re not, because
we had lost that game. – The game in LA. – You talkin’ about game three. Game three, yeah ’cause
after that game two, we had been playing a certain way, where everybody was touching the rock, you know what I’m saying? I wasn’t getting 20 shots,
I was getting more like 14 or 17 shots a night for the
last two month and a half of the season so I went in to that, approached the game that
same way in the playoffs. And game two, we were up 30 points, we should have won that game. But they came back and beat us and the way I was playing I
only took like eight shots and I could have forced
it a little bit more, but I just wanted us to
keep playing the same way because we were up. Our defense is the reason why we lost. All that shit came out. Everybody wanted to talk to
me about Patrick Beverley. I’m just like, are you serious? – The point guard. – I like him, he good but he just good- – Can’t go and do it all. – Just too small, it’s
something that we can’t control. You can’t control being
seven inches shorter than me, I can score on this dude whenever. But we lost the game and
when you lose a playoff game then everybody just turn
up a little bit more. And coach was calling more players for me, he kept me out there longer. I was playing 16, 17 straight minutes and when majority of the
starters are on the bench, I was only starter on the floor, so I got the ball every play
and I just went from there. And I was at the peak of my powers, I felt like the only thing I
was looking at was the room. – When I was at the peak
of my powers. (laughs) – The go got big. – Yeah I wasn’t thinking ’bout nothing, but just dominating every
time I got the ball, not just scoring but, just
being as perfect as I can. – Doing everything, you
know what I’m saying, making the right decisions. – That took me back though. That game took me back
to when we had, had, the last time we came out to
the Bay and we chilled with you and you was talking about how, “I was really trying
be efficient at this.” I was like bruh, remember
when we was looked, I said bruh he just look how he playin’, he ain’t fucking around
with the game right now. He turning on it, get to his spot, he’s still trying to do the
same shit, he’s just not going. – Yeah he’s making decisions before the can even decide
to double team or not. – Decision was made, this
is one of my students. – I mean you have to make
a decision on our team. Our guys were moving so
much in the backside, so if I got on the post
you couldn’t be standing, you had to always be
the Clay and Steph body, ’cause they move so well off the ball. I’m just waiting on you to just, a split second, if you off their body for a split second, and then I throw it to them and they shot. I’m just waitin’, baitin’ guys, I was really having fun with the game ’cause they couldn’t stop me and I could make every pass in the book, you know what I’m saying? The offense was clicking. – But like I say, we know
that you was following in the game plan and most of the times, when guys do have big games they kind, they go a lot outside of the plays. But what would be frustrating me sometimes with commentators or
with, really commentators, but reporters. It’s like y’all cover this game, y’all do this game so
much, when we kind of say, no I just played within
the Florida offense they act like they understanding and in basketball terms,
what are we talking about. – We so talented and
skilled to a outside world, they don’t feel like we, like
our game has any structure, so they don’t believe we run plays, they don’t believe we come
down and get into a set. We run a set, we go over
our plays every day. We might improvise more
so than any other sport, but majority of that is
based off of something. We’re coming down getting
into a pick-and-roll, we got a couple options out of it, but your best players can
improvise and that’s what we did. Steph improvised, Clay,
myself, like Dre Martin, but we had a set template
of how we wanted to play and that’s what we all tried to abide by. Especially once we got Cuz, we really felt like
why we got a center now and that we could throw
the ball to in the post, so we had added another
dimension to the team that we had to give up some
stuff to other players. Steph had to take less shots, I had too, Clay, Dre Martin had less
opportunities to get Cuz involved, that’s the part of
offense I’m talking about. – Let me ask you this, I asked Kobe this and you played against it. You played against Kobe and
them in the year they won the championship in the back-to-back. They had Feel as a coach and you know that they run one play. – Yeah. – With them running, I know
you going into the series you was like, man, they run one play, we should be able to
stop this, get past this. What do you think about
that triangle offense and that one play of how it couldn’t be, the options from it? – Got so many options. It all derives from the
Post and the Mad/Post, so when they was throwing
the ball into Andrew Bynum, the little stuff that we was doing to take centers out of they
actions, we couldn’t do. We couldn’t front Andrew Bynum because– – No corner man. – No backside help, so
you had to stay behind him when they got a guy in the
corner and a guy in the wings. Our big had to play behind Andrew Bynum, you can’t guard him, he
too big, it’s unreal. – And even though it was, like you said, it was one play, you know
how we got to scout it, it was like 40 plays. – 40 plays in one. – They put ’em up, all right
this is this wrinkle out of, then it was called this, or called that, and then when Lamar
Odom came into the game, you gotta watch the lob, watch the lob, throwing up the elbow, he
throwing it to the wing and he running hard as shit off
the other elbow for the lob. They had so many trick plays and sets and Kobe was just a master. He was just like an orchestrator and shit. He coming off and he dropping
down and I’m past this time, I’m gonna pull up the next time. Phil Jackson made sure that
offense was a pressure release. You could not over deny, you couldn’t get into the passing lanes, you couldn’t like double-team,
you had to play straight up and you had to play inside
the three-point line. Anyone that that smoke,
Mike was posting up and you couldn’t front them, you gonna have to take that Kobe. You can’t like deny,
none of that extra shit. You can’t do all that extra shit, you gotta play straight up, and that’s what Phil Jackson understood. You get the best players
that play around the basket and you got the triangle you gonna win. – Take’s a winna. – But that’s a smart ass system, man. Smart fucking system. – So smart. You deny one person, the other person cut, shit was like pristine,
back door and all that shit. Then on the other end they got
a strategy for defense too. They funneling you to the
base when Kobe had power and Bynum, but when he was with the Bulls, Michael Jordan and
Scottie Pippen was roamin’ and they was going to steal everything, like you couldn’t turn your back on them, because Mike and Scottie
was swiping hard every time and they out, they had
strategies on both sides and Steve Curt has the same thing, strategy on both sides, like how we want to play on both sides, you know what I’m saying, and you could tell he
got that from Phil Pop, and that’s what great coaches had. They bring both of that, they
bring both sides together and have strategies for that shit. Not no rollerballs out in play, like we’re gonna figure this out. – I want to call a couple
of names out there, ’cause you a big NBA historic, and called a couple of names our there and you just kind of tell us what you used to love
about that person’s game, and what you thought he
brought to the table. Scottie Pippen? – His versatility, you
know what I’m saying, somebody that can get off the glass push, make plays and transition. But in that triangle he was
making plays from the mid post he taking dudes off the
dribble, throwing dimes, he did everything for ’em and he kind of was the glue for that team and then physically,
to be that strong with those long arms and good hands. He was a nightmare on defense. – T. Mac? – His heavy jump shot I
would literally work on that every day and for, still to this day, just because I see him do it. – Big Dog Glen Robinson? He was just a natural scorer. Somebody that got like, You see some players in the league that you don’t know how they get buckets, but they just score, you
know what I’m saying? He was one of those dudes,
he didn’t have a for sure, for sure go-to move, or he wasn’t giving you
all this extra stuff, but he was just flat-out getting buckets. – First person who dunked
on me in the league and it was his fault, he pushed me. Pushed me into a lob. – When you push a person
and you playing defense, that means he’s not playing defense. – Yeah, that means he’s not in position. – Pushin’ him to get on over there man, get on over there. – Nah, he’s supposed to be my brother, and he got my ass dunked
on, my first ever dunk on, ever in the NBA, Big Dog Glen Robinson. – He averaged 30 in
college, he was tough man. – Big Dog was serious man. – Purdue, I got, he right
there next door to Illinois in Indiana but I never see anything. – He was going nothing but dog lifts. – Hale Dodd, as a rookie said, “Dean came in and gave
everybody the business.” – [Kevin] He averaged 20 that first year? – What, he was rookie of the year? He had everybody up. – The Big Dog fucked up the money though, you know what I’m talking about. He came out asking for a hundred. (laughing) Damn, damn Dog. – Hundred. – That boy came out and
asked for a hundred, I said, damn bro, I think
he got like 70 or something. – He got it back though. – He got like 70 though. – Five year deal. – They put that thing in I think, they said, “now hold on, we can’t have these damn
boys doing what he just did.” And then he showed up,
so it solidified it, like naw he was worth it, so they knew somebody
else was gonna try it. – Somebody comin’ after
that, that’s when KG, did KG come after that? – Soon. – Yeah KG came after that. – JO was part of that, JO he ain’t get the little rookie scale, JO came out with a bang. That’s why when I be messing with him, like man all a y’all too rich bro, y’all boys was before any of the scales and everything was going up. – You was the number two pick,
you asked for the hundred. – Let me get a hundred. If I seen somebody before me gettin’ that, come on man. – [Darius] You feel me. – Let me get that off the top. – What you thought about the
U.S.A. team, playin’ and shit? – Man, I just thought
they were a young group, I wasn’t expecting them to
go over there dominating. I was expecting them to win, but I wasn’t expecting them to
go just dominate these teams that have been playing
together for so long. That’s smart. Experience, you how to
play in that overseas game, ’cause you could sit in the
pink, you know what I’m saying? It’s a trapezoid. No it’s not a trapezoid anymore, but the courts smaller,
three point line closer, you gotta play a half court game, and it’s just a different game, and those players were young. I felt like they went over
there and learned a lot and qualified us. – Do you feel like the
world is getting better? – No, if we had our best players we would have easily won that tournament, you know what I’m saying. If we’d a had- – They telling all that stuff about it’s gonna be a time where
U.S.A. ain’t gonna win. I don’t see it, not with a
telescope, I don’t see it. We send all A squad. It ain’t even close. – When you got dudes
from the United States playing ball to put food
on the table hungry, these youngin’s hungry out
here, it ain’t happening. We got the most athletic
and the most talented and skilled players and we
got one of the best coaches in all of sports in Popovich,
so we should be straight. – Who’s your favorite
NBA team of all time? – [Kevin] That’s a good question. – Your favorite NBA team of all time? And can you name they starting five? – I mean it’s 2017 Warrior team. – That was your favorite? – I mean that was one of the
crispiest basketball teams I’ve seen. – It really was. – That was just flawless
basketball in my opinion. The, was it ’01 Lakers? – [Quentin] 2000, 2002? – The swept up the Nets. – It was 2000, 2001, 2002. – That was 2002 I think. – When they swept the Nets that was- – That was the first
year, it was 2000, 2001. – Yeah that was one of
my favorite teams too and Steve Nash first MVP team, that’s when they start when hey you
like they start runnin- – [Quentin] The LeBron team. – Yeah that step up was nice. – Nah, he like the one you got traded. – He said the first time,
not the second time. – The second year you won MVP. – He resents it, you know what I’m saying? Appreciate that, you know what I’m saying, the original chain with the
fun and guns tons, the 405. – Can you name the starting
lineup for the 2000, 2001 team? For the Lakers? – The Point, Fish, Kobe, I wanna say, was it Devean George. – Rick Fox. – Rick Fox at the three? – Rick Fox was at the three. – Dang I always thought
that was Devean George. Who was at the four, nah that’s- – The had Horace Grant at the four. – [Kevin] He started at the four on that? – Yeah, Horace Grant started at the four and there was Shaq at the five. – Obviously, yeah. – Wasn’t that the starting lineup? – No. – Was Horace Grant there? – Horace was on that team. – Not that year. He didn’t get a ring with them. – Yes he did. – [Kevin] With that Laker team? He got one I think when
they played Philly but not- – Was Robert Horry the starter? – No. – Who was the starter at the four? – It was Elden Campbell. – Hell no, that was way before that. – No, man. – They mighta went smart. – It was Horace Grant, I’m telling y’all, number 54 Horace Grant. – Horace Grant was on that team. – Yeah. – That’s when they beat Paul and them? – I gotta fact check you,
I don’t know about that. – Google it, it’s googleable. – Googleable. Shout out Diego. – What is your favorite moments? Either something when you
came up that you remember, what was one of your favorite NBA moments? – Making it to the finals 2012. After that game, that was
one of the best moments. Obviously winning 2017, that was, it took me to another level. I was on a different high after that. Getting drafted, that just changed my life in a matter of seconds,
you know what I’m saying, my whole thought process changed. – What about just NBA history moments? Outside of mine, man when I would say when Kobe
won his back-to-back year. We had played them that year, I think. And we played them in the first round and so to see them go
through the playoffs, that was a memorable moment. ‘Cause it’s my first playoffs and then losing to the
champs that was pretty, yeah that was pretty
cool, as a young player. But to see Kobe though,
you know what I’m saying, get that shot. People sayin’ he couldn’t win without Shaq and all that other stuff. You could tell he felt
liberated after that one, you know what I’m saying? He was done proving himself. But then the Vince Carter
dunk contest after- – Yeah that was life
changing for everyone. – We had a game that day in high school, we had a game and after the game, we instantly went home to my house and I seen that dunk contest. It was one of the most amazing. – It was a good crew though,
it wasn’t just Vince. – Nah it was Steve Frances. – T. Mac, all of that. – Was Leonard Hughes in that one? – I don’t know, I don’t think so. – It was somebody like- – Well it might’ve been. – Yeah I think Leonard Hughes
might’ve been in that one. I don’t know but- – [Quentin] Nah, but it was just overall like you said, it was- – A good crew, yeah. That changed how I looked
at all this shit too. ‘Cause to see somebody
throw it between they legs for the fist time, and
put they arm on the rim, that was different. – Start bench cut, Steph, Rus, and Kyrie. – God damn. I gotta play this game. Nah, I don’t know that’s
not, who you goin’ with? Damn that’s tough, y’all gonna
put me on the spot like that. I can’t cut either one of them. Nah I’m gonna pass on that one, I don’t want no smoke with nobody. – [Darius] That was gonna be a tough one. – I don’t want no smoke, yo, you know what I’m saying? – [Darius] You gotta start Kyrie. – I don’t want no smoke. – In your draft, if you
had to pick two other guys to play three on three with, who is the other two guys from your draft, that you would pick, to
play three on three with? – Marc Gasol, he was in that draft. – [Quentin] He was second round, huh? – Yep, he was second round. – [Quentin] Crazy. – And Conley, Mike Conley – Mike Conley. – Conley was a fourth pick that year. – Grit and grind. – I think that’s a good spot for him, Utah, I think him and Donovan
they’re gonna fit well. – They been lookin’ for that
point guard for a while. – They have. – Since D Will left, they’ve been looking for that type of point guard. – Yeah they definitely want
D Will, crazy about that. – That’s a culture right there, Utah gonna, they always play like that, tough, hard as shit. They gonna move the ball, play pick-and-roll heavy. They gonna always keep
two bigs on the court. – I mean I’d rather play
for any team in the NBA, except for Utah. I’d never move to fucking Utah. I never want to go to Utah man. Every time we went to Utah it was nobody. Went to the mall, nobody in the mall. – That’s what I’m talking about man, we had to play them twice up there. – I mean Andre Igoudala always was like, “yeah, we try to take
our time to go to Utah.” – We was like, we played
them in the playoffs, it’s like yo, we’d rather
go play the Clippers. – We hope they lose so
we won’t have to play ’em in the second round, that’s funny. – I mean how fucked up is that. – We cheated as well in Utah man. – You left a championship
team in Golden State and I know when you left OKC,
you took something with you, to go to state. Now you left Golden State,
what all you taking with you from that experience in Golden State, that you gonna kinda
implement to the future, moving forward? – I mean a good thing about the Nets is, how Golden State ran the
organization everyday, like it was a family organization. Eric Housen, who’s the
equipment management, I don’t even want to call him that. He did everything for the
Warriors from setting up flights, to dinner reservations,
to getting equipment. But those type of people that, they’re the framework of the organization. That’s what’s gonna hold your group up, that’s what’s gonna hold the team up and like seeing that every day in OKC, seeing it in Golden State. That’s two different perspectives
on how they handle things. I’m telling myself I’m
gonna take that to the Nets and oh they already got
they shit in order already, you know what I’m saying? They are already perfect,
they got everything that both of these organizations had too. Even though they’re a young
and up-and-coming franchise, but more so than anything
it’s just experience. A lot of these guys haven’t
been in the championship round and don’t know the focus it
takes to get through a series, you know what I’m saying? ‘Cause a lot a guys are young, haven’t been in that position, game five, when the series
tied, or being down 0-2. I’ve experienced every
situation in the playoffs, you know I’m saying? I can provide some type of
experience to the younger guys who haven’t been there, along with Kyrie, who’s been a champion too. That’s more so than anything, but once I got into Brooklyn, I had this view on how I
wanted to approach this and it was like, I had to just totally
throw that out the door because they got the championship
mindset already I feel. – I wanna ask you this, out of all teammates you have played with, if you could pick four to
create a starting lineup with, who is the other four
players that you would pick? Out of all your teammates you’ve had and your current roster,
right now with Brooklyn. – Kyrie, James Harden, myself, Draymond at the full. I ain’t played with no all-star centers. But I’ll say- – What’s my guy from Toronto? – Serge. – Serge, yeah I could put Serge. – Adam, did you play with Adams? – I played with Steve too. – Steve. – I would put Serge at the five. – Kyrie, James Harden,
you, Draymond, and Serge. – Yeah, that’s the team, yeah ’cause we could
switch everything on D, and we are all world
scorers and facilitators, and block shots. We could block shots. Yeah, that’s a perfect team. – I know I wanted to ask you, outside of your shoe
brand, your collection, who you rockin’ with,
whose shoes you like? – All the Nike guys. – I mean that’s all I’m
talking about anyway. I ain’t talking about no
three stripes, no Under Armor, no nothing. I’m under the same Umbrella, Jordan Brand, Nike Brand, just a
little bit of the swoosh. – Exactly, yes. LeBron new joints is fire. – [Quentin] New joints is crazy. – I like his icon joints, the pink joints he just dropped are crazy. His line always dope. Ky’s is fire. His next shoe, did you see his joint that
looked like the Yeezy? It’s about to be crazy, I mean c’mon bruh, PG got some fire. I wanna see what Giannis’
next shoe look like. – His first shoe was hard, the coming to America
joint’s are straight. His whole thing is fucked,
he got like Greek Gods, he’s killin’ it though, they doin’ it. – I’m not mad at him, he got a GoPro shoe. – You know what his shoe
instantly reminded me of? Just how big the Nike
sign and all that stuff, was the old Dennis Rodman’s. – Yep, back when he was young. – Like the code of night style, it’s not in the same spot or nothing, but as soon as I see it, it made me think about
Dennis Rodman’s shoe. – Different man. I like everything they doin’ with Giannis, he gonna be a mega star. – He got next. – Yeah, for sure. – The Boardroom is hosted by one of my favorite
college players ever, I’m not a big Duke fan,
but I love J. Wills. J. Wills is hard. – He was tough. – I got a year in against him, we played him when he at Duke. – He was tough. – Speak on The Boardroom, I feel like that’s good for the culture, it’s bigger than what
people actually think it is, but what you need to hear from it? – Yeah, I think what
made me come up with it, well not just me, our whole team, we are really interested in
the business side of sports, and what these athletes
are doing for themselves and their brands, outside the game. The Boardroom, we don’t
just talk about businesses, it’s cultures, state of current events, all that stuff in one. But the brand behind the show
is to give people insight on what goes on behind
the scenes with contracts to endorsements, to marketing, everything with these athletes and obviously pushing
stuff through socials and on ESPN Plus. Hopefully it’s informative content. – Yeah, you seek information and then one of the shows
that is presented out there for you to get the information, a lot of these cats
were like we don’t know. We was just talking to
previous guests and it was like man we want structure but nobody was telling us how to control the money, what we supposed to do with the money. People in other cultures they not like us, when we get some money
we take care of mom, sister, brother, everything. But in other cultures, no
you take care of yourself. You don’t pay for your family
members and stuff like that. – Man it’s all, we grew up different. In our culture we were
surviving for all those years and then we get some money and we got to take care
of all these things. And then as you elevate you
start thinking about how can you, you look past
just yourself or your kids, or they grandkids, farther than that. The time that we’re in,
that I’m in right now, the league is booming,
you know what I’m saying? They payin’ us so much on these deals and it’s on us to take it a little farther than our parents did, try to create something
that’s generational. We’re in a great time right now, we can dream to the moon, you know what I’m saying. The providing us a lot of
capital to do stuff so. – NBA just set a rule for
tampering, $10 million. What do you think about
that rule, with tampering, ’cause it’s like you’re
gonna fine a player for talking to another player, tellin’ them to come play with you? But I know the owners can’t do it, but it’s like is that tampering? – Yeah, I don’t know. – They saying they did
it ’cause by midnight too many deals was done already. It was definitely how you know, you know what I’m saying? It was like at midnight
they announcing’ ’em, we ain’t starting to negotiate, we announcing the deal. It was right at midnight so
they knew it was already bein’ some deals bein’ made, that’s
what they tryin’ to avoid. – But nowadays these dudes
know exactly what these organizations are about. They got friends in these organizations, they can ask questions so easily, you ain’t even got to talk to nobody. – That’s why it’s going
to be so hard to fine. If I really wanted to just do it, I’m a player X talking to
player B, you say this for me. – And if you need research
on the organization, it’s so easy to go on
YouTube, Google, Instagram. So you can read up and get
your info all through the net, so it’s pretty, I mean you’re gonna see more of those deals
being done at midnight, or whenever that time is. But it’s gonna be hard
to kind of police that. – Talk about, obviously we
know you gotta do major, major rehab and that’s
at the top of the list of what you doin’ this
year, but you bein’ out, what’s your plans for this
year, like as a overall, I know you got the
Boardroom, your 35 ventures, are you doing anything, stop and takin’ that opportunity
to do stuff with that, or what are you doing with
this unforeseen free time you gonna have? – That’s the first time, I mean I have basically
a full year if I want it, you know what I’m saying. Just focusing on like
you said, rehab first. But, I’m an entrepreneur. I feel like I’m an entrepreneur. I started my own company,
you know I’m doing, that’s what I’m saying. Producing content, investing in tech, just we got AU programs back at home, trying to create jobs for
my family back at home. I feel like I got so much stuff in my head that I want to do as just a
young person in the world, just like any other human being. But having some time off of work, and still gettin’ paid
is probably different, you know what I’m saying? I’m very blessed when it comes to that and actually being in the
greatest city in the world, New York, where it’s got so many options to get into whatever you want. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do, but just knowing that I can
think about pretty much anything and I got resources, it’s gonna be cool. – Me and him was talking
about this the other day and we be on the internet
and you see a lot of clips and stuff. We seen OBJ dunkin’, hittin’
the home run, how athletic, have you ever seen anybody? – No nobody like that. – You seen that clip we
talkin’ about, right? – Is there anything that he can’t do? Windmillin’ between the legs. I seem him do like an 80 mile
an hour fastball one time, he could do everything out there, he the ultimate athlete. – He can throw almost
the length of the field, he hitting home runs like he Pujos. – Yeah he can play both, he
can he can do a couple sports. He can do the Dion shit if he wanted to. He can play baseball if he wanted to, he could steal a couple bases. That’s for me? – [Quentin] You know what I’m saying, we gotta show our appreciation for- – I was about to say, it’s my second time. – Talkin’ bout easy money
snipe comin’ through. – Yeah, finally I get a gift. – Yeah, black box in the building man, a few goodies, got the
the little hat, t-shirts, hoodies and that very special, that’s the- – With a logo on the back. – You could put this one up somewhere. – God. – You know what I’m saying, go ahead and take a picture with it. Knuckleheads with the Kevin
Durant personalized Hennessy. – OG got me right there. – You win the championship,
you gotta pop that. – You know what I’m saying brother, you know what I’m saying? – When you win the championship
you gotta pop that. – Let ’em know the Knuckleheads- – I’ll pop something else
for the chip if I get there, but this might be, I might pop
this when I get out of here. – For the household. – Man, thank you for coming, man. – [Quentin] I so appreciate it. – Always fun. – That’s a wrap up man,
live on location NYC, my man easy money snipe, part dos came through you know what I’m saying, we like family y’all, you know what I’m saying, he, you know what I’m saying, he just stops through
whenever he feels like it. They say oh come through,
uninvited house guest, he got the open invitation
whenever y’all man. Check him out, KD, he talkin’ bout what’s
goin’ on this year man, talkin’ bout a little bit from last year, but a lot about what’s ’bout to happen. Check us out. (hip hop music)

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