37 thoughts on “KES Kompact Entry Stock Safety Harbor Firearms

  1. are they going to come out with a version that doesnt take a stock for a ar 15 pistol would be nice not to have a huge buffer tube on a ar pistol

  2. Parts are proprietary, not cost effective, and no way to lock the buffer tube down? But hey if it looks cool that's all that matters right

  3. Hank, your channel rules! You're one of the best gun guys on youtube. You should review the MVB industries ARC-PDW stock. It's similar to this one but you can use a standard BCG and don't have to have any "special" parts go gt it to run.

  4. For AR versions the carrier is shortened but can we use our existing bolt? I have my 308 dialed in with a perfect head space and I would prefer not to compromise my accuracy.

  5. Could be very cool for SBR especially. I haven't mentioned this before but the intros you have with Mr. Andrews sound really good; he definitely has an announcers type voice.

  6. Looks good. All metal construction and a little less than the competition. Most importantly I don't have to support Troy Ind.

  7. Very nice, I do think they should make a model that's one inch longer so you don't need a cut down carrier though. I would get it only if it were fully interchangeable with all my other AR stuff.

  8. If I were them, I wouldn't make a KES for the EVO. CZ makes a folding stock for the EVO, what can a KES do that a folding stock can't?

  9. Scorpion Evo, You read my mind! Hope it won't be a side folder though, that would defeat the very cool point of this design.

  10. Trying to find out more about the Saftey Harbor KES that you used on the #STD15 build, and lo and behold – extended information about the KES –

  11. i recently purchased and installed a troy .308 pdw tomahawk stock and everything was very good up until the part when i tried to collapse the stock. the screws on the ends of the guide rods came into contact with the receiver. i did not take into account the face that the windham ww-308 rcvr has QD placements on the rear of the rcvr. both side. so i asked if i could remove the screws and troy told me that removing the screws will void the warranty. o.k., i am going to take them to work, grind clearance, machine them off, maybe machine flats down the guide rails, and see how that works. i post this to inform other windham .308 owners be informed. or pay the price

  12. Thanks Mr. Yak Yass!!! U made me buy an 8โ€ CMMG MK9 SBR!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Now Iโ€™m going to jump on the Tailhook Komoact Brace for my Z5P. Cโ€™mon Man!! Iโ€™m going broke here

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